[09:06:04] Hello! [09:06:11] Question: this API query is giving me an error: http://es.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=featuredfeed&limit=10&format=json&feed=featured [09:06:11] it says that "featured" is not recognized [09:06:16] however, it's correctly built: it's in the API even as an example, and works correctly if instead of hitting ES.wikipedia.org you hit EN. or FR. [09:06:16] do you know if there's a workaround? what about a way to open an issue ticket about this? [09:07:42] facundobatista: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FeaturedFeeds [09:08:32] Nemo_bis, it could be that the ES. wikipedia doesn't have that extension installed? [09:09:04] no [09:09:27] facundobatista: pages like MediaWiki:Ffeed-featured-page need to be prepared on the local wiki. [09:10:27] whym_away, so, it's not an issue of the api itself, but a problem of ES. wikipedia not preparing that content? [09:11:56] facundobatista: right, maybe this page is more helpful https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FeaturedFeeds/WMF_deployment#Notes_to_site_administrators [09:14:17] apergos: any updates on mirroring dumps? [09:15:06] whym_away, thanks!! do you know if there's a way to tell to the ES. wikipedia site administrator that this is not working? maybe they don't know... or they may know if there're plans for it to be setup... [09:18:30] I've now transcluded the instructions on https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:FeaturedFeeds#On-site_configuration [09:19:12] facundobatista: I'd try finding an appropriate forum under https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Caf%C3%A9 or #wikipedia-es on IRC. [09:19:26] https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Especial:Todas/mediawiki:ffeed [09:19:45] facundobatista: but i'm not clueful on this front, with virtually no knowledge on ES wiki. [09:20:32] whym_away, thanks! your helped me a lot! I have now pointers to investigate [09:21:53] no problem [09:22:32] para pedir cambios en la protección de una página, por favor haz un pedido a los bibliotecarios. > https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wikipedia%3ATabl%C3%B3n+de+anuncios+de+los+bibliotecarios%2FPortal%2FArchivo%2FProtecci%C3%B3n+de+art%C3%ADculos%2FActual&action=edit§ion=new&preload=Wikipedia:Tabl%C3%B3n_de_anuncios_de_los_bibliotecarios/Portal/Plantillas/Protecci%C3%B3n+de+art%C3%ADculos/precarga&editintro=Wikipedia:Tabl%C3%B3n_ [09:22:44] very concise title [09:23:46] Anyway, we need a list of wikis which don't have any ffeed-*-page local message and write them [09:23:52] MaxSem aptly disappeared ;) [09:25:59] Nemo_bis: speaking of jawiki, that's actually been on my "someday" list for two years. :P [09:28:38] It's not that hard, spam 500 MediaWiki_talk pages and some dozens wikis will do it ;) [09:32:26] Nemo_bis: jawiki's problem is that they prepare no pages containing dates for these rotating contents. [09:33:19] apparently they use a huge template to convert dates to page names instead. (but I didn't dig it to know exactly how) [09:38:38] whym_away: why can't you just use the template on the mediawiki message? [09:44:26] Nemo_bis: it might work, yeah, it appears simply that no one has tried there. [09:44:42] and I'll be trying. :) [09:49:40] vvv: this week's update is that I am moving and feeling sorry for myself, how did I accumulate this much crap in only 3 years and most of it not by buying stuff either [09:51:42] this must be ops moving week [10:25:00] apergos: oh god, I moved yesterday into a new dorm room, and I so much understand you. Moving is always sad [10:26:24] Good luck with the rest of the move [12:21:36] Nemo_bis: it just worked. :) https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=featuredfeed&feed=dyk [12:24:43] whym: ;) "just try" is the whole purpose of having wikis [12:25:35] now you could link it from main page and add it to some Japanese feeds somewhere, no idea where (a Twitter account? Facebook page?) [12:30:23] Nemo_bis: yeah I'll figure out that, maybe on the Facebook pages of user groups. [12:48:20] https://ja.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=featuredfeed&feed=featured [12:48:43] shows the same content (the present day's) in every feed item. [12:49:04] any idea how to make it switched? [12:49:43] whym: whatever you put in the system message was parsed according to today's time I guess? check tomorrow if the top item is correct maybe [12:53:11] Nemo_bis: not likely, looking at the code, the function getFeedItem takes a date as an argument. [12:53:46] but it's also possible caching or something in other layers gets in the way. [12:55:18] I mean, getFeedItems iterates getFeedItem giving 1 to n. [13:08:04] Nemo_bis: it appears that FeaturedFeeds is not happy with the syntax {{#time | +9 hours}}. [13:08:29] ouch [13:08:47] please add a line on mediawiki.org docs :) [13:10:04] will do, after a bit more testing [14:32:08] Hi [14:32:23] https://en.wikisource.org/wiki/User:ShakespeareFan00/vector.js [14:32:31] https://en.wikisource.org/w/index.php?title=Page:Bradshaw%27s_Monthly_%28XVI%29.djvu/9&action=edit [14:33:00] What should be happening is when the additional button is clicked, the scan image is rotated using CSS3.. [14:33:07] This for some reason is NOT happening [14:33:10] Suggestions? [14:45:38] Qcoder00: where does that button come from? [14:46:27] It comes from the script in the first link [14:46:47] It supposed to add a button for spinning a scan [14:46:53] Which it does [14:47:14] However, the code behind it doesn't seem to be doing the actual rotation of +/- 90 [14:48:56] When the button is clicked [15:50:41] Anyone else getting frequent unstyled pages? [15:50:59] yes jarry1250 being handeled [15:51:14] matanya: Cool, thank you. [15:54:29] liangent: seems to work again already? [15:55:01] not quite Trminator [15:55:24] hm, okay, then it's just my local cache :/ I HATE it, when firefox uses cache even on force-reload :/ [15:56:46] Trminator: matanya hm sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn't [15:57:08] yes, ops are on it [20:31:34] Good evening! I have a problem. For the first time (ever), I have experienced a 404 on wikipedia - not the normal foundation 404 which you see when you type the wrong address, a proper white screen "Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request." job. [20:32:49] hi, i'm currently getting 404s both on eowiki and on commons [20:32:52] Same thing happened to me one at 22:27: (WARNING: Failed to obtain diff for Somdev Devvarman the error was: 404 Not Found

Not Found

The requested URL /w/api.php was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to... [20:32:53] ...handle the request.

) [20:33:00] ah, you're already talking about that? [20:33:05] Hey all. I am getting a lot of 404 errors on Commons [20:33:12] Yep, this is my linked page: https://mt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedija:Pa%C4%A1ni_g%C4%A7at-t%C4%A7assir [20:33:14] yeah, we all appear to be [20:33:16] no, it's general panic time it seems [20:33:29] commons, dewiki and eowiki all get 404s [20:33:38] sorry for the unicode jobbies, they're barred h's from Maltese [20:33:45] darkweasel, also Maltese wp [20:33:55] most likely, simply all projects :p [20:34:07] oh firetruck... [20:34:09] it works now for me [20:34:25] yeah works now [20:34:36] yup, here too. [20:34:46] Wonder what caused that to be so brief, yet so wide? [20:34:48] eowiki doesn't yet work [20:35:22] Seems to be random intervals - every 20 or so diffs a 404 is generated. [20:36:04] hah [20:36:04] eo won't let me to the frontpage [20:36:05] jerk [20:36:06] oh, sorry greg-g [20:36:09] np :) [20:36:11] thanks [20:36:45] thanks for the jumping on it, twkozlowski - I'm gonna go get a pizza while we wait :) [20:36:58] Will be keeping an eye on mt.wp and eo.wp too [20:37:06] need response headers or anything? [20:37:18] MartijnH: no thanks, we think we have the culprit [20:37:25] ok, great [20:38:15] EnWiki is now down too [20:38:32] This calls for a rational response. [20:38:42] AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAAAaAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaAAaaAaA! [20:38:50] everybody picnic! [20:39:00] ;) [20:39:12] :o Sven_Manguard [20:40:21] MartijnH: sounds perfect. I'll bring the blanket. [20:40:40] y'all dun goofed [20:41:15] it's 10 pm here. I do consider that an odd time to picnic, but desperate times call for desperate measures. [20:41:38] greg-g, Just informing that I now also get a 403 in stead of the 404 [20:42:07] tos: thanks [20:42:22] Writ_Keeper: we're on it [20:42:34] I know, I kid ;) [20:42:42] :) [20:43:07] I cleared my cookies, could see the wiki again, until i tried to login again that is, then back to 404 Not Found [20:43:26] darkcode, greg-g is on it ;) [20:43:48] i noticed people are on it [20:43:55] so [20:44:05] ironically, I can't get on it [20:44:09] i can see things now, but the login screen is still 404 [20:44:09] well, not me actually fixing it, i'm just the communicator/middleman right now ;) [20:44:12] Greetings... [20:44:13] is this expected? [20:44:18] What-happen? [20:44:26] Qcoder00, it broke [20:44:34] Fixed for me :) [20:44:44] My gamble - one or a few servers are going bonkers, while some others work fine. [20:44:49] it'll be intermittent for a bit right now [20:44:55] MartijnH: Sorry for being obtuse, but exactly what broke? [20:44:59] depending on the backend server you hit [20:45:13] Qcoder00: one moment please, we're still fixing, will give a postmortem later [20:45:37] * Qcoder00 puts down the chalice... [20:48:27] Comrade Red Yoshi ‏@TovarischYoshi 1m [20:48:29] It's back! Celebrate! #wikipedia [20:48:30] haha [20:49:03] Twitter severerely damages your health. [20:49:03] heh [20:49:31] eo front page back [20:50:35] mt front page back also. [20:50:51] How close to live are you, twkozlowski / greg-g? [20:51:14] it should be coming back, you might have to force refresh (ie: clear cache) [20:51:25] Front page is ok. [20:51:38] Twitter stopped being on fire [20:51:41] I guess it's back. [20:51:47] ok, greg-g. I'm stil watching a couple of them. [20:51:50] thanks [20:52:41] as I say, eo is fine up to now. [20:52:47] Seems to work now; viewing edit histories displays fine (used to be without css when issues started) [20:52:54] * greg-g nods [20:52:56] +1 404 on Maltese, following a refresh. [20:53:05] https://mt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ba%C4%A7amas [20:53:23] I'm gonna drop my whole cache and try again [20:53:31] CharlieTheCabbie: works for me [20:53:46] ok, one sec, I might have mucked something up [20:54:12] yep, wfm now. Cache emptied and it's clear. [20:54:57] picnic cancelled :( [20:55:05] MartijnH: next time [20:55:14] break it harder next time [20:55:31] :) [20:55:36] Don't know if anyone else is seeing anything, but right now [20:55:36] kollox huwa ward :) I see nothing wrong this end. [20:55:55] bugger. I don't know why that broke into two lines. Sorry [20:56:23] (I won't seize to be amazed with the good nature and speed ops fixes things, but you guys are amazing, which deserves to be said every now and then) [20:56:24] Thanks. [20:56:48] MartijnH: thanks much [20:57:20] I'll carry on watching for now greg-g - do you mind me idling in here for an hour or so while I monitor? [20:57:38] No one minds if you idle for a mont, CharlieTheCabbie :-) [20:57:42] month* [20:57:42] CharlieTheCabbie: not at all, feel free to idle for ever :) [20:57:48] :) [20:58:07] CharlieTheCabbie, only if you write articles in the mean time :) [20:59:00] That's sorta what I'm doing. I'm either checking things on commons, or looking for something interesting to write on mt.wp :) [20:59:46] CharlieTheCabbie: There's no such thing as a free lunch... errrm, idling. Each day comes at a price of one article! Deal? :-) [21:00:31] Depends. Would you also count interface translation or i18n work? [21:00:42] I work on translatewiki doing the core into maltese [21:01:12] I know. I told you about translatewiki in the first place :-) [21:01:31] ...doh [21:01:33] Sorry [21:01:50] No problem, and thanks for your work. Really great. [21:02:52] klj :D [21:05:26] greg-g: On a related subject, is there any protocol on social media & stuff? [21:05:55] ie. how long does an outage need to take to prompt some social media activity? [21:06:12] twkozlowski: not really :/ I guess ideally I should have access to the twitter account [21:06:34] since I'm usually around for that kind of thing and going through Communications wouldn't be timely enough [21:07:36] About to take a break, just got my pizza :D [21:07:39] twkozlowski: fwiw: https://identi.ca/greg ;) [21:07:44] back soon [21:07:52] twkozlowski: the protocol is "whenever guillom is online and notices", as you were often told [21:08:26] I don't think I was. [21:08:43] Certainly not 'often.' [21:08:57] anywho, I'll look into getting myself access for these situations [21:09:04] hopefully that will be good enough for now [21:09:43] if only we still had !Wikimedia identi.ca groups [21:10:18] :( [21:10:26] * greg-g pours one out for StatusNet [21:27:02] Sorry guys, I dc'd. My new router is being a turd. [21:29:30] How is everything looking, greg-g? [21:29:43] CharlieTheCabbie: should all be good, for various definitions of "good" [21:29:45] and "all" [21:30:21] so it's dependent on how you view the definition :) [21:35:46] CharlieTheCabbie: yep, re "the issue" today, we're good, Ops is still making sure it won't happen again [21:36:22] Any clues as to the behind the scenes doodads which cause it all to go feet up? [21:38:18] best I can say right now is this https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/#/c/136151/ broke things [21:39:27] there will be a postmortem written when they're done fixing things [21:40:36] ok, well I finished my meat feast, chips with green chili sauce, and coke :) Back to the grindstone! [21:41:22] sounds great [21:48:24] After the night I had last night, this has just been a wonderful day! My favourite AFL team won overnight, I quit my job as a cab driver, and I am a free man! More importantly, I can devote more time to Wiki now. [21:48:59] Oh no! You need to change your nickname now! [21:49:24] Nah, I'm trying to find another firm to work for. [21:49:48] either that or I go self employed as a Private hire car [21:50:59] Uber is expanding, I hear ;) [21:51:56] I know nothing about car drivers in Malta, but they say it's always better to work for yourself than for other people. [21:52:09] Good luck CharlieTheCabbie :-) [21:52:52] I don't live in Malta :) I live in England, I happen to speak Maltese as both my parents were from there, and taught me as a child... [21:53:18] So technically, I'm en-N and mt-N as I grew with both as mother tongues