[00:03:16] Man. Someone say something funny. [00:06:55] 03(FIXED) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 +comment (10tstarling) [00:17:16] Does Sanitizer generate HTML tags without using Xml::element()? It would seem so. [00:17:23] *AryehGregor apologizes for the lack of funny. [00:18:30] ? [00:18:48] $text .= "<$slash$t$newparams$brace$rest"; [00:18:53] Seems so. [00:19:12] *AryehGregor stabs werdna until he adds at *least* proper function-level documentation to every single function in HTMLForm.php [00:20:01] Ugh, it would be a mess to make Sanitizer::removeHTMLtags() use Html::element(). [00:20:08] *AryehGregor looks for easier prey [00:20:40] *MrZ-man gets AryehGregor ice for his stabbing arm [00:22:11] 03simetrical * r55905 10/trunk/phase3/includes/ (Html.php OutputPage.php): [00:22:11] Refactor redundant attrib dropping into new method [00:22:11] This saves code in a few places on the caller's side, and will reduce [00:22:11] the size of output HTML more consistently. [00:23:16] just as well, I probably would have ended up splitting it out again anyway [00:23:21] 03simetrical * r55906 10/trunk/phase3/includes/parser/Parser.php: [00:23:21] Don't embed ?> in string literals [00:23:21] It messes up some syntax highlighters for some unknown reason. [00:23:38] when you get down to parser hotspots, extra function calls really matter [00:24:01] Oh well. [00:25:06] *AryehGregor will wait until all XHTML-lovers have finally given up hope, then remove $wgWellFormedXml and always serve text/html, so he can get rid of the quotes and such consistently then [00:30:39] 03aaron * r55907 10/trunk/extensions/FlaggedRevs/FlaggedRevs.php: Don't have stablepages or unstablepages special page if it will just be empty and useless [00:42:41] Note to self: do not attempt to upload 30M file to Gmail. [00:43:02] klol [00:54:48] Anyon know how mediawiki prints time? in their database? [00:55:09] yyyymmddhhmmss [00:55:21] THANKS :D [00:55:22] We know it's stupid, but can't be bothered to convert Wikipedia's databases. [00:56:47] now ctrying to get that timesamp in php :p [00:56:59] Use wfTimestamp(). [00:57:06] To convert between various formats. [00:57:41] 03aaron * r55908 10/trunk/extensions/FlaggedRevs/language/Stabilization.i18n.php: msg tweaks [00:58:30] ? its from outside WM :D [00:58:35] already gt the php code [01:01:17] we could change the schema if there was a good reason to do it [01:01:40] it's not like we've never done a schema change before [01:03:05] why don't you guys use the unix timestamp? [01:03:07] it's just that there aren't any reasons good enough [01:03:10] Yes, but it's probably not worth it to switch to DATETIME. Or at least apparently no one seems to think it is. [01:03:25] WaterRatj, because in the old days someone decided not to and now it's too much trouble to change. [01:03:28] WaterRatj: Why would we use a unix timestamp? [01:03:38] Probably it would be DATETIME instead of a Unix timestamp, though. [01:03:51] cause its most used :D [01:03:54] time(); [01:04:00] Then you can't do things like "where rev_timestamp>'200908'" [01:04:05] unix timestamps would definitely be the wrong thing to use [01:04:19] yes for Mw it is :d [01:04:44] no self-respecting SQL software would store its timestamps in an integer column [01:04:57] i wouldn't say that [01:06:54] the DBMSes all support date arithmetic on native timestamp columns [01:07:20] they're probably implemented as an integer underneath, but they provide a human-readable frontend [01:11:16] 03(NEW) Hideuser: Error when trying to block hidden user without hideuser right - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20524 normal; Normal; MediaWiki: Blocking; (church.of.emacs.ml) [01:30:04] 03churchofemacs * r55909 10/trunk/phase3/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Display note on Special:Contributions if user is blocked, and provide an excerpt from the block log [01:31:12] Hmmm. ^ [01:47:58] 03simetrical * r55910 10/trunk/phase3/includes/HTMLForm.php: Convert HTMLForm to use more Html::* [01:48:20] 03simetrical * r55911 10/trunk/phase3/includes/HTMLForm.php: [01:48:20] Don't output for= that doesn't point anywhere [01:48:20] This fixes an HTML validity issue with HTMLForm. [02:09:58] 03(mod) Enable PovWatch on enwiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20523 (10jake) [02:18:33] 03(NEW) Cannot enable ParserFunctions with mediawiki 1.15.1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20525 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: ParserFunctions; (toots) [02:33:41] Is there a way to embed raw html into a wiki page? I'd like to shoehorn in a paypal 'buy it now'
, but and aren't on the permitted tag list. [02:34:01] And where's the permitted tag list defined, if hacking it in is the only option? [02:34:28] 03(FIXED) Change the order in Protection Page UI - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15671 (10vinhtantran) [02:34:29] 03(NEW) Resulting book from Wikisource still has interwiki links - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20526 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: Collection; (vinhtantran) [02:34:37] 03(mod) Cannot enable ParserFunctions with mediawiki 1.15.1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20525 15enhancement->normal (10toots) [02:35:09] Ahh, Sanitizer.php :) [02:35:14] Zeiris: you shouldn't add enable these tags, since it is a security risk [02:35:33] The wiki can only be edited by the superuser, and I'm the only one with the password. [02:35:40] Zeiris: you should write a small extension that outputs just that html fragment, fixed. [02:36:01] Besides, what's the worst risk there could be - someone spoofing a login form? [02:36:19] if that is the case, then just enable $wgRawHtml [02:36:52] then use ... in the page [02:38:58] Zeiris: read about cross site scripting and cross site request forgery [02:39:39] Bah, your security-consciousness is nothing in the face of my laziness. [02:49:51] "Neither the technology nor the craft are to a point where it's even remotely possible to create an escort mission that doesn't flat out piss you off. It's like trying to build a house with only a pair of pliers and some duct tape. " [02:49:57] rofl [02:59:16] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shovelware :D [03:06:43] TimStarling: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Rigs:_Over_the_Road_Racing#Gameplay [03:06:53] 'Though there appear to be five courses from which to choose, only four are playable. The fifth map, titled "Nightride", does not work and selecting it simply crashes the game.[1]' [03:47:29] ehm, isn't 20525 INVALID -> [03:47:38] "We branch extensions for a reason, dumbass" [03:49:46] Splarka:
doesn't center with the Simple skin. Any ideas? [03:54:05] just the simple skin? [03:54:06] huh [03:55:04] well, the margin:auto does nothing because the div is 100% width unless you tell it otherwise [03:55:38] the text-align:center also does nothing as the image is in a block level div:
[03:55:48] so the only thing that would apply is the class=center [03:56:10] how much ya wanna bet simple doesn't define that (or oldShared or whatever it is) [03:56:26] or, wait, is simple a monobook skin? *checks* [03:57:11] simple doesn't even load shared.css [04:00:02] ahh [04:00:11] /simple/main.css [04:00:21] div.center { text-align: center;} [04:00:27] /monobook/main.css [04:00:46] /* emulate center */ .center {width: 100%;text-align: center;} *.center * {margin-left: auto;margin-right: auto;} [04:00:50] it needs that second bit [04:01:08] Annemarie [04:02:14] Hmm, all right. Think I should file a bug? [04:02:38] 03(mod) Cannot enable ParserFunctions with mediawiki 1.15.1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20525 (10herd) [04:02:41] make a new dev fix it, they're a dime a dozen now [04:27:05] hi [04:27:26] any of you have used breadcrumbs? [04:27:37] What about them? [04:27:38] im getting an error with this extension: Extension:CategoryBreadcrumb [04:27:50] hi Annemarie [04:27:50] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CategoryBreadcrumb [04:28:05] I think there's a better extension somewhere? [04:28:32] Annemarie, i found other extensions, but most of them dont do what i want [04:28:47] i wanna create a category herarchy [04:29:16] not to "store" the navigation trial trought the wiki [04:30:03] using the mentioned extension in mediawiki 1.15 i get a "MediaWiki internal error." [04:34:20] 03(mod) using ISBN, DOI, URI, ... in references (ref element) - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20441 (10virtueller_andy) [05:02:46] im trying to stop users that are not registered from editing pages [05:03:21] can anyone point me in the right direction [05:03:25] or give me a hand [05:03:33] !prevacc [05:03:33] --mwbot-- For information on preventing access to your wiki, please see . [05:03:35] the administrators faq covers it [05:06:08] thanks, and one more question.. in the next major release is the blacklist going to be incorporated into core? [05:06:41] I'm not aware of any concrete plans to do that, sadly. [05:07:00] the whole thing should really be rewritten anyways, so it's not as simple as simply merging the code in or something [05:07:30] !mw Regex-based blacklist [05:07:30] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Search?search=Regex-based&go=Go [05:08:11] at some point it is easier to just go to the URL and copy paste, than try to remember the proper !-macro syntax [05:08:17] why does everyone like jquery so much? the docs really suck [05:08:18] im a little confused.. is restrict anonymous .. restricting all non registered users? [05:08:23] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Regex-based_blacklist [05:08:41] Tim: I hate jquery, but I don't count [05:09:26] It's popular enough that even if the docs suck, there should be plenty of good example pages. [05:10:06] I don't want example pages, I want a manual to memorise [05:10:27] TimStarling: until the next release when the manual changes [05:10:28] needhelp1: yes, anon = nonreg [05:10:33] even if I memorised every single example, I'd still get stuck when I tried to do something that nobody else has done before [05:10:36] Splarka: thanks [05:10:48] '*' is every user, 'user' is registered users, but is a subset of '*' [05:11:08] and if you remove a right from '*' you must give it to 'user' group if you want them to have it [05:11:09] so just add ... $wgGroupPermissions['*']['edit'] = false; .. at the bottom of my Localsets file? [05:11:13] yah [05:11:57] hum... so in this case im removing editing from '*' ... so i would have to add it to 'users' ? [05:13:02] if you want reg users to edit, yes [05:13:16] unless it is given in DefaultSettings (don't remember) [05:13:21] interesting.. shouldnt 'users' already have that option ? [05:15:31] are the default settings for groups inside the localsettings Splarka ? [05:16:11] no, they're in DefaultSettings.php [05:16:14] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/phase3/includes/DefaultSettings.php?view=co&content-type=text%2Fplain [05:16:29] $wgGroupPermissions['user']['edit'] = true; [05:16:39] looks like it is given, so I guess you don't need to [05:17:35] cool [05:18:47] is their another path to take that i have overlooked for fighting spam besides requiring registered users? [05:19:24] !e SpamBlacklist [05:19:24] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:SpamBlacklist [05:19:58] i wish it was in core :( [05:20:22] also ConfirmEdit and other captchas [05:20:38] it must of been a bot but something/someone was editing and deleting full pages :( [05:22:47] MediaWiki is too popular, the target of too many spam networks [05:24:38] i would also argue that the backend and administration methods of mediawiki has the breath of a dinosaur [05:25:14] just my opinion though [05:26:42] as you've stated repeatedly [05:27:02] it's good, keeps people from installing mediawiki, which keeps it from being /too/ popular, and making more spambots target it specifically [05:28:27] hey guys i am using ubuntu 9.04 and xampp (lampp) to host a web site i am trying to create short URL's but it come back with the following error "Object not found! The requested URL was not found on this server. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again. If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster. Error 404 thehub.ath.cx [05:28:27] Mon 07 Sep 2009 15:27:13 EST [05:28:27] Apache/2.2.12 (Unix) DAV/2 mod_ssl/2.2.12 OpenSSL/0.9.8k PHP/5.3.0 mod_apreq2-20051231/2.6.0 mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.0 " [05:28:51] mediawiki should focus more on third party users .. and handle any common spam issues as they arise [05:29:21] ? [05:29:53] needhelp1: what does "handle any commons spam issues as they arise" mean? [05:30:38] There are all sorts of extensions provided for blocking spam. [05:30:53] Most require some knowledge in order to use them safely, though. [05:31:23] http://thehub.ath.cx/wiki is the web siter [05:31:26] That, and the fact that most wikis don't by default block you from doing things, is why they're not in core. [05:31:37] spamblacklist luckily has the ability to pull a reasonably well-maintained blacklist from Meta [05:31:45] tomas1: I would presume that you're doing it wrong. [05:31:45] if the community notices/gets regular questions and concerns regarding spam, then the community should work to develop resolutions to fix those common issues and incorporate them into core... greenreaper not everyone uses extensions [05:32:04] i am doing it the way the site says to do it [05:32:05] Well, if they don't use extensions then they need to start using them. That's what they're there for. :-) [05:32:28] my code inside http.conf is as follows Alias /wiki /opt/lampp/htdocs/w/index.php [05:32:44] This is how the functionality is provided, for those communities - including Wikipedia - that run public wikis that are liable to be spammed. [05:32:44] with /opt/lampp/htdocs/w/index.php being the folder path [05:33:00] if the extension is suggested to be used in almost every installation then shouldn't it be added to core? seems like managing spam would be of every admins concern [05:33:24] On the contrary. Many people install MediaWiki in controlled internal environments where spam is a non-issue. [05:33:24] YES it should be in core [05:33:29] NO the code isn't ready to move into core [05:33:52] but it is ready to be released as a community supported extension draugefilekim? [05:33:52] i got the information from this page http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Short_URL#Recommended_how-to_guide_.28setup_used_on_Wikipedia.29 [05:34:08] So is the file actually in that location, tomas1? [05:34:14] needhelp1: SpamBlacklist *is* a community-supported extension [05:34:16] GreenReaper: good point [05:34:26] Personally I'd like to see some *offered* on installation. [05:34:48] Like "hey, you've installed it, but here's some extensions that might be useful" [05:34:52] i agree.. id also like to see a backend to manage all this.. installing and removing extensions [05:35:07] pre-packaged extensions that are automatically enabled on installation based on ticked boxes? [05:35:07] viewing the repo of avalaible extensions stuff like that [05:35:25] feel free to submit a patch :) [05:35:26] Well, if we made it too easy we wouldn't be able to whore ourselves out for wiki consulting services. ;-) [05:36:02] seriously though, there are finally concrete-ish plans for a configuration database, so you may see sensible administration coming up [05:36:17] ive been dreaming of the day [05:36:38] It's just a matter of time. Up to this point, a lot of time has been spent just making it a good piece of software capable of runing one of the top-10 sites in the world. [05:37:45] ive never been a fan of software intentionally made hard to manage in order to boast consultation services lol [05:38:03] Oh, draugefilekim is Mike. [05:38:11] is not! [05:38:19] and Annemarie is a whore [05:38:25] im not saying it is.. im just replying to the statement [05:38:30] Only sometimes. [05:38:48] "concrete-ish" is a bit too definitive. [05:38:58] There's talk about maybe implementing something sometime. [05:39:06] (LATER) [05:39:11] I'd be shocked to see it done before the end of the year. [05:39:13] Annemarie: something like a ACP ? [05:39:16] *Annemarie marks charitwo REMIND. [05:39:30] I don't know what an ACP is. But sure. [05:39:39] admin control panel .. admin backend [05:39:48] Sort of, yeah. [05:40:01] Something that will allow people to configure their wiki (or wikis) without editing LocalSettings.php. [05:40:12] and a less boring Special:SpecialPages [05:40:27] And more cowbell. [05:40:30] END the need to have ssh access for running scripts [05:40:31] *draugefilekim questions needhelp1's definition of "backend" :| [05:40:49] I have a nice backend. [05:41:00] *apergos challenges Annemarie to prove it :-P [05:41:05] pics or it didn't happen [05:41:10] :-D [05:41:32] Not sure I have any pictures of it... [05:41:44] any one [05:42:02] i think it would be nice to be able to preform the maintenance scripts from a "backend" .. without having to have access to ssh [05:42:11] Maybe. [05:42:13] needhelp1: you can write a proposal about it on the strategy wiki, you can writ e a patch that implements some of what you propose, you can write a letter to wikitech-l with an outline of your idea and see what people think [05:42:17] Maintenance scripts can have issues. [05:42:21] i cant get the short URL's to work [05:42:23] Some take forever to run. [05:42:25] but you will have to take the initiative I think. [05:42:39] Others can error in weird ways leaving the DB broken. [05:43:02] Annemarie: happened to me a few times :( [05:43:27] *Annemarie adds "photos of backend" to to-do. [05:43:32] Can someone help poor tomas1? I've never used short urls and I know nothing about apache to help them figure it out [05:43:56] thanks for being honest draugefilekim [05:43:58] Did you graceful apache? [05:44:05] Is your site public? [05:44:13] Did you set the appropriate variables in LocalSettings.php? [05:44:19] What happens when you visit the site? [05:44:20] yea you can get to it from http://thehub.ath.cx [05:44:26] I accidentally the whole apache [05:45:00] $wgScriptPath = "/w"; # Path to the actual files. This should already be there [05:45:01] $wgArticlePath = "/wiki/$1"; # Virtual path. This directory MUST be different from the one used in $wgScriptPath [05:45:01] $wgUsePathInfo = true; # Enable use of pretty URLs [05:45:01] Thats whats in may localsetting.php [05:45:16] I don't know what that last one is. [05:45:19] Sounds made-up. [05:45:23] !wg UsePathInfo [05:45:23] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgUsePathInfo [05:45:29] lol [05:45:41] do you have rewrite rules [05:45:48] !rewriteproblem [05:45:48] --mwbot-- 1) Try as a fail-safe method; 2) Do not put the files into the document root; 3) Do not map the pages into the document root; 4) Use different, non-overlapping paths for real files and virtual pages; 5) Do not set a RewriteBase; 6) Put all rules into the .htaccess file in the document root. [05:45:56] i found it at the following address http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Short_URL#Recommended_how-to_guide_.28setup_used_on_Wikipedia.29 [05:46:06] tomas1: So what are your redirect rules? [05:46:08] My Internet is too damn slow.... [05:46:21] Ok, serving up eight pages per second from mediawiki without squid simply rocks... [05:46:27] what youmean [05:47:13] You need to setup appropriate redirect rules. [05:47:28] is the "large example" listed here http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgSpamRegex still current? anyone use this? [05:47:50] how do i do that [05:48:14] tomas1: Did you gracefully restart Apache? [05:48:30] hehe forgot that step hold on [05:48:56] needhelp1: looks ok to me, nothing obviously wrong [05:49:22] dunno how much help it'll really be though [05:49:28] whys that? [05:49:32] I wonder what Wikimedia's wgSpamRegex is [05:49:52] well look at that lol i am sorry guys i just for got to restart <-- new to linux [05:49:59] mostly because it's out of date, and it doesn't block any spam domains [05:50:12] draugefilekim: it is on noc.wm [05:50:22] for example: 'commonswiki' => '/overflow\s*:\s*auto\s*;\s*height\s*:|kryptonazi|freizeit-diktator/i', [05:50:26] I thought it was in the private files [05:50:35] huh [05:50:36] nein [05:50:40] well there you have it [05:50:44] InitialiseSettings.php at http://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/ [05:50:53] that's just commons, the default is different (too long to paste) [05:50:54] needhelp1: maybe take a look at ours to see what we are actually blocking in production [05:51:01] thanks to everyon [05:51:03] 'wgSpamRegex' => array( [05:51:03] one [05:51:14] draugefilekim: where is it located ? [05:51:20] InitialiseSettings.php at http://noc.wikimedia.org/conf/ [05:51:42] oh, and it isn't much use for you for blocking spam [05:51:53] the Spam Blacklist is, tho [05:52:00] *draugefilekim said that already :) [05:52:08] bear bear bear [05:52:21] By the way, aggregate watchlist data now available on the TS. [05:52:32] you're available on the TS [05:52:43] Only sometimes. It's a cruel and fickle mistress. [05:52:50] one other question i have is how do you change the main_page thing [05:52:50] so can you use that data to find and vandalize unwatched pages? [05:52:58] edit MediaWiki:Mainpage [05:53:07] Yes, you could. [05:53:09] that defines what the logo links to [05:53:19] Though it'd be easier to analyze page views and wiki activity times. [05:53:36] Annemarie: sounds BEANSy, is it available to all users on TS? any tools using it yet? [05:53:54] No tools using it. Available to all TS users (for now, at least). [05:53:57] there was a reason Special:Unwatchedpages was Sysop only [05:54:02] *Splarka shrugs [05:54:06] just sayin ^_^ [05:54:10] Yes, it was a stupid reason, though. In my opnion. [05:54:13] Opinion, even. [05:54:26] preventing vandalizing unwatched pages is stupid? [05:54:36] Any site small enough to use it uses RecentChanges. For any big site, it's useless. Also, bots and inactive users can easily screw up everything. [05:54:44] are you being en.wp-centric again? [05:54:53] Not particularly. [05:55:11] I've used it on personal sites. It's not very useful. [05:55:42] im just gona restrict anony users [05:56:08] 24 users watch your talk page, Splarka. [05:56:52] 03(NEW) [WISHLIST] Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: General/Unknown; (haikara90) [05:58:21] dear wikibugs, I want a pony [05:58:54] there is so much wrong with that bug.... [06:00:26] so can users use the new acai [06:02:27] or babaco [06:03:40] If you're running 1.16alpha, maybe. [06:04:06] [06:04:16] AryehGregor: :o [06:04:21] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 +shell; summary (10raimond.spekking) [06:08:59] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 +comment (10public) [06:28:17] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 +comment (10haikara90) [06:38:09] lalalalala...... [06:56:56] http://img197.imageshack.us/img197/3159/021robottattoo.png captchas in the futuuuuuuure [06:57:37] Haha [07:00:04] hey guys i have my media wiki up and running the next question i have is that i have "Strict Standards: Creating default object from empty value in /opt/lampp/htdocs/elgg/engine/lib/elgglib.php on line 1486" up the top of my wiki how would i go about hiding errors [07:05:10] any one [07:06:24] lower error reporting level, change display_errors to 0, etc [07:06:48] where is that held [07:07:00] whever your php.ini is [07:07:02] *wherever [07:07:17] although given that file, the error seems unrelated to mediawiki [07:07:39] yea there not i just dont want it to display it [07:10:36] http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Help:Magic_words&diff=274733&oldid=273831 <-- doesn't this seem a little redundant? [07:11:12] since the first parameter is always the tag name, the second is always the content, you want empty content, you have empty second parameter... [07:11:15] ok i changed display_errors to 0 or off and it still shows [07:14:08] why wont it just not display [07:14:17] http://thehub.ath.cx/wiki [07:14:21] and you will see what i mean [07:20:08] not seing any error messages [07:20:12] *seeing [07:23:11] 03(mod) Handling of tel: URIs in SMW is broken - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20503 (10N/A) [07:23:39] Ok, I need some help [07:23:50] because I'm reaaaalllllly annoyed. [07:24:29] 03(mod) Handling of tel: URIs in SMW is broken - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20503 (10N/A) [07:24:39] Does anyone know why my site is redirecting to my wiki [07:24:59] It skips ph1r.net and goes to ph1r.net/wiki/Main_Page [07:26:39] nevermind [07:26:41] I got it [07:26:50] stupid .htaccess lol [07:27:50] [thank you for using the new MediaWiki self service station.] [07:35:09] 03(mod) interwiki properties and their external counterparts - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20374 (10markus) [07:43:37] 03(mod) Special:Export ignores parameters limit, dir and offset - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18180 +comment (10azliq7) [07:55:03] How do I speed up my page edits? They're absurdly slow on a low demand website, with little actual content on page. [07:55:35] Nuro: Get a better server [07:58:38] !tuning | Neurotiquette [07:58:38] --mwbot-- Neurotiquette: [07:58:49] miser mode? [07:59:21] only helps if it's a large wiki [07:59:50] apc will probably be a major boost [08:02:33] In retrospect, I probably should have gotten some food for my dorm room [08:02:56] now it's 4 AM, I can't sleep, I'm hungry, and there's nothing to eat [08:03:05] I don't even have a roommate to devour :( [08:03:31] make a cardboard sign and wander the halls "Will write PHP for food" [08:03:53] I would, but even the people who woke me up by being loud have gone to bed :( [08:04:49] no vending machines? [08:05:17] None that I could findn [08:05:53] new to campus? google for that dorm's floorplans? [08:06:11] Now there's an idea [08:06:16] *Emufarmers roasts Splarka [08:06:22] *Splarka is digital [08:06:34] But I forget which dorm I'm in [08:06:39] I'll have to look it up :v [08:06:55] are you even at the right school? [08:07:01] v: [08:07:05] heh [08:14:21] meow [08:15:11] moo [08:17:41] o: farm animals! [08:17:45] *Emufarmers eats [08:18:33] meh [08:18:40] the list of messages to change is much longer nowadays [08:19:23] woof [08:19:54] Dogs are not farm animals :\ [08:20:02] BUT WE CAN MAKE IT ALL FAST IN THE CODE [08:20:09] BY FIXING THE INITIALIZATION HAHA [08:20:31] <.< [08:42:52] 03mkroetzsch * r55912 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/ (languages/SMW_Messages.php specials/Relations/): removed all code for outdated (and disabled) "FlawedAttributes" special page. The new property "has imporper value for" is used since SMW 1.4.2 to get an overview of input problems, so this specialpage won't reappear. [08:46:29] 03(mod) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 (10malafaya) [08:55:07] 03mkroetzsch * r55913 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/storage/SMW_QueryResult.php: some code restructurnig and documentation; +new function to access subject of a result array [08:57:49] 03(mod) Special:Export ignores parameters limit, dir and offset - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18180 +comment (10azliq7) [09:03:43] 03mkroetzsch * r55914 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/storage/SMW_QueryResult.php: +new function getResults(), more documentation [09:08:49] 03(mod) Set WP namespace alias to NS_PROJECT in Bengali wikipedia - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20367 (10jayantanth) [09:09:13] 03(mod) Create Portal namespace of Bengali wikipedia - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20314 (10jayantanth) [09:09:32] 03(mod) Set custom upload URL for Bengali Wikipedia - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19418 (10jayantanth) [09:14:29] 03mkroetzsch * r55915 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/ (SMW_QP_Table.php storage/SMW_QueryResult.php): some code simplifications [09:20:07] 03mkroetzsch * r55916 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/specials/AskSpecial/SMW_SpecialAsk.php: remove support for old service interface (using parameter encoding of in SMW 0.7) [09:34:24] 14(INVALID) Cannot enable ParserFunctions with mediawiki 1.15.1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20525 (10roan.kattouw) [09:36:55] 03mkroetzsch * r55917 10/trunk/extensions/SemanticMediaWiki/includes/SMW_QP_Embedded.php: Simplified code based on new getResults() method to directly access query result pages [09:38:05] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [09:43:27] 03(mod) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 (10roan.kattouw) [09:43:40] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 (10haikara90) [09:46:35] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 (10roan.kattouw) [10:08:42] hey guys is there a way to copy a group of tempelates from wikipedia to my own wiki [10:09:07] use [[Special:Export]] and then [[Special:Import]] on your wiki [10:09:15] and tell it to take the other required templates [10:09:26] there may also be some css you need to copy [10:09:33] ok [10:10:50] so that special export will allow me to take all child templates as well [10:10:58] or is there something i will need to do [10:12:00] tomas1: Special:Export has a checkbox that says "Include templates" or something [10:12:28] ok i clicked all of them will see what happeneds [10:14:20] the box to pull the full history and another one to pull the children templates as well [10:14:28] *there is a box [10:15:15] and there should be a box somewhere to save the output as a file for the import page [10:21:15] it's really odd. I've got my mediawiki, using an ldap extension. it works for me, but not for my colleague. [10:21:18] it's really odd. I've got my mediawiki, using an ldap extension. it works for me, but not for my colleague. [10:21:21] oups [10:21:24] sorry [10:21:27] I mean, it works for me to log in, but not for my colleague. [10:23:09] maybe I could try experimenting with the ldif file. [10:26:35] is there a way to get a spreasheet on a wiki ? [10:27:14] chalcedony: I've think I might've seen some extension for that. [10:27:22] oh kewl [10:27:39] chalcedony: on the other hand, I might've dreamed it up. [10:27:43] :) [10:27:46] =) [10:28:01] sometimes what we want is only in dreams.. but it sure would help my projects if it can be done [10:28:10] gamla_kossan: there was a email about that in the mailing lists the other day, hangon [10:28:21] ty p858snake_ [10:28:49] try: Resolved: The cn and the userID have to be identical. [10:29:12] p858snake_: thanks mate, checking that now [10:30:31] p858snake_: doesn't seem to be that :/ [10:30:37] thanks though. [10:31:18] gamla_kossan, could one insert a chart ? [10:31:54] what's really odd is that the only difference between his and my ldif files seem to be that I don't have the fields "sambaPasswordHistory" as well as "sambaAcctFlags". [10:32:03] chalcedony: sorry, don't have a clue. [10:32:49] ah [10:32:54] well, thanks :) [10:38:05] 03(mod) Adding Project namespace in eo.wiki - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20527 (10haikara90) [10:48:30] 04(REOPENED) when TOC is hidden, it should not print - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=482 +comment (10fomafix) [11:04:34] I was wondering if someone can help me adding some nifty tables. [11:08:31] 03(NEW) interwikimap misses latest entries - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20528 minor; Normal; MediaWiki: API; (ralf) [11:11:12] EG: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan [11:11:14] i set up an extension that uses ParserAfterTidy hook. the idea is that it injects some html on the page depending on whether or not the page happens to be in given category. now the problem is that to figure out in which categories does the page belong to i have to call $wgParser->parse which calls all hooks (leads to recursion). any ideas how to work around this problem? [11:11:20] See the table in the right? with the world image? [11:11:23] I need something like that. [11:12:57] FF|Skyrider: need where? [11:12:57] mibbim: You get a $parser object in ParserAfterTidy, use $parser->getOutput()->getCategories() [11:13:11] RoanKattouw: oh right. of course! thanks :) [11:13:38] you should ban globals :) [11:15:54] 14(DUP) interwikimap misses latest entries - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20528 +comment (10alex.emsenhuber) [11:15:57] 03(mod) Missing interwiki prefixes - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19838 +comment (10alex.emsenhuber) [11:18:16] http://www.thewikiz.com/wiki/Main_Page is this a good free wiki farm? [11:19:21] seems like they just did an automated import of a lot of information. [11:19:29] *thedj has little trust in it. [11:19:45] Or wiki-site.com ? I'm looking for some mediawiki farm [11:20:33] *the* mediawiki farm is wikia :) but not everything fits there. check their terms [11:21:05] better say "a farm powered by mediawiki" [11:22:09] true, it's a wiki farm, not a mediawiki hoster. [11:33:26] in the good old days farms used to have animals. now we have render, wiki and whatnot farms :P [11:36:00] *werdna waves RoanKattouw [11:36:09] *werdna farms Duesentrieb [11:37:59] werdna: how's the wiki talk page thread system coming along? [11:39:04] *RoanKattouw waves back at werdna [11:40:14] mibbim: it's pretty fancy, have you seen it lately? [11:40:41] werdna: nope. just wondering whether or not i should add it to the wiki of my project :) [11:41:00] well, it's getting pretty close [11:41:11] have a look at http://wiki.werdn.us/test/view/Talk:Main_Page [11:42:10] cool tool JS :) [11:44:28] add media wizard (the tool) seems to be broken but that's probably just ok [11:44:31] i like live preview [11:44:53] related to add media wizard i wrote an extension to allow uploads on JS box :) [11:44:59] it's probably the same thing :P [11:45:45] nm. media wizard window appeared on top part of the page :) [11:46:20] add media wizard is not LiquidThreads [11:46:32] it's related to a raft of JS improvements that need to be acti vated for LiquidThreads to work. [11:46:39] werdna: The Start a new discussion link doesn't work for me [11:46:45] I wrote live preview, but I thought it was broken on LiquidThreads [11:46:53] It takes me to http://wiki.werdn.us/test/scripts/index.php?title=Talk:Main_Page&lqt_method=talkpage_new_thread but I don't see a way to write stuff there [11:47:08] RoanKattouw: I keep forgetting to fix that bug [11:47:42] I'll just add a reply then [11:50:07] "The patch is usually labeled v1.0, and it says a lot about the game that a file patches it up to version 1.0." [11:50:08] lol [11:51:02] AaronSchulz: link? [11:53:01] Hello all, I'm having trouble backing up my wiki database, here's the error i get: [11:53:05] werdna: http://www.gamespot.com/pc/driving/bigrigsotrr/video/6086530/big-rigs-over-the-road-racing-video-review [11:53:05] mysql> select * from user; [11:53:05] ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table 'wikidb.user' doesn't exist [11:53:24] spl0de: Are you using a table prefix? Try SHOW TABLES; [11:54:32] there's no table prefix [11:54:38] here's what happens if i use mysqldump [11:54:39] mysqldump: Got error: 1146: Table 'wikidb.archive' doesn't exist when using LOCK TABLES [11:54:58] i've seen similar errors on google [11:55:01] but they don't seem to help [11:55:13] does SHOW TABLES; show the tables you expect, lke user and archive? [11:55:18] spl0de: Try running the SHOW TABLES; query to see which tables are present in your DB [11:55:25] yeh [11:55:27] they're all present [11:55:38] did you delete the ibdata1 file? [11:55:44] huh? [11:55:45] no [11:55:52] that's supposed to contain the data right? [11:55:59] people sometimes like to do that, then complain that all their data is gone. [11:56:05] heh [11:56:08] is there anything in the mysql error log? [11:56:10] well i havent touched them [11:56:13] ok ill check [11:56:54] spl0de: uh... does your wiki work? [11:56:59] can you log in? [11:57:45] yeh that's the ufnny thing [11:57:46] i can log in [11:57:48] lol [11:57:49] 090907 21:55:17 [ERROR] Cannot find or open table wikidb/user from [11:57:50] the internal data dictionary of InnoDB though the .frm file for the [11:57:52] table exists. [11:58:12] have you upgraded or done anything else with mysql recently? [11:58:47] uh... [11:59:02] no i havent upgraded mysql [11:59:10] wait [11:59:12] yeh i have [11:59:14] lol. [11:59:17] spl0de: if mysql tells you the user table doesn't exist, but you can log in, the you wirki is iusing a different databas.e because without the user tzable, you can't log in. [11:59:48] well maybe, if you use ldap for authentication or somethiong. but even then i'd be surprised. [11:59:50] hmmm let's see [12:00:16] yeh this is pretty weird :P [12:00:43] people have even editted the wiki [12:00:54] let me see if i can get the wiki to export my stuff [12:00:59] then remake the entire thing [12:01:18] did you look at the db settings in LocalSettings.php? [12:01:25] maybe they are not what you think they are... [12:01:38] oh yeh [12:01:40] true that. [12:01:41] let's see [12:02:32] ok here's where it gets strange [12:02:50] the db and the data in localsettings are all correct except for this: [12:02:53] $wgDBprefix = "mw_"; [12:02:57] i dont have a prefix [12:03:01] but it works still? o_O [12:03:18] is it possible someone has renamed the frm files from mw_user.frm to user.frm? [12:04:21] 03churchofemacs * r55918 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialContributions.php: fixing r55909: checking if the user is _currently_ blocked before displaying block log (on Special:Contributions) [12:04:34] flyingparchment: it might be possible [12:04:45] ill see what happens if i rename it manually [12:05:24] ok, there are mw_ and no-prefix tables here [12:06:15] i suspect this occured due to a failed upgrade from a previous version [12:06:22] instead, i just reinstalled the whole OS [12:06:26] shoulda made a mysql backup [12:06:29] *spl0de learn my lesson [12:06:34] his* [12:10:38] i think i have to rename the tables with the mw_ prefix [12:10:46] still doens't make sense how i can login but not select from tables though [12:11:30] Code & Fix, hehe [12:13:13] if you can't even dump the tables, it seems unlikely that you can rename them [12:13:17] somethign is very broken :) [12:13:30] spl0de: before touching anything in the database, try to make an XML dump [12:13:32] !dump [12:13:32] --mwbot-- For information on how to get dumps from Wikimedia Wikis, see http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Data_dumps [12:13:37] bah, wrong one [12:13:39] !export [12:13:39] --mwbot-- To export pages from a wiki, navigate to Special:Export on the wiki, type in the names of the pages to export, and hit "export". See for an example of this form. See also: !import [12:14:05] huh? why doesn't it mention dumpBackup.php? [12:14:11] use this one then: [12:14:12] !backup [12:14:12] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Backing_up_a_wiki [12:15:00] found the mistakes here. duplicates of .frm non-prefix tables [12:15:06] and duplicates of tables inside mysql [12:15:25] so i'll drop the clones after a xml backup [12:31:30] hi guys [12:32:02] is there a way to have comments in mediawiki... as in, there's the wiki article, and beneath it comments sort of like on a blog article? [12:32:16] Um [12:32:29] ones that would be visible and could be added by people who aren't logged in [12:32:29] Have you checked the extension matrix? [12:32:39] There is a post comment extension [12:32:41] i don't know what the extension matrix is :X [12:32:45] But you'd have to manually add them. [12:32:52] i've never used mediawiki before [12:32:53] hey guys i am having a lot of fun trying to copy templates and .css from wikipedia any one wana help [12:32:54] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension_Matrix [12:32:59] manually, as in..? [12:33:09] i would have to add in a tag for the comments to show up on that page? [12:34:07] 03werdna * r55919 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/icons/ (quote.png quote.svg): Add missing icons [12:34:15] It'd be fun to stick a LiquidThreads forum below each article [12:34:25] sorry for being slow Laura :^) [12:34:45] werdna: hmm yeh :) [12:35:10] {{#ifexist:{{TALKSPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}|{{{{TALKSPACE}}:{{PAGENAME}}}}}} [12:35:33] i'll check it out [12:35:34] (with {{#ifeq:NAMESPACE||...}} for main) [12:35:41] thanks splarka [12:35:57] cheater99: that's a hacky way of doing it with just the ParserFunctions extension [12:36:15] i get this message Remember that this is only a preview. Your changes have not yet been saved! Warning: Template include size is too large. Some templates will not be included. [12:36:52] Warning: Template include size is too large. Some templates will not be included. [12:36:59] i have never had this before [12:38:17] Me either [12:39:21] how do i delete all uploaded templates so i can start again [12:39:30] No clue [12:40:11] thats not goods [12:42:23] any one know how to [12:42:38] Not me [12:44:01] well looks like i need to restart [12:44:55] 03werdna * r55920 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/ (LiquidThreads.php api/ api/ApiQueryLQTThreads.php): Add LiquidThreads threads API module, for use internally and by other tools [12:45:29] RoanKattouw: :) [12:46:28] *Splarka pokles werdna to add CodeReview modules to api [12:46:38] all fixed guys [12:46:41] thanks for your help [12:46:54] nahhhh [12:47:00] anyway doesn't it already have them? [12:48:20] well, I mean an interactive scapmap module [12:49:06] interactive scapmap module? [12:49:08] in english? [12:49:16] 03werdna * r55921 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/classes/Thread.php: Use "commit revision" code on posting a new thread to ensure that the updated timestamp of the parent thread is bumped [12:50:31] *RoanKattouw pokles werdna to commit his JS global with localized namespace names [12:52:12] werdna: CR only has API modules for internal use, but not any that actually useful for external use; for one thing, they're all push modules, no pull ones [12:52:15] that's sitting in a patch now [12:52:19] or committed [12:52:54] http://werdn.us/~andrew/patches [12:52:56] somewhere in there [12:53:03] I think ajax-category-manager or something [12:53:37] ah yes, here it is [12:53:37] english: an ajax-based scapmap (map of code review in defrag-style boxes), using bidirectional code review api modules, that is interactive [12:53:52] feel free to apply this -- http://p.defau.lt/?SFzC5lW463ylTAD7yK_3yA [12:54:00] Ah yes [12:54:05] Splarka: why would that be implemented as an API module? [12:54:17] I'll probably do that later today; first I gotta review your API module of course :D [12:54:19] because devs are lazy [12:54:24] ... [12:54:27] it's a UI thing. [12:54:35] Because you'd /need/ an API module in order to be able to build such a thing in JS [12:54:37] better to ask why it would be implemented as it is now in javascript [12:54:39] I think you mean that you want the API module to read the CodeReview. [12:54:41] because devs are lazy [12:54:50] CodeReview data* [12:55:04] you could do it proper, but nobody has yet, so asking for it seems a bit redundant [12:55:08] but asking for babysteps can get results [12:55:16] You asked for an "interactive scapmap API module", which make zero sense. [12:55:19] makes* [12:55:29] no [12:55:52] I asked for the possibility to make one with more code review modules [12:55:59] or we can argue semantics ^_^ [12:56:12] it's much more fun than coding [12:56:16] apparently [12:56:32] well, writing an API module is pretty simple, feel free. [12:56:44] "you have a dangling participle so I won't listen to your otherwise useful request" [12:56:57] that one took me an hour on the train from Manchester to London [12:57:44] RoanKattouw: by the way, look at the way that API mopdule is implemented. [12:57:56] werdna: isn't that game epic? [12:57:57] okay, so by your logic "it is very easy for me to do it, and I am being paid to do it, I could do it but you who have no commit access or PHP knowledge should do it instead" [12:58:03] *werdna thinks it's particularly pretty code. [12:58:05] AaronSchulz: which game? [12:58:16] the one I linked [12:58:17] Splarka: I'm not being paid to do what you tell me to do. [12:58:28] AaronSchulz: I didn't really look at it [12:58:40] wow, you drag out that old cliche? [12:58:41] srsly? [12:59:04] guess you're officially a senior dev then [12:59:12] sad to see you burn out so early [12:59:55] The old cliche of doing my job rather than doing what random people in #mediawiki tell me to do? [13:00:52] *RoanKattouw frows at werdna's multiline // comment style [13:00:53] "I'm not being paid to do that" [13:01:04] remember when editing MediaWiki was fun and not work? [13:01:24] Splarka: You brought it up, I was quite happy not to. [13:01:29] (and now as you just said, even jokingly, arguing is more fun than coding, heh) [13:01:54] Ah, self::$propRelations is a nice one werdna , I'll keep that in mind when I do my API-wide code cleanup in like 2014 [13:02:44] 2014? [13:02:49] *AaronSchulz detects vaporware [13:02:59] The infamous "when I have time" [13:03:19] hmm, I should check on the status of Duke Nukem Forever [13:05:28] http://sknr.net/2009/07/08/duke-nukem-may-be-back/ [13:08:44] 03werdna * r55922 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/api/ApiQueryLQTThreads.php: Fix silly error [13:19:08] 03ialex * r55923 10/trunk/ (14 files in 9 dirs): [13:19:08] * svn:eol-style native [13:19:08] * svn:mime-type image/svg+xml on extensions/LiquidThreads/icons/quote.svg [13:19:36] Is the procedure to enable mathematical formulas as complicated as this http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Enable_TeX article states? [13:19:58] do I really need to check Title::getUserPermissionsErrors on Special:CreateAccount??!?!? [13:20:21] Yes, people can be blocked from creating accounts [13:20:32] that's done separately [13:20:39] User::isBlockedFromCreateaccount() [13:20:39] And anons can be denied permission to create accounts while logged-in users or sysops can create them [13:20:41] or somesuch [13:20:54] that's permissions - User::isAllowed [13:21:00] those two are both checked [13:21:17] Then getUserPermissionsErrors() seems redundant; which Title object is it called on/ [13:21:32] the special page [13:21:43] And which right? [13:21:44] my shiny new SpecialCreateAccount object :D [13:21:47] 'createaccount' [13:21:53] Hm yeah that does seem redundant [13:22:34] I'm only concerned about the userCan hook [13:25:12] I seriously don't get how to enable the rendering with latex, could anyone explain how to proceed? [13:28:18] Happy-melon: It's needed for things like hooks [13:28:27] 03churchofemacs * r55924 10/trunk/phase3/maintenance/language/messages.inc: fixing r55909. Adding new message to messages.inc [13:28:38] Happy-melon: I think in general it's a good idea to be running all permissions checks through one method [13:29:15] does getUserPermissionsErrors do the other stuff? [13:29:25] the userrights stuff I mean? [13:29:40] oh yes [13:29:42] I see it does [13:30:31] I don't like its return schema very much... :( [13:30:58] ialex: ping [13:31:07] Raymond_: pong? [13:31:27] ialex: do you have a minute? I have some questions about the Farmer extension [13:31:46] Raymond_: yes [13:33:40] 03werdna * r55925 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/ (5 files in 3 dirs): LiquidThreads: Add automatic AJAX checking for updates in the background (every 30 seconds for now, adjustable in the future). Uses the new LiquidThreads API module. [13:33:40] *khannz want to find someone who have working LDAP Authentication extension. I have a couple of questions about it =(\ [13:35:32] \o/ [13:35:44] Trying to find someone who might be able to write a small extension - there would be money involved :) I've tried doing it myself but I'm not particularly familiar with the hooks I need to use and I'm sure someone could do it far more quickly than I possibly could. [13:35:46] Is this the best place to ask? Basically I need to parse out coordinates from Wikipedia pages and store them in a database table. [13:38:53] So guys'n'girls? Does anyone using LDAP Authentication extension? [13:42:27] khannz: yeah, I do [13:42:29] sup? [13:43:22] jong_: MrZ-man wrote something...ish... that parses out coordinates on en.wp for some purpose-> http://toolserver.org/~alexz/coord (source: https://fisheye.toolserver.org/browse/Alexz/coord ) [13:48:17] werdna: when is LiquidThreads supposed to be ready? :) [13:49:03] what's xwiki good at? [13:52:08] Splarka: I think you directed me towards that before when I was initially trying to write it a few months back. It worked off regexes then and was only about 95% accurate so discarded it in favour of something more foolproof. Looking at the source I think he's now modified the it to work off the external links table. Will look into that. Thanks [13:52:19] uhmm... I'm not likeing netcipia's default style, looks confusing compared to monobook, plus, the panels are placed on the right side [13:52:46] ask the same question, get the same answer, heh [13:53:21] fffuuu: We don't know, we're the MediaWiki support channel, most people here don't know anything about other wiki engines [13:54:30] *^demon is watching 1930's King Kong. [13:54:31] gamla_kossan, thanks G-d =) can you please tell me, how i should use $wg params to setup LDAP ext? I used $wgAuth, $wgDLAP, $wgLDAPDomainNames, $wgLDAPServerNames, $wgLDAPSearchStrings and $wgLDAPEncryptionType [13:55:39] gamla_kossan, for ex. - i can't understand clearly, what is proper syntax for $wgLDAPServerNames ? [14:05:36] gamla_kossan: ping? [14:16:26] gamla_kossan: would you be able to beta my new Special:UserLogin/CreateAccount work with the LDAP extension? [14:18:35] 03siebrand * r55926 10/trunk/extensions/Translate/Translate.i18n.php: Fix typo [14:23:10] 03siebrand * r55927 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/i18n/Lqt.i18n.php: -/- "Click here to " [14:25:06] 03(mod) Create Romanian Planet Wikimedia - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20133 +comment (10crangasi2001) [14:27:17] 03jojo * r55928 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (9 files in 3 dirs): first version of suggest feature [14:27:43] 03jojo * r55929 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (10 files in 2 dirs): [14:27:43] Improve suggestion tool [14:27:43] * using query arg bookcmd now to refer to subpages to be able to [14:27:43] the current subpage from outside the Special page code (in hooks) [14:27:43] * show "Book mode" box on Special:Book and on suggestions page [14:27:45] * fixes [14:28:03] 03jojo * r55930 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.body.php: redirect to Main Page after disabling book tool when on Special:Book [14:28:21] 03jojo * r55931 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: Title::isKnown() is not avaible on older MWs (and exists() is better here anyway) [14:28:30] 03jojo * r55932 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: only use Title::newFromRedirectRecurse() if available [14:28:41] 03jojo * r55933 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (Collection.hooks.php Collection.templates.php): use a
to prevent resizing bugs. do not enable popups on Special:Book. [14:28:53] 03jojo * r55934 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (4 files): fix the "noscript-case", use it when JS is enabled, too [14:29:11] 03jojo * r55935 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (6 files in 2 dirs): various fixes & tweaks [14:29:32] 03jojo * r55936 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.i18n.php: accidentally deleted wrong msg [14:29:45] 03jojo * r55937 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (4 files in 2 dirs): "book mode" => "book creator". render stop-book-creator page. [14:29:56] <^demon> commitspam :\ [14:29:58] 03jojo * r55938 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (7 files in 2 dirs): "book mode" => "book creator". render stop-book-creator page. [14:30:20] 03jojo * r55939 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: when removing an article form the colleciton, also ban it [14:30:30] 03jojo * r55940 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.i18n.php: fix system msgs [14:30:44] 03jojo * r55941 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.i18n.php: system msg adjusted [14:31:00] 03jojo * r55942 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.templates.php: only use checkbox-stuff w/out JS [14:31:09] 03jojo * r55943 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (4 files): allow disable suggestion feature. show at most wgCollectionMaxSuggestions suggestions. fix caching. [14:31:25] 03jojo * r55944 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (Collection.i18n.php CollectionCore.i18n.php): move sys msg to core msgs [14:31:39] 03jojo * r55945 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (5 files in 2 dirs): use jQuery on suggestions page, added status & undo feature [14:31:57] 03jojo * r55946 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (4 files): moved msgs, load them [14:32:16] 03jojo * r55947 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (Collection.suggest.php Collection.templates.php): special case for 1st suggestion. only include suggestions w/ val>1. [14:32:27] 03jojo * r55948 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/js/popup.js: fix [14:32:39] 03jojo * r55949 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/js/popup.js: fix [14:32:49] 03jojo * r55950 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: filter in the right place [14:32:54] <^demon> jojo isn't on IRC is he? [14:32:59] 03jojo * r55951 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/js/suggest.js: update book creator box [14:33:12] 03jojo * r55952 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (4 files in 2 dirs): fix msg loading [14:33:28] 03jojo * r55953 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (Collection.i18n.php Collection.session.php): delete book on disable [14:33:40] ^demon: You want to ask him to stop developing so much? [14:33:41] 03jojo * r55954 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.i18n.php: s/article/page/g [14:33:53] 03jojo * r55955 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/js/collection.js: refresh book creator box on show book page [14:34:04] 03jojo * r55956 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.php: raise style version [14:34:09] <^demon> avar: I want him to commit less patches in 30 seconds :) [14:34:13] 03jojo * r55957 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.templates.php: tweak styling [14:34:25] 03jojo * r55958 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/ (Collection.suggest.php Collection.templates.php): refactored [14:34:38] 03jojo * r55959 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: better algorithm [14:34:42] I bet he's doing git svn commit [14:34:44] ^demon: He's probably using the git-svn gateway. But it would be better to fix the IRC bot which seems to be what's bothering you. [14:34:49] 03jojo * r55960 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.suggest.php: fix: use preg_quote() [14:35:00] avar: no, the problem is with all these tiny commits, which are hard to review, clutter the history and so on [14:35:12] avar: he should use something that can convert all his tiny commits into one commit to svn [14:35:22] <^demon> That would be nice. [14:35:37] i've never seen simetrical commit in this annoying fashion, so i don't think git-svn is the problem [14:35:52] I think a lot of tiny commits is better (except that it floods the channel) [14:36:16] within reason, of course [14:36:34] some of these are clearly redundant, or are part of a larger change.. there's no benefit to having them separate [14:36:38] Peoples maybe here some other users of LDAP Auth extension? [14:36:53] I really need your help ) [14:37:00] flyingparchment: Tiny commits done right are easier to review since you have more information. If the reviewer finds it easier to view one large one he can always merge it on his end before viewing the diff :) [14:37:10] right, what avar said [14:37:12] (not that I've looked at those ^^ by jojo) [14:37:13] when done right, of course. [14:37:30] 14:32 < CIA-70> jojo * r55948 /trunk/extensions/Collection/js/popup.js: fix [14:37:30] 14:32 < CIA-70> jojo * r55949 /trunk/extensions/Collection/js/popup.js: fix [14:37:33] that's not right :) [14:37:42] heh [14:37:50] why is 'raise style version' a separate commit? how can you review that? [14:37:57] well presumably he forgot it [14:38:31] yes, that's my point; committing like this is not helpful [14:39:09] flyingparchment: jojo's specific commits might suck. I'm just saying generally speaking it's easier to review something people produce with a dvcs [14:39:45] Even if his commits *do* suck you at least get granularity like "only use checkbox-stuff w/out JS" in there where otherwise you might only get "I HAVE MADE A HUEG COMMIT AND FIXED A LOT OF STUFFS" if he was using a different VCS [14:42:43] Some way to combine diffs would be pretty cool [14:44:13] werdna: in special:code ? [14:44:28] no, in general [14:47:02] Like svn diff -rX:Y ? [14:47:11] That's the thing I don't like much about git [14:47:17] Many, many commits [14:47:51] vvv: well, it's not compulsory :) [14:47:55] avar: no [14:47:55] If git is so awesome, doesn't it have an option to merge commits together before pushing them to SVN? [14:48:03] RoanKattouw: It does. [14:48:12] like diff --combine patch-file-1 patch-file-2 [14:48:12] werdna: does it have "merge commits" command? [14:48:21] there's git commit --amend [14:48:36] werdna: You could probably write a shell script to do diff --combine [14:48:48] RoanKattouw: there is no diff --combine [14:48:51] that's my point [14:48:54] there should be [14:49:08] Yes, I know, but it could probably easily be implemented as a shell script [14:49:11] Does git diff provide a patchable diffs? [14:49:16] yes [14:49:19] How? [14:49:20] but you use git apply, not patch [14:49:30] that way it adds all the files and what-not. [14:49:33] What do you mean how? [14:49:43] You can rewrite git's history before you push upstream. But there's no reason to do so in principle. [14:49:52] vvv: git diff > my.patch [14:50:20] E.g. I have a git diff-generated patch. I have a non-git copy of repo to which I want to apply my diff [14:50:42] vvv: yes, patch -p0 it's a normal patch [14:50:51] they're the same damn format [14:50:51] Is it? [14:51:04] Yes. it's called the "unified diff format" [14:51:18] I know [14:51:49] <^demon> werdna: I think you can -b CIA now. [14:51:57] But for some reason it shows as diff from "a/file" to "b/file" [14:52:21] vvv: so patch -p1 [14:54:09] Yes. any prefix to the path is implementation defined. You can also add more stuff to diff files, like comments [14:54:36] Which is what git format-patch takes advantage of [14:55:53] *khannz want to find someone who have working LDAP Authentication extension. I have a couple of questions about it =( [15:00:23] is there a way for my site to hide its wiki from people? we haven't gone live yet and we think some people may be stealing the content and framework of it for theirs [15:00:57] obviously it will be public when we go live, but it's a feature for our site, and we haven't slaved away at it for another website to present to the public as their feature [15:02:58] !access | Luminette [15:02:58] --mwbot-- Luminette: For information on customizing user access, see . For common examples of restricting access using both rights and extensions, see . [15:03:46] If you are worried about content theft, change your license. [15:04:06] If they do steal it and the license doesn't allow it, then DMCA them. [15:10:02] i don't even want to inspire ideas or let them reword things at the moment [15:10:19] our site isn't live so the content isn't going missing from the eyes of anyone but potential thieves [15:10:37] Nikerabbit, where did you see that? [15:10:52] Nikerabbit, it would be helpful if you were more specific when telling me about problems in my commits. [15:10:59] Luminette: did you see the link I gave you? [15:12:01] *AryehGregor investigates [15:12:14] Ah. [15:12:42] I see it. [15:15:56] AryehGregor: what did I say? [15:16:09] [090907 02:04:07]
[15:16:09] [090907 02:04:16] AryehGregor: :o [15:16:51] oh [15:16:56] Then make your license remix on the site only. [15:17:07] some stupid output in special preferences [15:17:09] And not licensed to be used elsewhere. [15:29:06] Notice: Undefined index: conversiontable in /var/www/git-trunk/phase3/includes/LocalisationCache.php on line 234 [15:33:57] 03(NEW) Wrong search suggestion - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20529 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: Search; (gtisza) [15:35:06] <^demon> Wasn't that reported last week or something? [15:39:26] ^demon: imho, that's a lucene bug, not a core bug [15:40:05] <^demon> ialex: Yeah, but I could've sworn I saw the exact same issue like a week ago [15:40:56] either way we should slap rainman-sr until he fixes it [15:41:05] once he's back from his fancy schmancy language course in argentina [15:41:14] <^demon> Ah I found it. [15:42:10] 14(DUP) Wrong search suggestion - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20529 +comment (10innocentkiller) [15:42:23] 03(mod) Use Unicode Character Folding for accents, punctuation chars in search index - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4430 +comment (10innocentkiller) [15:47:01] hello, is there an "easy" way to use accounts I already have from my website for wiki users? (and only them) [15:47:21] by "easy" I mean as little hacking as possible [15:47:23] =) [15:47:23] What you mean? [15:47:31] K-Yo: look at AuthPlugin [15:47:43] it's quite simple to write one to use passwords from an existing auth system [15:47:43] mbe write php script to export them to wiki? [15:47:48] K-Yo: it depends on where these accounts exist [15:48:01] well, I have a restricted website, and I want users of my site (those with the good rights) to be allowed to edit pages, and them only [15:48:14] Duesentrieb, they exist on databases I made myself [15:48:17] just export them and import them in wiki [15:48:26] imade a script like tha for my own wiki to [15:48:31] K-Yo: then you have to write the corresponding auth-plugin yourself [15:48:41] okay [15:48:44] as flyingparchment said: [15:48:46] !auth [15:48:46] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/AuthPlugin [15:49:05] i'll have alook at that AuthPlugin =) and adapt it =) [15:49:05] WaterRatj: that's proibably harder than writing a plugin, and not as nice :) [15:49:24] Duesentrieb: Depends what you want :p [15:49:27] K-Yo: you don't adapt one, you write a new one - AuthPlugin is an interface [15:49:33] K-Yo: there are a lot of implementations for different things out there, ranging from htpasswd to ldap... [15:49:35] WaterRatj, the problem with your solution is that each account I'll create, I have to copy it in the wiki db... [15:49:44] flyingparchment, okay, thanks =) [15:50:20] thank you everyone=) you have one channel where there are more answers than questions ^^ [15:50:32] :p [15:50:34] good thing for a project =) [15:52:59] mediawiki sucks!!!! [15:53:34] AuthPlugin is fail [15:53:38] autoauthenticate is way to go [15:53:39] \o/ [15:54:03] wth [15:54:24] wtf! [15:54:24] time to get my wip [15:54:30] "AutoAuthenticate: Removed in version 1.13.0" [15:54:41] str4nd: hooks are still there, probably named in different way [15:54:47] oh well [15:55:03] UserLoadFromSession [15:55:23] how did you guess?!!!? [15:56:17] originally I did that to have my intranet authentication work ;-) [15:56:43] heh [15:58:37] name one good feature of mediawiki! [15:58:48] 03(mod) Add option for editors in preferences to always show diff to latest flagged revision - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20058 (10pbirken) [15:58:54] domas: supports postgres [15:58:56] ;) [15:59:01] does it? [15:59:10] most of the time [15:59:14] and yes, I did that part!!! [15:59:15] ;-) [15:59:23] *domas giggles [15:59:29] nah [15:59:35] you did that $wgIsPG shit [15:59:42] hehe [15:59:46] Tim rewrote it afterwards [15:59:50] then I added on top of that [16:00:01] but in that shit [16:00:06] I identifid all incompatibilities [16:00:11] (damn, why do you have to spoil the story!) [16:01:21] anyway [16:01:29] I had first mediawiki that worked on PG! :) [16:10:17] is there any tutorial on how to properly use AuthPlugin (how fail it is, domas =) ) [16:13:47] try looking at some of the examples, K-Yo [16:13:59] anyone wants to guess what this list means: http://p.defau.lt/?0uX2kvRHzMEmixJmr4aNkw ?:) [16:14:11] junior probably knows it [16:14:12] :) [16:16:49] domas: most used/expensive messages incl. {{SITENAME}}? [16:16:55] yup [16:16:55] :) [16:17:03] well, they're in every page [16:17:06] yeah, that [16:19:09] anyone have auth plugins (of any sort) and/or mail functions set up on a dev installation and has a few minutes to beta my new UserLogin/CreateAccount pages? [16:19:50] it is shame, that they make mediawiki much slower for every mediawiki user [16:20:24] domas: wait, so I shouldn't have committed that patch that allows bash shell scripting to be embedded in those messages? [16:20:42] :) [16:20:59] there're certain messages where scripting is very welcome [16:21:10] but opensearch-desc and pagetitle and such are extremely painful [16:22:02] rofl [16:22:20] 04(REOPENED) Wrong search suggestion - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20529 +comment (10rainman) [16:22:32] http://wikimarkup.wikia.com/ [16:22:51] [18:19] wiki markup? i.e. http://mediawiki.org [16:23:00] Ajraddatz> Ose: It is liek that, but with better UI [16:24:11] domas: we use AuthPlugin :) [16:24:48] werdna: and autoauthenticate too [16:24:55] werdna: did you come up with an idea about YOUR BUG? [16:25:04] MY BUG? [16:25:09] :) [16:25:20] it's in all cpas? [16:25:22] caps* [16:25:25] :) [16:25:42] we could mebbe stash it in the user object and store it to memcached or something [16:27:29] mebbe [16:29:01] hmmmm [16:29:05] wtf is this localisationcache thing [16:29:46] ugga [16:30:15] domas: something that doesn't parse megabytes of i18n file on every load (or load them from apc) [16:30:18] on default mediawiki install it isn't that graceful [16:30:30] werdna, where could I see examples? I tried to find some, but couldn't get any :/ [16:30:37] database query for each item [16:32:52] and then each string inside database is serialized message [16:32:53] hm [16:33:17] domas: only in the default implementation; IIRC you can cache stuff in various different ways [16:33:26] you don't have to use the db [16:34:04] well [16:34:11] I exactly am talking about default implementation at the moment [16:34:17] that is something we ran away from five years ago [16:34:38] can we have more sensible defaults in mediawiki, than 3x slower code? :) [16:34:58] ? [16:35:00] is it five years from that? [16:35:27] yeah about that [16:35:32] time does fly... [16:35:33] :S [16:35:43] it is five years since we stored messages one-by-one inside database :) [16:35:50] (and loaded them one by one) [16:36:30] it can't be that slow to load a message from the database :o [16:36:53] well, it isn't slow in a way [16:36:58] it is faster, than, e.g. your blink [16:37:05] :) [16:37:23] but it is round-trip, over the network, quite often [16:37:28] and if you load all, you waste memory [16:37:37] what is the solution (or compromise?) then [16:37:41] load some? :)) [16:37:58] it preloads some [16:38:46] on default mediawiki install it does 18 queries for a single pageview [16:38:51] for localisation [16:38:52] say "to hell with languages other than english" and just cut out all of that foolish i18n stuff? [16:39:38] you'll be pwn3d by en messages anyway [16:39:40] domas: the preload list sucks? :o [16:39:56] chuck: english isn't any special in mediawiki... you need to load it too [16:40:00] Hi ! [16:40:14] nikerabbit: probably [16:40:27] Is there a way to automagically follow all the pages from a categrory (even the pages that aren't created yet) ? [16:40:42] well, if we dropped all language support, we could just replace wfMsg and such with hardcoded messages [16:40:57] theocrite, what do you mean by "follow"? [16:40:59] and we could just rewrite everything in prolog [16:41:16] anyway [16:41:17] and how non-existent pages are supposed to belong to a category? [16:41:32] 18 queries for something what can be done with one doesn't make much sense :) [16:42:04] our messages system is in constant pain [16:42:07] MaxSem: sorry I wasn't clear. I meant be notified by email. This would be the same thing as choosing manually all the pages from a category and require a notification. [16:42:10] I know if CDB is used, these problems go away [16:42:17] but how to make CDB used by default? :) [16:42:19] (Is that clear now ? Sorry for my bad english) [16:43:15] 03(mod) Wrong search suggestion - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20529 (10gtisza) [16:43:29] hehehe [16:43:52] enabling cache directory definitely helps [16:44:23] cache is really helpful for large categories. [16:44:37] And not having DPL running on category pages for large categories. [16:44:42] Otherwise, time outs. :( [16:50:29] *theocrite guesses that the answer is no, then. [16:50:34] any takers for my beta request? [16:50:44] anyone with AuthPlugins and/or e-mail [16:50:50] enabled on a test install [16:50:55] ??? [16:50:57] Um [16:51:00] What does it do? [16:51:20] *LauraHale was not paying attention [16:51:22] I've been rewriting Special:UserLogin and Special:CreateAccount [16:51:33] bring them into the 21st century [16:51:43] I've tested them on my box [16:51:47] but it doesn't have e-mail [16:51:51] or any Auth plugins [16:52:01] so anyone who does [16:52:02] You can e-mail emufarmers. He is Fan History's tech guy. I don't mind testing it out. [16:52:04] would be very helpful [16:52:09] I just don't have the ability. [16:52:15] lol [16:52:28] emufarmers(@)gmail.com re:Fan History [16:52:40] 03(NEW) Recent changes IRC feed for uk.wikimedia.org - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20530 enhancement; Normal; Wikimedia: IRC; (jarry1250) [16:52:45] I wouldn't want to put it on production installs [16:52:51] yet [16:52:59] let it work its way through code review first [16:53:07] if I don't find anyone I'll just commit it and watch the bug reports fly :D [16:54:28] Just e-mail emufarmers [16:54:30] Bug him. [16:54:50] 03(FIXED) Recent changes IRC feed for uk.wikimedia.org - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20530 +comment (10str4nd) [16:55:11] 03(mod) Recent changes IRC feed for uk.wikimedia.org - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20530 (10str4nd) [16:56:09] Happy-melon: what's new in your changes/ [16:56:13] *? [16:57:08] currently everything you could possibly want to do is all bundled up together in LoginForm, which is (perversely enough) inside specials/SpecialUserlogin.php [16:57:20] I split out the backend stuff into includes/Login.php [16:57:31] and split create account and log in to two special page classes in their own files [16:57:42] SpecialCreateAccount and SpecialUserLogin [16:57:54] bumble through working all that through [16:58:16] the input form was created using a horrible years-old QuickTemplate in includes/templates/Userlogin.php [16:58:27] burn that and use werdna's new HTMLForm stuff [16:58:31] which is very nice [16:58:40] if a little sparsely-commented :P [16:58:57] OpenID compatible? [16:59:16] through an AuthPlugin, it should be [16:59:30] I unfortunately had to change the parameters to the UserLoginForm and UserCreateForm hooks [16:59:35] passing the special page instead of the template [16:59:59] so those hooks, and anything overriding AuthPlugin::modifyUITemplate, have to be updated [17:00:05] I did all the ones in SVN [17:00:47] meh, let me just commit it and you can see for yourselves :D [17:02:25] speaking of which, I should get an OpenID form on the regular login form [17:02:30] Just bug emufarmers. [17:02:33] it's annoying to have two separate links in the header [17:02:41] LauraHale: he said that he wouldn't run it in a production environment yet [17:02:45] Ah [17:02:49] *LauraHale missed that [17:03:15] *LauraHale sometimes fails to read every line [17:12:41] Happy-melon: I would love to try out your ldap create user extension, however, I somehow feel I shouldn't mess around with the prod server too much [17:12:55] Happy-melon: so what I'm saying is I guess I'll pass [17:13:01] nm [17:13:06] FTR the extension already exists [17:13:11] oh [17:13:16] I just tweaked it a little to work with my new core stuff [17:13:19] =) [17:13:42] WHat do you need, Happy-melon? A server? [17:14:36] I wondered if there was anyone who had a 'spare' MediaWiki installation... [17:14:39] I'd send them a patchfile [17:14:46] they could patch up the installation [17:14:51] Oh, you know, I save them up for a rainy day [17:14:56] and check that the email/auth stuff works [17:15:04] :D [17:15:13] DW [17:15:37] So sure, send it over [17:22:45] ashley: it looks like there's a version of AjaxLogin that uses jQuery instead of YUI in wikia's SVN [17:23:04] might be nice to get that into the version in mediawiki SVN to avoid another dependency [17:29:52] chuck: wikia's version sucks, usability team's looks a lot better :)) [17:31:04] chuck: http://prototype.wikimedia.org/sandbox/Main_Page -- cool or what? ;-) [17:32:00] hehehe [17:32:01] something wrong happened [17:32:04] what the heck did I do to my mediawiki [17:32:04] [17:32:05] :) [17:32:07] it redirected me to "/s" [17:32:21] was down to 0.022 [17:32:30] works when I tried it on the main page, though. nice [17:33:36] ashley: should logging in while editing work? [17:33:40] it just refreshes the page for me [17:33:50] Happy-melon: Did you also update calls in includes/api/ApiLogin.php [17:35:23] chuck: idk, never tested :) plus the version running on usability sandbox isn't exactly the same that is on wikimedia svn [17:38:11] How do I set a skin to the default for UNREGISTERED users? [17:38:35] ashley: That's right, I made a couple of tweaks to it [17:38:44] Neurotiquette: $wgDefaultSkin or something [17:38:58] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgDefaultSkin [17:39:35] RoanKattouw: yeah, noticed :-) would be cool if you could commit 'em when you have some time [17:40:22] Aye, I'll checkout the Wikimedia SVN version and see what the differences are; I installed it from a tarball I got from Naoko that she got from someone else [17:44:42] [17:44:43] \o/ [17:45:19] soon I'll have to do xdebug work [17:48:18] domas: 0.074 secs. --> [17:48:19] :( [17:48:43] hehehe [17:49:22] where's that blog post of yours that talked about a few easy things you can do to improve performance? [17:50:14] !fast [17:50:14] --mwbot-- [17:50:49] I'll add few more things to it soon [17:50:50] ;) [17:50:56] once I get some stuff committed :) [17:51:13] I'll add a feature that disables all accesskeys and tooltips :) [17:51:26] very useful feature! [17:52:02] [17:52:03] ouch [17:52:16] domas: not for the blind people lol [17:55:21] heh [17:55:21] wtf [17:55:21] 9 Query SELECT /* LinkCache::addLinkObj Midom */ page_id,page_len,page_is_redirect FROM `page` WHERE page_namespace = '4' AND page_title = 'General_disclaimer' LIMIT 1 [17:55:21] 9 Query SELECT /* LinkCache::addLinkObj Midom */ page_id,page_len,page_is_redirect FROM `page` WHERE page_namespace = '4' AND page_title = 'Privacy_policy' LIMIT 1 [17:55:21] 9 Query SELECT /* LinkCache::addLinkObj Midom */ page_id,page_len,page_is_redirect FROM `page` WHERE page_namespace = '4' AND page_title = 'About' LIMIT 1 [17:55:24] :) [17:55:30] and still 'known' link is shown [17:55:31] ;-) [17:56:37] why do we load 'user' data into memcached [17:56:38] but not user_properties? [17:56:38] Yeah Linker::link() doesn't handle known links very well; makeKnowLinkObj() does though [17:56:39] werdna: ^^^ [17:56:49] :) [17:57:03] domas: we do load user_properties [17:57:22] I see them being read from database all the time [17:57:45] then maybe something's broken :P [17:57:46] static $mCacheVars = array( [17:57:51] // user_properties table [17:57:52] 'mOptionOverrides', [17:58:12] well [17:58:15] something is broken then [17:58:16] :) [17:58:30] look at User::loadOptions() [17:58:44] O_o [17:58:45] http://charlie.yourwiki.net/wiki/Summer_Analysis_Project [17:58:56] after inserting those optimised settings [17:59:04] i'm thinking it has to do with the gzip enabling [17:59:20] RoanKattouw, makeKnownLinkObj() is just a wrapper for link(). [17:59:40] it used to be not [18:00:12] link() used to not exist, right. [18:00:24] It was a mess, I refactored all that. [18:00:34] OK, I'm having skin issues... I'm trying to install the beautiful gumaxdd skin, and I've followed the instructions which consisted of :unzip these files in the skins folder, and set $wgDefaultSkin in LocalSettings.php [18:00:46] I don't think I made it much slower, it does mostly the same thing. You just have to pass the 'known' option or use linkKnown() to avoid a query. [18:00:50] However, when I do this, it still doesnt' make it the default skin (though it's available under the preferences section). [18:00:57] Just as you had to use makeKnownLinkObj() instead of makeLinkObj() before. [18:00:59] AryehGregor: except that it queries now [18:01:17] Probably it's being passed the wrong options somewhere. [18:01:34] Or I accidentally introduced an extra query and couldn't tell because of all the abstraction. [18:01:46] Hard to tell without a call stack. [18:01:57] Neurotiquette: It'll be the default skin for *anonymous* users, read: [18:02:02] !wg DefaultSkin | Neurotiquette [18:02:02] --mwbot-- Neurotiquette: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgDefaultSkin [18:02:24] It shouldn't be calling $title->isKnown(). [18:04:04] Other Title methods being called: get(LinkUrl|PrefixedText|Fragment)(), isExternal(), isContentPage(). [18:04:37] It calls exists() and getLength(), but only for stub rendering, the stub threshold is > 0. Did the old code not do that somehow? [18:04:57] hehehe [18:04:58] MediaWiki::finalCleanup/OutputPage::output/SkinTemplate::outputPage/Skin::aboutLink/Skin::footerLink/Linker::linkKnown/Linker::link/Linker::linkAttribs/Title::isRedirect/Title::getArticleID/LinkCache::addLinkObj/DatabaseBase::selectRow [18:04:59] :) [18:05:19] so, even if it is known, we still do want to check if it is redirect :)))) [18:05:27] RoanKattouw: I know, so logging out should make it the main skin, right? doesn't work [18:05:34] Oh, I missed that one. [18:05:49] Neurotiquette: Can you copypaste the line you added to LocalSettings.php and verify you added it at the bottom? [18:05:54] . . . what's the mw-redirect class actually used for . . . ? [18:06:04] aryehgregor: coloring? [18:06:16] Is there any option to color redirects differently? [18:06:29] on the other hand, not for footer :)) [18:06:38] I think we can treat 'known' as non-redirects [18:06:39] ;-) [18:06:49] $wgDefaultSkin = 'GuMaxDD'; [18:08:07] It is at the bottom [18:08:18] Neurotiquette: Try Shift+Refresh? [18:08:39] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/30871 [18:08:57] domas: 0.043 secs. --> [18:08:59] yay [18:09:21] removing the SITENAME stuff took almost .010 seconds off [18:09:25] I vaguely recall this now. [18:09:41] I think I objected to this. [18:10:27] aryehgregor: I wonder now how to hack it properly [18:10:39] so that 'known' beforehand are not redirects :)) [18:10:56] can make just an option 'not-redirect' :) [18:11:48] You can use noclasses, can't you? [18:12:15] right [18:12:57] thats what makeKnownLinkObj does [18:13:19] but not linkKnown [18:13:57] RoanKattouw: Did that... and &action=purge [18:14:40] Ah, so maybe someone blindly replaced makeKnownLinkObj with linkKnown. [18:14:49] Somewhere. [18:14:50] . . . possibly me. [18:15:22] RoanKattouw: How do I find the "exact" name I should be setting that variable to? [18:15:46] Hmm... [18:16:41] Nevermind, figured it out. The install information page just gave an incorrect variable (annoying) [18:16:44] yay [18:16:47] got an awesome patch [18:16:51] But then again I'm using something free ;-) Can't complain too much. [18:16:59] Thanks, Radon [18:17:00] oops [18:17:03] RoanKattouw [18:17:19] aryehgregor: http://p.defau.lt/?QQxrUvSHHYJ6qtCRV91R6w ? [18:17:35] AryehGregor: ^^^ [18:17:40] simetrical was easier to type [18:17:41] ;-) [18:17:47] domas, you can just do $options = 'noclasses', it implies 'known' IIRC. [18:17:52] ar [18:17:59] ar [18:18:04] ar doesn't work that well [18:18:09] hmmm, lemmie try [18:18:16] I hope to get "aryeh". [18:18:23] It's registered, but the guy hasn't logged on in a while. [18:18:30] The freenode staff said I had to wait another two weeks. [18:18:31] it is nicer with this array methinks [18:18:40] it is clear! [18:18:47] Go ahead, then. [18:21:30] where is the message :) [18:21:42] ok... [18:21:48] so, I need a feature [18:21:50] to disable your feature! [18:22:26] I'm writing great new features in the Html class. [18:22:41] You'll love how many features my functions have to output an HTML element! [18:22:54] (they don't query the database, though, I hope) [18:22:57] Yeah because domas really needs to output HTML all the time ^^ [18:23:43] (Still, better HTML stuff = awesome) [18:24:12] :-)) [18:24:16] you should query database [18:24:20] thats where all the html lives! [18:30:26] anyone has any comments about: http://p.defau.lt/?SXp5PGqS2ttkeGre6jMbPw ? [18:31:10] AryehGregor: thats about your stuff! :) [18:31:32] domas, I think there are other functions you have to kill too. [18:31:38] titleAttrib() and accesskey(), maybe? [18:31:54] I wonder if they're called directly [18:31:57] easy to check [18:31:59] Cmd+U [18:32:00] :) [18:32:16] search box calls for one [18:32:33] and custombox [18:32:33] yeah [18:34:11] ah [18:34:12] [18:34:15] it didn't like it [18:34:16] ;) [18:34:48] I'll leave these for compatibility :) [18:38:53] CIA doesn't talk [18:39:06] *Emufarmers hits CIA-70 [18:39:27] hah [18:39:46] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/55984 [18:40:36] domas: are you actually going to enable that on enwp? [18:40:41] no [18:40:42] :) [18:40:53] should I? :) [18:41:03] would be nice to have it user-configurable, with default being off ;-D [18:41:06] Well, I figure you'd be tarred and feathered by the accessibility crowd [18:41:14] just surprised you'd implement something you couldn't enable :D [18:41:18] I think that access keys are evil [18:41:28] especially once they conflict with other access keys [18:41:33] like in edit boxes [18:41:41] Eh, don't ask me; I never use them [18:41:43] use-some-known-access-key, oh shit, thats 'randompage' [18:41:43] :) [18:41:45] *Raymond_ likes access keys [18:42:43] emufarmers: this is 'technology demonstrator' :) [18:47:07] 03dale * r55985 10/trunk/phase3/js2/editPage.js: forgot the .unbind() [18:50:01] omg! what an important commit [18:50:03] :))) [18:50:03] 03midom * r55986 10/trunk/phase3/includes/Article.php: micro-optimization for front page views :-) [18:51:00] *domas whistles [18:51:26] *werdna slaps mdale around a bit [18:51:36] domas is making the commit log a happier place [18:51:50] hehe [18:52:19] mdale: btw, I kept getting this error message with the script loader a few days ago, but you weren't around and it was quite uninformative, so I just saved the patch and went to do something else [18:52:25] sorry... I guess I could have just copied the file.. but so much easier to svn update [18:52:42] what error was that? [18:52:50] domas: If that is a noticable optimization, wfMsgForContent() isn't doing its caching right [18:52:59] ah yes, here's the error [18:52:59] 19:22 < werdna_> <mwe-error_load_lib>$j.suggestions [18:53:04] very helpful ;) [18:53:16] roankattouw: you overestimate php performance [18:53:17] :) [18:53:33] the add_media_wizard gadget on test.wikipedia.org is supposed to currently work, right? [18:53:37] Nikerabbit: So you're working on rails yaml support for translatewiki? [18:53:55] guillom: I'm not sure [18:54:13] 03raymond * r55987 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialContributions.php: [18:54:13] Follow-up r50177: Fix a PHP notice due to typo in arrayname, message key missed too. [18:54:13] Notice: Undefined property: ContribsPager::$message in F:\xampp\htdocs\wiki2\includes\specials\SpecialContributions.php on line 646 [18:54:14] guillom: I don't *think* so, as far as I know JS2 has at least one XSS bug and is not ready for prime time [18:54:22] Tim mentioned it a few days ago [18:54:44] werdna, I tried the gadget on testwiki, and tried also to add the 2 URLs I found to add the JS directly in my monoboo, but nothing worked [18:54:48] avar: "working" [18:54:57] +k [18:55:00] hmmm [18:55:03] werdna: means $j.suggestions can't be found... [18:55:09] so at least it's not me [18:55:12] 03midom * r55988 10/trunk/phase3/includes/OutputPage.php: UniversalEditButton microoptimization :) [18:55:30] Nikerabbit: siebrand seems to think so :) [18:55:32] mdale: funny that, because when I looked in firebug the contents of $j.suggestions was in the response from the script loader [18:55:56] 03catrope * r55989 10/trunk/extensions/AjaxLoginJQ/ (9 files): Add jQuery version of Wikia's AjaxLogin extension, fixed up by me here and there [18:56:20] yea... but it checks for class names [18:56:27] so its "really ready" [18:56:41] sometimes IE loads a script before its really ready [18:56:59] roankattouw: run wfMsg() in tight loop [18:57:02] your class name has to match a defined class in the javascript [18:57:02] I don't know what you mean mdale [18:57:05] roankattouw: you will see the cost :) [18:57:12] mdale: ah [18:57:18] avar: it's on the list... but when... that depends on the priorities [18:57:31] I don't know I think I should put in a "probably ready" system [18:57:31] mdale: RoanKattouw wrote the module, I *think* it sets $j.suggestions [18:57:36] how does it test for the class? [18:57:49] No, it sets $j.fn.suggestions [18:57:51] just typeof $j.suggestions != undefined [18:58:03] avar: do you want to affect them? [18:58:14] ah [18:58:18] so yea.. you should use $j.fn.suggestions for the class name [18:58:21] mdale: so I should name it $j.fn.suggestions or something? [18:58:29] yea try that .. should work [18:58:41] will try later [18:58:43] thanks [18:59:05] :o [18:59:24] Nikerabbit: You mean work on it or whine to make you change yours ?:) [19:00:32] avar: is there something that would make me it more important? :o [19:01:05] 03happy-melon * r55990 10/trunk/ (19 files in 13 dirs): (log message trimmed) [19:01:05] * Totally refactor includes/specials/SpecialUserlogin.php: [19:01:05] ** Split backend stuff out into includes/Login.php [19:01:05] ** Split account creation and login stuff up, into includes/specials/CreateAccount.php and includes/specials/Userlogin.php. [19:01:05] * Reimplement the special pages as subclasses of SpecialPage [19:01:09] * Use HTMLForm to generate the input forms [19:01:11] ** Deprecate and delete includes/templates/Userlogin.php, which is horrible and old :D [19:01:19] \o/ [19:01:56] \o/ indeed [19:02:14] Nikerabbit: Not really. You can set your own priorities, maaan :) siebrand seems really excited about translatewiki taking over the world with more projects though :) [19:02:22] minor point: we usually add a prefix for the filenames in specials/ [19:02:26] SpecialUserLogin.php etc [19:02:45] 03(mod) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 +comment (10agarrett) [19:03:45] werdna: That's what he did, isn't it? [19:03:56] yay :) [19:03:59] 19:01 < CIA-70> ** Split account creation and login stuff up, into includes/specials/CreateAccount.php and includes/specials/Userlogin.php. [19:04:13] I forgot to remove my mail error hack :( [19:04:14] Oh those are typos, the actually commit does use SpecialFoo.php [19:04:18] 03(mod) Cite pages date/time stamp error - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19132 (10giro720) [19:04:39] Nikerabbit: But to flatten the YAML you'll need a recursive hash table walker. I have that algorithm in ruby & perl for reference [19:04:39] ah [19:04:48] Nikerabbit: You guys *are* using a real yaml parser, right? [19:04:57] avar: Spyc [19:05:15] it's not perfect, but... [19:05:24] 03(mod) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 (10roan.kattouw) [19:05:24] Ah yes, the one that Tim eloquently described as "a steaming pile of crap" [19:05:37] *domas updated http://mituzas.lt/2007/01/26/mediawiki-performance-tuning/ for 1.16 [19:05:38] :) [19:05:44] Not perfect is an understatement [19:06:26] what the heck, there was one problem with it in our use and the developer fixed it within few days when I asked [19:06:34] hi JeroenDeDauw [19:06:46] RoanKattouw: r55989 -> isn't there already an AjaxLogin you could have updated? [19:07:02] Nikerabbit: You can always just shell out to perl -MYAML::XS=LoadFile -MPHP::Serialization=serialize -E 'say serialize(LoadFile(shift))' file.yaml [19:07:08] domas: isn't sidebar cached by default? [19:07:16] siebrand: Yeah but I was kind of hesitant to just overwrite the whole thing, especially since this is a rewrite that I found a few bugs in during brief testing [19:07:23] nikerabbit: iirc, not [19:07:25] avar: and why would I do that? [19:07:33] Nikerabbit: If Spyc sucks for some reason [19:07:37] RoanKattouw: that's why it is called trunk and why we branch? [19:07:44] 03happy-melon * r55991 10/trunk/phase3/includes/Login.php: Followup to r55990 - Remove debugging hack :( [19:07:49] avar: it may suck, but works for us [19:07:55] ok then! [19:08:03] Nikerabbit: if it were, we'd have lots of people in here complaining "WHY WON'T MY SIDEBAR CHANGE" [19:08:08] *siebrand grumbles. [19:08:16] I thought we had decent invalidation [19:08:20] siebrand: Good point [19:08:28] Emufarmers: that's why it is uncached on about every edit to mediawiki namespace [19:08:33] *siebrand mumbles something about commits to messages while he's preparing L10n updates. [19:08:39] Really? Cool [19:08:55] sidebar cache was my feature!!!! [19:08:57] :( [19:09:02] 03rotem * r55992 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (MessagesEn.php MessagesHe.php): Localization update for he, and whitespace fixes in en. [19:09:03] avar: now, is there something preventing me from flattening foo: bar: bax to foo()bar()bax for example? [19:09:26] siebrand: that doesn't matter? [19:09:29] except that one does [19:09:39] 03(FIXED) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 +comment (10agarrett) [19:10:00] Nikerabbit: what doesn't matter? [19:10:12] Nikerabbit: No, you can flatten that stuff to "foo.bar.bax" without loss [19:10:18] (you should use a dot since that's what rails does) [19:10:30] avar: what if the keys contain dots? [19:10:45] 03siebrand * r55993 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (132 files): Localisation updates for core messages from translatewiki.net (2009-09-07 18:34 UTC) [19:10:47] apart from key collisions... it should be able to reconstruct the array [19:11:11] Nikerabbit: going to test that memory usage now on mediawiki:userlogin. [19:11:24] Nikerabbit: See "sub iterate" here: http://trac.openstreetmap.org/browser/sites/rails_port/script/locale/diff [19:11:32] <^demon> Happy-melon: You can't name the function login() in Login(). Redefining constructor issue. [19:11:35] <^demon> Pick a new name. [19:11:38] Nikerabbit: what should I revert to test if it's indeed maintenance.inc? [19:11:41] Nikerabbit: The key won't contains dots. That's enforced by the ruby-i18n API [19:11:48] a dot = a sub-key [19:11:59] this stuff gets called as t('foo.bar.bax') in the API [19:12:00] ^demon: :'( [19:12:03] the case isn't enough? [19:12:05] Happy-melon: PHP Strict Standards: Redefining already defined constructor for class Login in /var/www/w/includes/Login.php on line 113 [19:12:16] eek :S [19:12:28] Happy-melon: ow, that might have been an inconsistency during 'svn up'. [19:12:29] <^demon> Happy-melon: Yeah that's what I'm saying. [19:12:48] Happy-melon: only saw it then. [19:13:06] avar: thanks for telling me that! [19:13:48] Nikerabbit: yeah, that's a nice one, indeed. [19:13:50] avar: I don't see subiterate there [19:15:00] Nikerabbit: it died after 50 edits maxing out 130MB memory... [19:15:26] Nikerabbit: have to finish it now with pywikipediabot. [19:15:31] aww [19:16:04] but does the memory usage actualy increase or does it just enforce the 130MB limit [19:16:55] Nikerabbit: Updating MediaWiki:Userlogin/dsb... PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 136314880 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 152130 bytes) in /var/www/w/includes/memcached-client.php on line 956 [19:17:35] Nikerabbit: no idea how to get more info out of that... [19:17:47] Nikerabbit: would probably need some additional reporting during the run. [19:18:41] werdna: Reading Tim's pasted round-trip fails I have to agree with him that Spyc is indeed a steaming pile of crap [19:20:05] ^demon: how was it? does maintenance enforce no memory limit? [19:20:06] i just found a lovely mail-related bug on MW :) [19:20:23] not a bug of the bothering kind, but still a lovely one :) [19:20:33] 03happy-melon * r55994 10/trunk/phase3/includes/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Followup to r55990 - rename method to avoid PHP Strict warnings [19:20:37] because http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:Code/MediaWiki/55810 removes the memory_limit override [19:21:02] 03siebrand * r55995 10/trunk/extensions/ (147 files in 135 dirs): Localisation updates for extension messages from translatewiki.net (2009-09-07 18:34 UTC) [19:21:18] if you click on "send e-mail to user" from the user-talk page, after sending the mail, MW asks you if you want to go back to the user-page (instead of the user-talk page) [19:22:38] + if ( '' == $this->mName ) [19:22:40] ugh [19:22:58] Happy-melon: something more explicit perhaps? [19:23:10] strval(..) === '' ? [19:23:16] where? [19:23:39] Do we have some sort of syntax for specifying a start time for a video? [19:23:39] + public function mailPassword( [19:23:50] anything that has the variable second is old code which I just moved [19:23:56] I dunno if it just refactored or new code [19:24:11] but what if the user name is '0' [19:24:16] I never write conditionals like that (why would you? :P) [19:24:31] Happy-melon: it's no different to writing it the other way around [19:24:43] I know, but it makes less logical sense [19:24:57] not really [19:25:02] it might be a bit less intuitive, I guess [19:25:09] but only from an english-speaking perspective [19:25:12] that's what I was going for [19:25:14] true [19:25:21] We use SUBJECT VERB OBJECT [19:25:28] but a lot of languages don't [19:25:31] yeah I see what you mean [19:25:49] werdna: omg, English-language imperialism! [19:25:55] ;) [19:25:57] + public $mFormFields = array( [19:26:00] *Emufarmers alerts Gerard [19:26:04] ? [19:26:09] Happy-melon: you are not using tabs after => are you? [19:26:13] Emufarmers: For the record, Germanic and Roman languages also use SVO order (most of the time) [19:26:13] GerardM-: alert! english language imperialism :) [19:26:15] *werdna hides [19:26:18] hope not [19:26:33] gmail doesn't use monospaced font :< [19:26:47] So basically it's Western+Northern European imperialism [19:26:50] CodeReview is choking on the diff :( [19:27:53] + $this->mFormFields['RealName']['help'] = wfMsg( 'prefs-help-realname' ); [19:27:59] isn't there help-msg or something? [19:28:06] RoanKattouw: _modern_ romance languages, maybe :D [19:28:23] yes, indeed [19:28:43] help-message [19:28:43] really ? [19:28:51] Nikerabbit: http://svn.openstreetmap.org/sites/rails_port/script/locale/diff [19:29:17] Nikerabbit: I dunno, maybe if there were some docs... :P [19:29:19] GerardM-: 19:22 < Nikerabbit> + if ( '' == $this->mName ) [19:29:22] 19:23 < Happy-melon> anything that has the variable second is old code which I just moved [19:29:26] 19:25 < werdna> it might be a bit less intuitive, I guess [19:29:26] 19:25 < werdna> but only from an english-speaking perspective [19:29:28] :) [19:29:31] The ternary operator is sort of SOV; clearly we need to use the ternary operator more [19:29:49] so clearly it was invented by the Japanese [19:29:53] when constructions are broken, they are [19:30:08] 03catrope * r55996 10/trunk/phase3/docs/hooks.txt: Update hooks.txt for r55682 [19:30:12] anyway when it comes to the English hegemony I am digesting http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/SitemapTest.htm [19:30:19] GerardM-: what languages have OVS? [19:30:22] + $wgOut->addHTML( wfMsgWikiHtml( 'accountcreatedtext', $user->getName() ) ); [19:30:28] I do not know [19:30:28] wtf is that? [19:30:55] Nikerabbit is more likely to know the answer to such questions [19:32:09] according to wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Object_Verb_Subject [19:33:01] Ah, so, Klingon [19:33:34] and it's possible where there's case marking [19:33:51] short: it is very rare and not seen in regular use in any common languages, afaik [19:34:09] Clearly PHP needs inflections [19:34:35] and irregular functions [19:34:47] arrays are female, hashes are male, scalars are female [19:34:49] I guess php is already full of them [19:35:12] you have to use a different function based on the gender of the variable [19:35:57] werdna, it's possible to have unusual word order even without case marking. OVS is possible in English, but weird; you usually won't find it outside poetry, but it does happen. [19:36:06] The question is what the *usual* word order is. [19:36:11] and you have to match them in number, too [19:36:53] thewikiz seems indian, according to alexa 85% of its hits come from India [19:42:52] Nikerabbit: Actually, come to think of it, OVS is pretty common in Dutch in cases where the subject is a pronoun [19:44:27] I'm having trouble with the CategorySelect extension -- I want to surround some categories with cat here and whenever I try to do it with said extension (click "Code View" and surround them in ) and save the page, it just moves all the include tags up past where the categories are when it saves. Is there any way around this? [19:44:38] RoanKattouw: yeah but that is more or less special construction [19:56:43] wb @all :) [20:02:35] what happened there? [20:02:35] nm [20:03:05] 03(NEW) Watchlist message appearing without reason - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20531 minor; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: FlaggedRevs; (gtisza) [20:05:47] Is there a reason for why the Vector skin had to introduce new UI messages for common things like edit/view/protect etc. and nobody imported the old versions as the default? [20:06:00] mdale: am I doing this right? doesn't seem to have any effect [20:06:00] [[File:200908281403-Brion Vibber-Codeathon Round Up.ogg|start=26:33]] [20:06:21] A lot of mediawiki languages with infrequent translations will largely be in english when it becomes the default [20:06:29] you need oggzChop installed [20:06:45] avar: There was no "Read" message before, and "Edit" was added because it was meant to be shorter than "Edit this page"; for the rest, ask Trevor [20:06:52] mdale: ah, so it won't work on Wikimedia wikis? [20:06:59] ~not yet~ [20:07:03] damn [20:07:04] ah well [20:07:08] we could also do it with javascript searching.. but not very fast [20:07:17] and limited plugin support [20:07:19] I love being able to do this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Village_pump_%28technical%29#Stopping_edit_conflicts_on_talk_pages [20:07:20] ie only native firefox [20:08:12] yea... we are working on getting oggz_chop installed.. will be a neat feature once ready ;) [20:08:29] (its already supported in ogg_handler ) [20:08:52] mdale did Erik say anything about having subtitling ? [20:08:55] yeah I saw that code [20:08:56] every time i go back to coding python, the try- [20:09:03] ..except syntax confuses me. [20:09:17] GerardM-: I don't think he directly addressed that... [20:09:32] Its high on my "when I have time" todo list :) [20:09:37] :( [20:09:48] it is one of those must have features if you consider multi lingual support [20:09:59] as in MUST HAVE [20:10:46] *avar hates on translatewiki [20:10:58] *domas giggles [20:11:18] mdale: hi, nice to see you around. i'm working on a multi-lingual search for commons... what kind of interface would you like to integrate it into your image wizard? [20:11:24] Gerard: that is your opinion [20:11:38] Gerard: don't use word 'MUST' in your opinion in capital letters! [20:11:53] Yea Its a feature I would like to see happen... [20:12:05] GerardM-, please don't try to dictate what anyone else should do unless you're paying them. [20:12:13] It's kind of annoying. [20:12:24] ----------"------------ [20:12:40] Duesentrieb: maybe search the language of the given wiki your on for starters ;) ... [20:12:42] AryehGregor ... I do not dictate what mdale does.. The WMF does [20:12:58] mdale: http://toolserver.org/~daniel/wikiword-trunk/wikiword.php?term=Roma&lang=it&go=go&images=Images&tolang=en [20:13:22] AryehGregor: You don't find the concept of people being dictated through scarcity annoying too ?:) [20:13:26] and I asked given a previous conversation if there was any news [20:13:26] GerardM-, then please don't use words like "MUST" that make it sound like you are. Thank you. [20:13:39] mdale: ugly, proof of concept, small topy dataset. i have the search working, but i wonder how to make it nicer for scripts ot use [20:14:03] just need a json with callback type interface to make use of it in the AMW [20:14:04] Well as far as the WMF goes, it should be clear that they MUST have it [20:14:05] avar, well, at least it's not presumptuous. And less annoying than the alternative of being fired. :) [20:14:42] computers iz evil [20:14:43] mdale: never worked with json callbacks before, but i'll look into it. i guess i could model it after the search api from api.php. would that help? [20:14:43] GerardM: why? [20:14:49] yep [20:14:55] kk :) [20:15:20] Duesentrieb: yea.. if it returned near identical results that would make it a lot faster to integrate ;) [20:16:44] Domas because when subtitling is available to videos they can be used for other projects [20:16:50] eh languages [20:17:00] what does 'MUST' mean, then? [20:17:18] yes, that would be improvement, so? [20:17:28] subtitling as in the technology is enabling and that is the role of the WMF [20:17:32] hehe, I have your "My overriding concern" phrase somewhere I show to people [20:17:42] to point out how fun pov-pushers can be ;-D [20:18:10] by the way [20:18:14] by stating what is the role of the WMF [20:18:29] are you telling that authoritatively, or just providing your own interpretation? [20:19:20] ask yourself if I am wrong at that [20:19:56] I don't care if you're wrong at that or not, I just know that quite often you can stuff up your interpretations up your.. [20:20:04] :) [20:20:23] so, don't be some prophet who knows what everyone else has to do ;-) [20:20:40] right and as you do not care, you make it not relevant to provide you with enlightning [20:21:14] well my message almost got me on the board [20:21:16] who does care about your interpretations? :) [20:21:19] ohhhhh [20:21:22] yup! [20:21:32] would've be nice for WMF ;-) [20:21:54] *been [20:21:59] pity that didn't happen though [20:22:41] my message almost got me on the board too!!!!!!!!11 [20:22:45] :) [20:23:34] *siebrand hates pissing contests. [20:23:35] Well my messages beat yours [20:23:42] http://vanityofvanities.files.wordpress.com/2009/06/awkward-turtle.jpg [20:23:42] :))) [20:23:47] So right [20:24:03] anyway [20:24:12] yup [20:24:15] your messages beat mine! [20:24:30] my message beats yours (plural) [20:24:42] :)) [20:25:11] now go do useful stuff, or at least something you get more positive energy out of, please. [20:25:27] siebrand, WHAT?! [20:25:29] *siebrand yells WHAT! at domas :) [20:25:33] ;-p [20:25:35] me first! [20:25:39] domas: I thought EXACTLY the same thing [20:25:49] my messages beat your messages, siebrand! [20:25:50] ;-) [20:25:54] lol [20:26:00] hahahaha, Gerard [20:26:01] <3<3 [20:26:13] traduttore, tradittore [20:26:17] *RoanKattouw bans message abuse [20:26:18] *domas is sitting with an idiot grin now ;-) [20:26:33] my messages beat translatewiki messages!!!!! [20:26:38] mwahahaha [20:26:49] http://strategy.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=Proposal_talk:Hire_Nikerabbit_and_Siebrand&diff=7237&oldid=6307 [20:26:49] when great minds meet... [20:27:15] Emufarmers: it's like Cher and Madonna. [20:27:26] Emufarmers: our management knows how to reach us ;) [20:27:39] lol [20:27:43] *domas hires siebrand [20:28:06] hmm, do I have to do stuff now I didn't do before? [20:28:12] reminds me of an explanation by my math teacher : in math, and in logic too of course, "almost" means "not" [20:28:28] siebrand: dunno [20:28:33] siebrand: probably not [20:28:40] "Almost" often has a fairly precise meaning in math. [20:28:57] domas: at least it'll boost me resume. [20:29:04] For instance, "almost certainly" means "with probability 1". [20:29:16] And "almost never" "with probability 0". [20:29:25] nope, AryehGregor :) [20:29:26] siebrand: I won't pay you much [20:29:29] AryehGregor: so what does "certainly" mean? [20:29:40] with probability CLOSE to 1 or CLOSE to 0 [20:29:45] domas: check mail. We're collegues now. [20:29:46] but not 1, and not 0 [20:29:55] "Almost all" can mean "all but finitely many", "all but countably many", "all but on a set of measure 0", etc. [20:29:59] Alphos, not in math. [20:30:11] siebrand: of course we are! ;-) [20:30:17] Alphos, note that in probability theory, events can have probability 0 but still be possible. [20:30:23] Likewise have probability 1 but be impossible. [20:30:25] Thus "almost". [20:30:36] (I'm sure [[almost all]], [[almost certain]], etc., will explain) [20:30:38] the reciprocal of the reciprocal of x in R is not equal to x [20:30:40] nikerabbit: I see it is strategic plan idea to hire you! :) [20:30:52] (because of 0 that doesn't have a reciprocal) [20:31:02] Emufarmers, "certain" means that no event exists at all where it doesn't hold. [20:31:09] 03(mod) Special:WantedCategories shows categories that are "not wanted" or already exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19969 (10malafaya) [20:32:44] Emufarmers, for instance, suppose I flip a coin until I get tails. We can model this as an infinite sequence of H and T, where we consider two outcomes the same if they differ only after the first T. One *possible* outcome is HHHHHH... with no T ever. But it has probability 0. [20:33:16] Likewise, consider a truly continuous dart board. The probability that I hit *exactly* the center (or any other point) is 0, since there are infinitely many points. But it's still obviously possible for me to hit some point. [20:33:17] aryehgregor: it has probability approaching to 0! [20:33:23] aryehgregor: as far as I understand limits ;-) [20:33:56] domas, if you approximate it by finite models, yes. But you can also just deal with the infinite case directly. In this case, it's a lot simpler to not bother with limits. [20:34:33] ok! [20:34:41] *AryehGregor goes back to repeating some stuff in BG2 because his character died [20:34:47] o: [20:34:55] I had a cleric in the party with two Raise Dead memorized, why is that game over again? [20:35:06] BG2 is good like that [20:35:14] *AryehGregor is a wimpy mage with 33 HP, so has to be careful with this kind of thing [20:35:23] 33 HP at, um, level 15 or so. [20:35:25] :/ [20:35:28] You're secretly a mind flayer, and when you die, your control over your party is broken. :D [20:36:21] I canceled my wow subscription! [20:36:25] my mage is all abandoned :( [20:36:28] I made the mistake of being a druid; I didn't want to kick Jahira out, so I ended up with two druids. [20:36:50] bg2? [20:36:59] http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Kor%27gall&n=Medivia [20:36:59] :( [20:37:05] Baldur's Gate 2 o: [20:37:10] ah ha [20:37:20] my mage has 18033 hitpoints!!!!!!! [20:37:24] my mage beats yours! [20:37:29] my mage's messages beat your mage's messages! [20:37:30] nerds :-P [20:38:13] *RoanKattouw sues domas 's messages for message abuse [20:38:31] *domas fires a pyroblast at Roan! [20:38:34] 18033 in D&D would be . . . like the HP of a building. [20:38:38] Or something. [20:38:55] domas, why did you cancel your subscription? [20:38:56] no, you could burn down a building [20:38:57] meh, currently it is in arcane build [20:39:01] maybe the whole dungeon :-P [20:39:14] A building would just have lots of DR [20:39:19] aryehgregor: changing jobs, etc, want more time for myself :) [20:39:47] *domas AoEs whole channel [20:39:52] domas, are you married? [20:39:59] A level 20 barbarian with max rolls on all hit dice and 22 Con under D&D 3.x would have what? Like 360 HP? [20:40:04] emufarmers: no, though it would probably be time for that :) [20:40:10] A few more, maybe, with the right feats. [20:40:25] yeah it's pretty ridiculous [20:40:34] Even an unreasonable epic character would be hard pressed to have 1000. [20:40:42] *AryehGregor gets out his ELH to check on some example characters [20:41:14] aryehgregor: I have probably 200 days of playtime on my chars [20:41:33] Hecatoncheires, CR 57: 988 hp. [20:41:47] Of course, D&D 3.x gets pretty stupid beyond level 20. [20:41:51] Epic levels are a hack. [20:42:09] how many HPs does the Tarask have in DD3 ? [20:42:09] "I cast my spell of instadeath+20!" [20:42:15] You're expected to start a new game when you hit level 20. :P [20:42:23] Alphos, not nearly that many. [20:42:29] Should be in the SRD. [20:42:33] somewhere around 2k iirc [20:42:37] Really? [20:42:43] It's CR 20ish, I thought. [20:43:04] my guides are at my folks' home, but i could tell you tomorrow if you like ^^' [20:43:17] . . . on the other hand, the hecatoncheires has AC 70 and gets 100 attacks/round. [20:43:26] emufarmers: my mage used to have instadeath capabilities at few wow revisions :) [20:43:37] emufarmers: which is somewhat evil :) [20:43:42] And regeneration 40, *and* fast healing 50, and DR 60/+12. [20:43:55] hecatoncheires ? is it in the official book or additional campaign ? [20:43:57] And can summon another one. [20:43:58] don't recall it :/ [20:44:01] should we start #mediawiki-lounge ? [20:44:01] Alphos, Epic Level Handbook. [20:44:08] ooh, ok [20:44:12] Reedy_, no, no one's asking questions here right now, so it's okay. [20:44:18] Besides, I don't have space for any more chats on my monitor. [20:44:26] ;) [20:44:30] http://thedutchshop.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=stroopwafel which kind should I get? [20:44:30] a hunhred armed monster is it? [20:44:38] *apergos goes to look it up [20:44:43] apergos: it's a creature from Greek mythology, I believe [20:44:45] apergos no, 100 hands :p [20:44:45] *RoanKattouw applauds Emufarmers [20:44:58] Yes, it is. [20:45:02] hard to know from the name if it's arms or hands [20:45:05] Emufarmers: The chocolate-covered ones are not authentic, FWIW [20:45:07] RoanKattouw: it's surprisingly difficult to find stroopwafels in the US. :( [20:45:09] his momma took too much thalidomide before he was born [20:45:14] *Alphos ducks [20:45:18] Emufarmers: Where in the US are you? [20:45:22] Massachusetts [20:45:55] arms :-P [20:45:56] I'm sure I could get stroopwafels. Kosher stroopwafels, on the other hand . . . [20:46:09] An untapped market! [20:46:24] The Orthodox developer community is underserved! [20:46:24] it's hard here too (calif) [20:46:26] thekohser stroopwafels ? :x [20:46:36] Emufarmers: "1 Stroopwafel -- Dutch Bakery 10 Stuk Stroopwafels -- 100% Butter " looks the most authentic to me [20:46:41] the stroopwafel-eating community is underserved! [20:46:43] (sorry ... NOT !) [20:47:57] Also looking at http://www.dutchvillage.com/index.html but I' [20:48:03] m having trouble finding the stroopwafels [20:48:03] http://kosherwaffle.blogspot.com/ [20:48:40] Emufarmers: Better luck in MI maybe :) [20:49:01] Well, that's where all these sites seem to be based [20:49:36] http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/271146 :) [20:50:27] *RoanKattouw browses the huge licorice (drop) collection at that site [20:58:20] hi [20:58:32] can you link me to the page about mediawiki on pen stick? [20:58:41] cant find it:-( [21:00:45] Juandev: google does :) http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Wiki_on_a_stick [21:00:57] Duesentrieb: ha, thx [21:02:07] http://www.mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Special:Search&search=stick&go=Go [21:02:16] We don't need no stinkin' google [21:02:53] :-) [21:03:54] is there a way to know which extensions a farm is running and which mediawiki version they run? [21:04:01] split................... [21:04:02] heh teaching Dutch in the US, I guess that can only happen in Michigan [21:04:29] RoanKattouw: I was very disappointed: I attend a university with 20000 undergraduates, in a town with 4 other colleges, and there's not a single Dutch course to be found [21:04:42] just indigenous ethnic basketweaving [21:05:15] is there a way to know which extensions a farm is running and which mediawiki version they run? [21:05:25] Hm http://www.caramelcookiewaffles.com/ is Montana-based [21:05:28] nolol: [[Special:Version]] [21:05:35] StringUtils.php keeps timing out on me on one particularly big page. Is there a way to prevent it from timing out so soon? (30 secs) [21:05:43] RoanKattouw: I was about to ask you about that one; does that one look legit? [21:05:57] A bit pricey [21:06:00] though you get 40 of them [21:06:03] \o/ [21:06:22] The Montana one? [21:06:32] Yeah [21:07:07] http://thedutchshop.com/index.php seems to be cheaper [21:07:11] aaaa.a... [21:07:14] great [21:07:26] $26 for 40 seems like a lot of money, yeah thedutchshop is probably cheaper [21:07:40] :-( [21:07:42] Plus I'd actually prefer to buy imported waffles rather than Montana-baked ones [21:08:15] " Our service is unsurpassed. Buy your Stroopwafels fresh ! Buy American !" [21:08:28] Darn Dutch people; always trying to steal American jobs! [21:08:52] now I need to check what my address here actually is... [21:09:35] hmmmm, something is not using linkbatch too well [21:10:40] hello, I have a problem with page names that include quotes : for example, on the page "http://folk.tiramiseb.fr/wiki/Quo'te", the "create page" link points to "http://folk.tiramiseb.fr/w/index.php?title=Quo%26&action=edit#39.3Bte" instead of "http://folk.tiramiseb.fr/wiki/Quo'te&action=edit". I didn't find any help about that anywhere... Does someone have an idea ? [21:13:13] tiramiseb: Works for me [21:14:32] that's weird... [21:16:07] tiramiseb: works fine for me too. *which* edit link are you looking at? in which skjin? what is the html code? [21:17:38] http://www.wiki-site.com/index.php/Special:Version damn, 1.11.2 [21:18:01] now that you say it... the link in the page itself isn't correct... the link in the tab at the top is ok [21:25:22] tiramiseb: ah! yes, i can confirm that. seems somethign is going wrong with parameter substitution for system messages here. [21:25:34] hmm... maybe Nikerabbit knows the details [21:25:38] or siebrand [21:26:43] [21:26:47] that looks pretty bad [21:27:09] yes [21:28:06] the problem and solution lie here: http://folk.tiramiseb.fr/w/index.php?title=MediaWiki:Noarticletext&action=edit [21:28:18] but i don't fully understand the problem, so i can't tell you the correct solution. [21:29:12] ok, I'll try to search this way [21:29:15] thanks [21:30:51] g'd night [21:31:13] should have asked him about his rewrite rules o: [21:34:39] http://www.thewikiz.com/wiki/Special:Version doesn't suit my needs :( [21:36:21] bwahaha, 70 stroopwafels for $26.25 [21:36:26] Plus $10 shipping D: [21:36:43] avar: will you be around for atomsandbits? [21:38:03] looking for some wiki farm with dpl or something similar [21:38:12] Duesentrieb: for what? [21:40:47] is there a way to source a sql file without doing the shared tables stuff? [21:42:44] 03(NEW) Mailing lists don't respect users' "Receive your own posts to the list?" settings - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20532 normal; Normal; Wikimedia: Mailing lists; (mike.lifeguard) [21:49:45] AryehGregor: re kosher stroopwafels, http://translate.google.com/translate?prev=hp&hl=en&js=y&u=http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodenkoek&sl=nl&tl=en&history_state0= might be close, heh. [21:50:41] "Then there is third story: the cakes are great but thin. For little money you could therefore present a big cake. Many products that previously were cheap, have added a "Jewish" received." [21:50:44] :) [21:51:27] {{cn}} [21:51:48] Already has. :P [21:51:55] [bron?] [21:52:31] Oh, that got translated as "edit" too, for some reason [21:52:33] what extension can list pages based on tag or some criteria in a single column? [21:52:47] DPL? [21:53:27] DPL is memory sucking no? [21:53:57] 03siebrand * r55998 10/trunk/extensions/Collection/Collection.i18n.php: Simplify 'coll-book_creator_disable_text' [21:55:00] according to google searches, yes, dpl eats too much resources [21:57:15] List pages based on tag or some criteria eats too much resources. [21:57:37] Not DPL specifically. [21:57:44] so the only option is the default category with 4 columns? [21:57:51] *3 [21:57:53] well... you *can* use SMW... that's pretty heavy, but should at least scale better than DPL. [21:58:14] and even while it's pretty big, it's at least a "real" solution :) [21:58:19] DPL is fine if your categories don't have more than 5,000 and don't want to sort them all. [21:58:31] how do I get all articles of a given category using mysql? [21:59:48] seems that wikidot is the only farm with listpages per tag, but it's not mediawiki [22:00:00] 03werdna * r55999 10/trunk/phase3/skins/common/shared.css: Add AJAX loader class [22:01:17] LauraHale: if you list by template params, it gets a bit slow... [22:01:36] sven^: select from the categorylinks table [22:02:19] 03(NEW) Centering images with thumbnail in Simple skin - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20533 normal; Normal; MediaWiki: Images and files; (user.maxim) [22:02:35] \o/ r56k [22:03:00] 03werdna * r56000 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/ (lqt.css lqt.js): [22:03:00] Update LiquidThreads JS: [22:03:00] * Throw in a spinner when loading stuff by AJAX. [22:03:00] * Fix AJAX calls for compatibility with r55973 [22:07:08] thanks Duesentrieb [22:07:53] np [22:08:16] Hm. [22:08:40] I wonder the latest r was with not too many broken essenstial features. [22:09:28] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:CategoryLink default 3 [22:09:57] 03(mod) Mark edits as vandalism edits using Undo - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20510 (10nolan.j.white) [22:39:49] 03werdna * r56001 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/lqt.js: Make LiquidThreads toolbar track the scroll position if it's scrolled out of view. [22:41:03] hi mediawiki [22:41:08] you guys fail [22:41:44] pleased to help you :D [22:42:09] Merc| on @##Grocery #uncyclopedia #wikia [22:42:51] ##Grocery @Merc| [22:42:51] ##Grocery End of /NAMES list. [22:42:53] =) [22:43:03] hey brion [22:43:04] omg [22:43:04] lol [22:43:07] you just missed a good one, brion ^^ [22:43:30] what up [22:43:39] not much, have a good labour day? [22:43:48] 03werdna * r56002 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/ (lqt.js pages/TalkpageView.php): Don't display a header delete link for non-admins :) [22:43:55] hangin' out, cleaning up, paying bills, doing laundry [22:44:02] kinda nice :) [22:44:08] whee [22:45:20] been doing fun things like LQT automatic updates. [22:49:02] 03werdna * r56003 10/trunk/extensions/LiquidThreads/classes/View.php: Don't show useless subject field for summary editing [22:53:59] 03(NEW) Add on-hover text for LiquidThreads toolbar items - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20534 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [22:55:39] 03(NEW) Display LiquidThreads permalink address in a dialog - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20535 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [22:57:31] 03(NEW) LiquidThreads thread-level commands need some lovin' - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20536 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [22:59:01] 03(NEW) Edit toolbar does not appear with LiquidThreads-loaded edit forms - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20537 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [23:00:31] 03(NEW) LiquidThreads should hijack action=new for its own purposes - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20538 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [23:01:22] 03(NEW) LiquidThreads hides all edit forms, including useful ones - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=20539 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki extensions: LiquidThreads; (agarrett) [23:01:25] Annemarie: processling your list, as you can maybe tell :P [23:01:42] Wheeee. :-) [23:02:22] :) [23:02:49] werdna: Do you mean §ion new (bug summary 20538)? [23:02:54] §ion=new, even. [23:02:58] why does CodeReview use DB_MASTER in the CodeRepository.php model (and maybe other models too) [23:03:00] yeah, whatever :) [23:03:02] it looks like it's just reading [23:04:07] chuck: prolly could use some nice cleanup to use slave more sanely when we know it's safe to do so [23:06:12] you could probably move the repository updating and creation stuff into that model, but even then the database instance is only used for one select [23:06:52] i have a question, what does "angry autoblock" do? [23:07:53] Blocks the current IP and all past IPs from the last 30 days, I think. [23:08:14] yes [23:08:23] instead of the last 1, it's the last 5 IPs, I think [23:08:33] cool [23:08:43] if ($this->mAngryAutoblock) { [23:08:44] // Block any IP used in the last 7 days. Up to five IPs. [23:08:44] $conds[] = 'rc_timestamp < ' . $dbr->addQuotes( $dbr->timestamp( time() - (7*86400) ) ); [23:08:47] $options['LIMIT'] = 5; [23:08:49] } else { [23:08:52] // Just the last IP used. [23:08:54] $options['LIMIT'] = 1; [23:08:57] } [23:09:32] !paste [23:09:32] --mwbot-- Please do not paste more than 2-3 lines of text into the channel as it disrupts the flow of conversation. Instead please use a pastebin such as and post a link to your paste in the channel. [23:10:18] *Emufarmers bites Splarka [23:10:40] don't be so emo emu [23:10:51] 03(mod) Enable FlaggedRevs custom configuration on Portuguese Wikisource - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16365 (10lucas.nunes) [23:12:04] Seems like I might be in for a noisy year [23:12:23] !stab spl [23:12:23] --mwbot-- I don't know anything about "stab". You might try: !download !release [23:12:30] *werdna lols [23:12:31] my door is about 2 feet away from my neighbors' door [23:12:43] and they seem to be the kind who play loud music at all hours [23:13:01] yay? [23:13:02] we should add stab to the mwbot info pile [23:13:20] *Splarka buys werdna a real machine [23:13:24] !stab is ACTION stabs `1 [23:13:24] --mwbot-- Successfully added keyword: stab [23:13:29] !stab Splarka [23:13:29] --mwbot-- ACTION stabs Splarka [23:13:30] bingo [23:13:32] v: [23:13:33] FAIL [23:13:34] lame [23:13:34] oops [23:13:38] stupid thing [23:13:47] *Splarka buys werdna a drool bucket [23:13:52] oh well [23:13:57] bed tiem soon [23:14:05] night [23:14:09] !stab del [23:14:09] --mwbot-- Successfully removed keyword: stab [23:14:28] Annemarie: still looking at reproducing some of the other stuff you've reported there, and of course some of it's opinion that I'll want wider fedback on [23:14:51] *Annemarie nods. [23:14:58] Thanks for taking a look. :-) [23:16:10] *Splarka namespace tabs Annemarie [23:18:29] lots of changes in mw 1.16. surely one of the biggest updates for a while. guess a release is due soonish ? :) [23:20:35] I wouldn't hold my breath. [23:20:56] *Annemarie regexes Splarka. [23:29:58] *Splarka would commit arson on Annemarie, but returns zero matches [23:33:04] Heh. [23:35:48] buzz_, it's not even clear when the code will be deployed to Wikimedia, let alone released. [23:36:24] oh [23:36:27] Not all "the code" has to be in 1.16 [23:36:38] 1.15 was a grab at current deployment, a very odd release [23:36:47] seems the quarterly releases are getting longer and longer apart. perhaps it would be easier to commit to less often releases but with a schedule etc ? [23:36:58] since then, like now, live deployment was a month or more behind trunk [23:37:10] Actually, 1.15 was the first one that was actually on a quarterly schedule in a while [23:37:18] the last two had been 6 months apart, as I recall [23:37:33] but I don't see how 1.16 can do the same, there are so many new features in trunk, and not very many live (compared to 1.15) [23:38:22] but there should at least be a period of testing and repairs of the latest 1.16 on WMF, before it gets released, simply because there are so many new features [23:38:41] the new upload features for example >_< [23:40:42] Wasn't 1.15 only on schedule because Tim just branched it from an old revision? [23:41:33] buzz_, deployment to Wikimedia is getting more and more unreliable too. It used to be we usually had deployments every week or even more often. Now it's been well over two months since the last sync. [23:41:44] The problem seems to be lack of code review time. [23:41:49] *Splarka eats CIA-70 [23:41:49] *CIA-70 tastes crunchy [23:42:10] There is no schedule. [23:42:19] AryehGregor: he basically grabbed what was live on WMF, and backported a bunch of bug fixes (but not features) [23:42:26] Splarka, right. [23:42:32] er, the revision that was live, this was before wmf-deployment branch [23:43:38] There is a schedule [23:43:41] it's just being ignored :) [23:44:02] *Splarka wonders if muting CIA causes it to not try to send anymore [23:44:25] oop, no, just no commits the last hour, heh [23:45:32] AryehGregor: I don't see it working this time, because of all the live-hacks (single file scaps and such) they've done in the name of "Usability" [23:45:46] It's a mess. [23:45:51] so much so that the revision wmf-deployment was forked from is rather untested [23:46:36] I'd think WMF needs to update (merge trunk into wmf-deployment and scap), and then test thoroughy for about 2 weeks, then release 1.16 from that, or something [23:47:06] I doubt two weeks is enough testing for two months or more of code. [23:47:16] better than nothing though [23:47:21] Clearly. [23:49:50] hey brion, ever shopped at Trader Joe's? they have a brand of stroopwafel apparently [23:50:17] i know i've seen small-size stroopwafels at TJ's, dunno if they've got full-size ones [23:50:28] nearest one's not super-convenient to me so i don't get there often anymore though [23:50:34] My mother recently started shopping at Trader Joe's. [23:50:37] http://www.google.com/mapdata?CxVihkACHTaZs_ggEQwLFRRXQAIdbja0-CASDAsVGt5AAh3IHbT4IBMMCxXoqD8CHdEps_ggJAwLFflXQQIdw--1-CAkDAsVUrg-Ah1Un7P4ICQMCxUoJEACHXmVtvggJAwLFSpCPwIdFxGz-CAkDAsVTk5CAh2U37X4ICQMCxXMekECHQmTtvggJAxAqgFI5gFSAlVTygECZW4 [23:52:00] yeah the two closest ones for me are at 9th & bryant (easy by car, but an ugly bus ride) or stonestown galleria (not too bad by light rail, but still awkward) [23:52:18] You need an intern [23:52:20] actually owning a car made it much easier to be lazy and drive 4 miles out of my way for groceries ;) [23:52:53] you need someone who will go shopping for you in exchange for code review [23:53:15] :) [23:54:52] trader joes? really? [23:54:54] hmmmmmm [23:56:24] *brion-away kinds wishes they were building a TJ's instead of a whole foods over here in noe [23:56:36] but it'll be nice when that opens and we actually have a grocery store again :P