[00:00:07] OverlordQ: what is js2 ? [00:00:53] <^demon> Samus_Aran: It's in 1.16alpha, not released yet. [00:01:16] I just noticed an index.html on this wiki at the top level has nothing in it but this one line: [00:01:19] makes MW all ajaxy [00:02:03] Samus_Aran: that's because somebody added that file [00:02:06] not even HTML to go with it. I think I'm going to set up mod_rewrite to pretty-fy the URLs [00:02:17] Emufarmers: yeah, this was set up by the previous [clueless] techs [00:02:42] Why would you set up HTML to go along with a redirect? [00:03:11] Emufarmers: I wouldn't, I would use an Apache redirect. but if you were going to use meta tags, they need to be i a in , not just sitting in a file [00:03:22] *in [00:03:25] <^demon> Our entry point is index.php, the index.html is there in case someone's system doesn't use index.php for indexes. [00:03:37] <^demon> It immediately refreshes to index.php for you. [00:04:42] ^demon: are you saying that MediaWiki puts out this broken meta redirect file, and it wasn't the previous techs ? [00:04:44] ^demon: we don't include any index.html file [00:05:47] *^demon goes and sits in the corner [00:05:52] http://wiki.somedomain.com/wiki/index.php/Page_Name is the current format, ugly [00:06:26] *Emufarmers cuddles ^demon ^___^ [00:06:32] That file does not exist in MediaWiki. [00:06:34] (index.html) [00:07:10] <^demon> I don't know why the hell I thought we did. [00:07:13] *^demon cries [00:07:16] I've been fixing the handiwork of the former techs for over a year now, still find new gems all the time. I do believe they broke more things than they implemented [00:08:14] ^demon: well, we do include index.php5 for the purpose you described [00:08:24] <^demon> Emufarmers: Yeah. [00:08:52] quite a few web hosts need the .php5 when they have multiple PHPs installed [00:09:34] <^demon> Because people still run php4 for some absurd reason. [00:09:47] I quite like PHP5, myself [00:10:17] ^demon: some people still run PHP3. :p [00:10:36] Only his hospital, apparently [00:11:37] I must get back to work, wasn't actually supposed to be fixing the Wiki today. ciao all, will try the upgrade on Tues or Wed. :) [00:11:44] <^demon> Emufarmers: Yeah.... [00:12:16] thanks for the help Emufarmers, ^demon, OverlordQ [00:12:32] <^demon> No problem. [00:12:51] 03(mod) Show explanatory message on Special:Activeusers - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19319 +comment (10jidanni) [00:13:25] one quick question I'll need to know tomorrow, is there some easy way to set it so people can't sign up for the wiki, or can't edit it until they've been approved ? [00:13:57] $wgGroupPermissions or Extension:ConfirmEdit [00:14:50] Emufarmers: does confirmedit put it into a queue to be approved ? that would probably work better than what we were planning to do. I didn't think there was such thing as an approval process for wikis [00:15:00] Er, ConfirmAccount, sorry [00:15:20] *Emufarmers stabs whoever did the naming [00:15:38] 03nad * r53575 10/trunk/extensions/RecordAdmin/RecordAdmin_body.php: multiple selects working [00:15:55] in our case, a wiki probably wasn't even the right choice, as we are manually approving editors for a very specific topic [00:15:56] Samus_Aran: pretty much; take a look for yourself [00:17:02] the main person in charge of the project, who isn't computer savvy, really doesn't like the concept that anyone can edit stuff, and content could have wrong information for even a minute [00:17:32] they're a person who writes books, not wikis. :p [00:17:53] 03nad * r53576 10/trunk/extensions/RecordAdmin/RecordAdmin_body.php: rm debugging [00:20:35] okay, thanks again, I'm off [00:22:47] I'm sure he'll do better than his predecessors, but you'd think somebody with about/linux/ as his cloak would be a little better at looking things up. :| [00:23:15] ++ [00:24:15] But I suppose it's an easy trap to fall into: you discover that there's this magically place where people will answer your questions, and suddenly you forget that there's also this magical website where all your questions are already answered. [00:24:20] now now stop complaining Emufarmers or i will convince jidanni to come in here [00:24:28] o: [00:24:32] hehe [00:24:41] *Emufarmers seals the exits [00:31:34] 03(mod) Show explanatory message on Special:Activeusers - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=19319 +comment (10JSchulz_4587) [00:37:26] ^demon|afk: Caveat: At one point in MediaWiki's lifetime, some piece of code got changed to add UI elements via JS. Broke my monobook-derived theme, as suddenly I had two copies of all toolbar buttons, two copies of all the pref pages, etc. [00:44:12] <^demon|afk> shortcircuit: One point as in recently? [00:45:09] ^demon|afk: Not really. That upgrade happened some time last year. I don't recall which version I'd gone upgraded from and gone to. [00:45:25] *upgraded from and gone to. [00:45:33] <^demon|afk> Hmmm. Not sure I know :) [00:45:37] <^demon|afk> Now I'm really afk. [00:45:41] :) [00:50:05] shortcircuit: I believe that is because your wikibits.js got edited and didn't get upgraded [00:50:11] the addbutton code was moved to edit.js [00:50:34] (which is why kids: never edit core css/js/php files) [00:51:05] go to Special:Version, whatcha got? [00:51:07] Splarka: Makes it kinda hard to theme, then. :) [00:51:26] *shortcircuit didn't touch wikibits. [00:52:18] why? [00:52:29] edit on-site MediaWiki:Common/Skinname . css/js [00:52:33] create your own skins [00:52:39] create extensions using parser hooks [00:52:47] no core edits! rethemed up the wazoo! [00:53:03] <^demon|afk> splarka: Site CSS is easier to customize than making a custom skin. SkinTemplate needs to die. [00:53:20] yet still both are better than editing core files [00:53:51] Splarka: I wasn't looking for a new skin, I wanted a different layout structure. :) [00:53:55] <^demon> Creating a skin is needlessly complex. [00:53:57] so what did you edit? [00:54:10] Copied Monobook and rewrote much of it. [00:54:17] (Much of the copy) [00:54:17] well, do it again then [00:54:28] I do have a lot in Mediawiki:Common, though. [00:54:28] from the current version of MediaWiki [00:54:32] and do it every time you upgrader [00:54:34] -r [00:55:20] Splarka: Royal PITA. At this point, I'm changing tact and am going try building my next theme using MediaWiki::API for as much as possible. [00:55:28] But that's later. No time right now. [00:56:07] *shortcircuit also plans on playing with MediaWiki::API to build a console-mode browser for his site, but that's another project. [00:56:50] Splarka: is there a way to have a global Common.js? [00:56:54] Like, for a wiki farm [00:57:14] anyway, if you wanna track down this particular bug, check if your copy of the skin is loading the