[16:30:48] hello, i am having some issues with creating a main page [16:31:33] i have two boxes created to be on the same line, but the box on the right always makes itself too large for the left box to display comfortably [16:31:40] i'm not sure if this is an html issue or not [16:31:41] http://prnt.sc/f1x4ms [16:32:17] if a link would be needed for help, i would be happy to link that as well [16:34:57] facto, have you tried declaring a width? e.g.
[16:35:29] i'll try it [16:35:33] (I'm just looking at the source of the Frwiki main page, which I know was recently updated https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikip%C3%A9dia:Accueil_principal ) [16:36:30] both boxes are under one large piece of code with a width of 100% [16:39:01] i think i was able to fix it, thank you! [16:42:47] http://prnt.sc/f1x9xc [17:14:16] Hello [17:14:51] Are there any Meta admins here? [17:26:00] Quentum, this is the channel for general MediaWiki development and support. Maybe try #wikimedia-tech [17:27:07] and if you have a specific issue that's not secret, also mention your followup question there please [17:27:20] https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Thread:Support/New_messages [17:27:33] Is it possibke to create new messages? [17:27:48] What does that mean? [17:28:00] Can you summarize that link in a question? [17:29:00] Yes, code changes (like adding some new message) can be proposed and committed in the WikimediaMessages repository via a task. If there is a convincing use case for a new message :) [17:29:52] I want to have a sentence put into MW page and translated on tw.net, but a message has to created, and I have no rights for that [17:30:15] What would that message contain? [17:30:15] The discussion in the link is not very long, check it [17:30:30] "Automatic refresh" [17:31:13] file a task, as explained by Nemo in that tw.net thread [17:31:19] https://mediawiki.org/wiki/How_to_report_a_bug [17:33:09] But I don't understand clearly what to do, where should I register and who to contact. [17:33:42] have you already read https://mediawiki.org/wiki/How_to_report_a_bug ? If some sentence in there is unclear, please explain which sentence [17:34:23] you don't contact a specific person. You create a task in Phabricator, explaining what you need, add the #WikimediaMessages project tag, and wait for someone to ask followup questions or write a patch :) [17:35:37] But my issue is not a bug [17:35:44] Quentum, does not matter [17:35:51] the page is also for feature requests :) [17:37:36] Ok... [17:39:01] And, if the mw message is created, will non wikimedia sites be able to use it? Like wikia.com [17:40:28] Quentum, if it ended up in the #WikimediaMessages code repository then the site would have to have that extension installed. But it could be discussed in the task what could be a good / better place where to include that message [17:40:53] You don't need to have the perfect solution described in the Phabricator task. But the problem you try to solve :P [17:43:31] But if the message is on tw.net, any site can use it? [17:44:07] http://pl.quentum.wikia.com/wiki/MediaWiki:Refresh.js Want to share my work with more peiple [17:45:27] wikia hasn't followed mediawiki upstream for years, so I wouldn't bet on *anything* in mw core working its way down there [17:46:36] That was just an example of ANY site [17:47:03] sure, but if your end goal is to get it on wikia, then trying to get a new message into core is approximately the worst way of going about it [17:47:49] writing an extension that bundles your js or whatever as a ResourceLoader module and includes the message would work better [17:48:10] and any extension messages can get translated on translatewiki [17:48:20] No. My goal is to share my list of translations (link above) worldwide [17:49:02] On tw.net they could get improved [18:02:29] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T164101 [18:02:36] Do you see it? [18:04:47] a colleauge asked a question earlier but it got lost in scrollback, I'll repost if anyone has an answer: [18:04:50] " Hello, I am developing a new skin. I am having a little trouble with the $this->html( 'headelement' ) function. I need Mediawiki to give me all of the stuff if needs that goes between tags, but I dont want it to produce or tags, just the stuff that goes between tags. Is there another function I can use? Or is there a way to modify what $this->html( 'headelement' )" [18:05:41] andre__ [18:08:55] Quentum: anyone can see it - it's a public place. However now that you've described here what you're after I'm afraid that there might not be an easily solution for the problem you describe. [18:09:35] I don't know if strings from gadgets can somehow show up on twn for translation. Strings in extensions do, though. [18:13:39] There is one [18:13:52] Creating MW page [18:14:10] So that tw.net can save translations [18:17:01] Quentum, what do you mean? [18:17:50] Tw.net needs the mediawiki page, according to what i was told, to save translations [18:18:03] if you create a page called "MediaWiki:something" that's normally a local override of an already defined strings I thought? (If it is not an override, do you have an example of such a string getting picked up on twn?) [18:18:14] Also, replied on yr question on phabicator [18:20:09] "You could ask that the message be added to the WikimediaMessages extension,"... [18:20:24] As written here [18:20:26] https://translatewiki.net/wiki/Thread:Support/New_messages [18:21:30] I might've misunderstood sth bcause I'm not native English speaker