[08:01:02] Hello [08:02:23] On my own wiki I have a little "problem"; logs entries and diffs from deleted pages are still visible (only the line, the diff link isn't valid) on the Special:RecentChanges page [08:02:38] does anyone have an idea of what could be the cause ? [08:03:03] the wiki runs the 1.28.0 version of Mediawiki [08:03:34] (if needed I can give a link to the RC to have an example of what I mean) [13:36:55] Hello, I am developing a new skin. I am having a little trouble with the $this->html( 'headelement' ) function. I need Mediawiki to give me all of the stuff if needs that goes between tags, but I dont want it to produce or tags, just the stuff that goes between tags. Is there another function I can use? Or is there a way to modify what $this->html( 'headelement' ) [13:37:01] generates? [14:17:00] Hello [14:21:54] hi Benj__ [14:24:33] Sorry for my bad english, i have a little question, can i ? [14:32:13] !ask | Benj__, [14:32:13] Benj__,: Please feel free to ask your question: if anybody who knows the answer is around, they will surely reply. Don't ask for help or for attention before actually asking your question, that's just a waste of time – both yours and everybody else's. :) [14:36:24] I gave read rights on pages, I would like that these pages do not appear when we make a search on it, is it possible? It will be necessary that only the group that has the rights can see them. [15:02:02] Hi, I have a wiki where only users in certain groups have the 'read' privilege. However, I'd like users to be able to use google translate on the pages. Is there a way to allow only google translate to read anonymously, based on IP or something? [15:42:08] * wikigazer greets [15:44:22] * wikigazer seeking guidance about moving images/uploads from old to new mediawiki. On one such move I simply copied /www/mediawiki/images/ from old wiki server to new wiki server and they were automatically used on the new wiki. But on another move, the images are not getting found on the new server. Ideas? [18:37:02] Is there a way to get MediaWiki to abide by a completely different timekeeping system? I want the wiki for a worldbuilding project of mine to report the "current" time in-world, where the "years" advance every month, and the "months", "days", etc. proportionately, as well as the number of the current "year" being different [18:38:39] if you mean change things like {{CURRENTDAY}} to use a different calendar system, no, that is not possible [18:39:09] however if you want your custom calendar to advance at the same rate of time as the real world, you can use ParserFunctions to do math on the real-world current date to transform into your game world date [18:39:38] Halian: see above [18:39:44] Hrm. [18:41:03] I need {{CURRENTDAY}} to report 747.11.24 right now, 748.02.25 in a week, and 748.11.24 in a month for things like characters' ages to be correctly computed [18:41:13] for example, {{#expr:({{CURRENTYEAR}} - 1) * 12 + {{CURRENTMONTH}}}} would yield the number of months since year 0, which you could then add/subtract another offset from [18:41:27] we do have support for calendars other than Gregorian somewhere [18:41:41] but you'd probably need to do a lot of hacking [18:41:46] MatmaRex: but that would mess with things like edit dates/times and recentchanges though too, no? [18:41:49] MatmaRex: the problem is that in-world time ≠ real time [18:42:03] I'm assuming this is purely for display, rather than actually trying to make the wiki backend use a different timekeeping [18:42:09] and i think {{CURRENTDAY}} will still use Gregorian [18:42:14] Skizzerz: yeah [18:42:15] Skizzerz: correct [18:43:24] Halian: so each year in-world is 1 month real-time, each month in-world is 1 day real-time, each day in-world is 1 hour real-time? [18:43:51] Skizzerz: each year in-world is 1 month of real time, but the length of a game month varies with the real-world month so that each game month is the same size [18:43:56] I'm trying to figure out what the math would look like [18:44:31] It's essentially the Japanese calendar, though I may need to remove the bit that causes a month to repeat if it gets too far out of sync with solar calendars because the math involved would be pretty ridiculous [18:44:58] (and I'm also scratching my head over how to calculate which months have 29 days, but that's because I'm an idiot :P) [18:45:08] but the expr: function is good at math [18:45:20] and you can also use switch and ifexpr to do conditionals [18:46:00] if the wiki has Scribunto, you could also code a more complex system in lua and not have a pile of {{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}}} all over the place making reading what is going on difficult [18:46:16] It does, but the only language I have even a passing knowledge of is Python [18:46:29] ... right, I should maybe work on that again... [18:46:43] (I had some work to make python work with scribunto, but that's mostly stalled recently) [18:46:53] Ah [18:47:08] it's nowhere near ready yet, so I recommend against waiting, it'll probably be another year :P [18:47:47] anyway, lua is fairly easy to learn [18:48:18] although, maybe the date processing stuff isn't [18:48:25] because date processing is never simple >_> [18:49:05] Yay <_< [18:51:21] If only I was better at actual programming languages and not just Excel :P [18:52:44] do you have a link to the calendar? [18:53:06] Gimme a moment [18:54:06] also, mediawiki makes heavy use of caching, meaning that even if you throw {{CURRENTDAY}} onto a page, that *does not necessarily automatically update every day* [18:54:25] Hmm [18:54:51] it gets computed on page save, but unless you have an extension that lets you disable the page cache for a page, that value on-save is what is kept [18:55:07] or if you manually clear the cache yourself via action=purge [18:55:49] you can also disable page caching, but you'll take a bit of a performance hit -- https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:FAQ#How_do_I_completely_disable_caching.3F [18:56:26] Ah [18:56:48] Meanwhile the calendar is in the form of an Excel spreadsheet… which is presently only in Japanese, for dumb flavor reasons x.x [18:57:19] heh [18:58:47] well, my thought process was to make use of the unix epoch (number of seconds since 1 January 1970) as a basis to transform into the year/month/day for your calendar [18:59:04] you can get at the former via {{#time:U}} [18:59:46] dividing that by 3600 and then taking the floor gets you # of hours [19:00:30] Right [19:01:40] e.g. {{#expr: floor( {{#time:U}} / 3600 ) }}, and then doing... something... to that number to derive year/month/day [19:04:07] that's about as much help as I can give though [19:06:18] if you go the lua route, os.time() returns the number of seconds since the epoch, and you can do common arithmetic operations as well as things like math.floor() [19:06:30] (and save intermediary results in variables so you don't have recompute them all the time) [19:19:11] Skizzerz: https://puu.sh/vy9rN/4709f52bc4.xlsx thankfully I had everything on one sheet already for the purposes of calculating the traditional Japanese double-hours (even if I end up not using them) [19:19:24] omitted due to time constraints however are holidays and such [20:01:54] i have a wiki that i recently upgraded to version 1.27.2. two questions here: when i run refreshLinks.php I get an error: "NS_MEDIA is a virtual namespace; use NS_FILE." and also, I have a page that's been added to a category, which isn't showing up on the category page. anyone have any suggestions? [20:43:43] * wikigazer seeking guidance about moving images/uploads from old to new mediawiki. On one such move I simply copied /www/mediawiki/images/ from old wiki server to new wiki server and they were automatically used on the new wiki. But on another move, the images are not getting found on the new server. Ideas? [20:45:41] wikigazer: Did you transfer the image, oldimage, and filearchive tables? Did you copy over the File: pages too? [20:46:33] nnyby: you should look into the job queue RE the categories. Not sure about refreshLinks.php. [20:47:33] wikigazer: check what URL those images are pointing to (and the error message) and see if it makes sense in the folder structure of your wiki [20:51:10] MTres19_M: no, I created a new empty wiki with LocalSettings.php similar to old one, then recovered the main content from an SQL dump, and then duplicated the old server's /var/www/mediawiki/images/ directory for the imahes/uploads [20:52:09] the SQL dump recovery was fine and images OK on the first move but when I tried a similar move between two other old/new machines the images just don't show. [20:52:26] wikigazer: That's the problem, then. MediaWiki doesn't know the images are there without the image table. [20:52:28] Vulpix: thanks, I will check that [20:52:44] MTres19_M: where is the image table? [20:52:56] in the SQL data? [20:53:18] yes [20:54:24] if the image table isn't imported, images will be red links. If they're just links without images then they're on database but MediaWiki/the webserver can't locate them in the filesystem [20:55:02] ok, will check for the image table. I think the restore from SQL dump was OK so I would expect the tables to be exactly as before (on the old server) but I will check. Is there a neat way to dump and restore just the image table? [20:55:26] ah [20:55:41] Vulpix: I see the red links issue [20:58:05] wikigazer: maybe the SQL import failed at some point leaving some tables unimported? [20:58:41] will check, tnx [21:00:21] * wikigazer wrote up some notes on the process I used here: https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Notes_on_moving_a_mediawiki [21:00:35] welcome feedback/comments [21:00:46] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Moving_a_wiki [21:01:10] yes, I saw that also [21:03:36] definitively, our manual page about moving a wiki needs love... [21:06:18] thanks for your help [21:47:23] I could use some help getting the extension "Tabs" to work, if anyone has experience using it. I don't know how to make a second tab appear on the highest level, which is all I really need to do with this extension (for convenience/organisational purposes on my wiki). Would appreciate some guidance. :) [21:47:39] http://i.imgur.com/rGeohYv.png ← For reference as to what I mean by "highest level". [21:54:20] I found the AWS and LocalS3Repo extensions for limited use of AWS but I'm thinking of using as much of AWS as possible: Aurora, S3, Cloudfront, Elasticache, SQS, SES, and orchestrating it with OpsWorks (e.g. Chef). Has anyone tried this before? Is mediawiki able to take advantage of AWS' autoscaling to make it worth doing? [21:55:18] Depends which parts you want to scale [21:55:31] App servers should be easy [21:56:07] Throwing databases, and other variable config into the mix will require you doing some dynamic config of your own [22:03:47] The part I'm not sure about is handling the read-only vs edit instances that are running mediawiki.