[00:06:30] 03(mod) Wikibugs should report status changes, not just the current status - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18054 summary; +comment (10mikelifeguard) [00:08:16] 03(mod) Keep simplifed Chinese characters out of zh-tw please - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17794 (10jidanni) [01:05:51] 03(NEW) rebuildrecentchanges scrambles size differences - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18304 normal; Normal; MediaWiki: RecentChanges; (jidanni) [01:11:30] what's the conceptual equivalent to
in wiki syntax? [01:11:54]
[01:12:43] allright then [01:12:45] :) [01:13:06] or perhaps
[01:35:25] 03(ASSIGNED) Excluding specific categories from Special:UnusedCategories - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17145 +comment (10cipherswiki) [01:41:41] 03werdna * r49134 10/trunk/tools/wikibugs/wikibugs: (bug 18054) Wikibugs should report status changes, not the current state of the bug [01:43:39] 03(mod) Wikibugs should report status changes, not just the current status - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18054 +comment (10Andrew) [01:47:41] hi all: is it possible to include the contents of some page into another? if so, what is the syntax? [01:47:52] !transclusion | pist0l-fish [01:47:52] --mwbot-- pist0l-fish: Transclusion is a general MediaWiki term for including things into a page using double-brace "{{}}" markup. This can be things like templates, pages in other namespaces, variables, output of parser functions, some Special pages, interwiki pages, and such. See http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Transclusion for an overview. [01:48:26] Skizzerz: thanks [01:48:30] np [01:48:58] hmm, that help page could be expanded quite a bit =\ [02:14:55] werdna did you do the splitting of the mediawiki pages concerned with the capitalizations of the links in special pages? [02:15:07] yet* [02:25:58] Mentifisto: It's not assigned to me [02:26:15] You're welcome to do it yourself, or to suck another volunteer in [02:26:20] RobH: what are you doing online at this time? [02:26:30] not working! [02:26:43] I just turned up my laptop and it was in suspend mode [02:26:50] so irc reconnected ;] [02:27:09] if i want to store html pages inside mediawiki to make use of the history and diffs features, what's the best way to be inserting that? I'll be using perl to do the inserts. [02:29:44] trying to decide if i should use mediawiki and if so can the api let me post html and text into the database or would i be writing lots of code to do that [02:31:44] *werdna is going through his inventory of online accounts [02:33:30] weex: you can insert raw html with a certain setting enabled [02:33:42] stuff [02:33:59] API will let you edit pages, yes [02:34:09] cool [02:34:56] i was looking at the database and saw blob all over the place so i wasn't sure what to do next [02:35:12] then i was thinking, i'm sure this is the wrong way to do it [02:35:15] but I think if you want to use something that lets you enter html, you probably want something else [02:35:43] right...it's really the diff and history features i want...not necessarily public editing [02:36:07] i'm trying to keep track of some varied webpages as they change [02:36:29] and make it easy for people to see what parts changed [02:40:03] Well there are plenty of CMSes in the world [02:40:12] personally I have a handwritten one for my website [02:40:18] even though I'm a mediawiki developer [02:40:30] i know how it is...doing a little php is easy [02:40:34] and then... [02:41:18] mediawiki was my first thought though since it's so full-featured and i'm primarily wanting to build an archive that could get big [02:42:13] well actually it's in perl, but that aside... [02:42:25] Have you looked into other CMSes? [02:42:38] MediaWiki's strength is in high scalability for running wikis [02:42:58] it sounds like you need neither scalability nor wikis [02:43:44] i'll have to think about that...drupal could work too but again, the diffs are primary [02:44:38] i saw a goverhment document diff from a bill that was evolving but i didn't catch what they used for that [02:44:53] thanks for your help [02:45:43] 03(mod) Red Links for Userpage/Talk - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18270 (10scd) [02:46:09] Does anyone else think that a link to the talkpage should be in the default signature? :P [02:59:47] isn't it? [03:00:35] No, it only links the username to the userpage [03:01:14] 03(NEW) Move RecentChanges timestamp leftward so columns line up - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18305 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: RecentChanges; (jidanni) [03:05:09] 03(mod) Move RecentChanges timestamp leftward so columns line up - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18305 (10jidanni) [03:06:52] "You must admit that this special page is ordered by timestamp, so you [03:06:53] have no excuse not to move it to the left. Ha! [03:06:53] " [03:06:54] *ekimmargni stabs [03:15:04] 03(NEW) textbook.wikipedia.org doesn't exist - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18306 normal; Normal; Wikimedia: DNS; (mikelifeguard) [03:17:39] Is it possible to change default options of a new user that is created? [03:18:44] yes.. somehow :) [03:19:14] chuck: For old users, you need to run a query from the command line to update the old blobs. [03:19:19] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgDefaultUserOptions [03:19:25] For not-yet-created users, just specify in LocalSettings.php [03:19:37] kk [03:19:57] i'm creating an extension that will add some social features, and I don't want to annoy any existing users by turning them on for them :P [03:21:01] !prefsrant [03:21:01] --mwbot-- The current preferences system sucks and needs a rewrite. For a list of deficits and rewrite recommendations, see [03:30:07] So I can't create a preferences tab? [03:30:16] 04(REOPENED) $wgMinimalPasswordLength's default should be 1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18222 +comment (10jidanni) [03:30:59] *chuck wonders why werdna copied trunk instead of phase3 for his preferences branch :P [03:39:52] chuck: so I can change extensions too...? [03:40:25] Ah, I guess so [04:19:29] hi all, I cant find (with my pitiful google skills) what the markup is for sub categories [04:19:44] eg, I can create 4 ==
== [04:19:56] but I can't create the 4.1, 4.2 etc [04:19:56] you mean subheadings? [04:20:06] == First heading == [04:20:08] === Subheading === [04:20:11] oh [04:20:12] === Another subheading === [04:20:19] I thought it was the other way round [04:20:31] I had tried ==first==, =second= [04:20:36] thanks :) [04:20:46] that would only allow 2 levels of headings [04:22:20] well yes, but in my mind I thought, the lower level, the less = signs [04:22:55] =H1= ==H2== ===H3=== ====H4==== =====H5===== ======H6====== [04:23:42] flyingparchment: If I have a SATA drive and a non-SATA motherboard, what would you suggest buying to connect them up, an enclosure, bridge chip, or PCI RAID controller? [04:24:10] werdna: one disk? buy a PCI SATA card. a raid card for one disk is pretty silly [04:25:11] I didn't know they had those :) [04:25:56] how much are we talking for one of those? [04:26:47] http://www.google.com/products?q=sata+pci [04:27:52] ok so about 50 AUD [04:28:42] i bought one of these: http://www.google.com/products?q=AOC-SAT2-MV8 [04:28:51] but that might be overkill for just a couple of disks [04:29:04] It's just one 1 TB hard drive I picked up at the local store [04:29:35] for sticking a few videos on an old box under the TV [05:11:12] flyingparchment: hmm, I think I need PCIe, that'll make things a bit more expensive :/ [05:11:35] a system that has PCIe but no SATA ports? [05:12:11] hmm, maybe, maybe not. [05:12:15] The Is PCIe [05:12:33] Is PCIe a smaller version of PCI or a faster version? [05:12:40] both [05:13:29] *werdna is hopeless at hardware [05:14:03] http://img.zdnet.com/techDirectory/PCXSLOTS.GIF [05:17:12] aha [05:18:05] so if this GigE card works in the slot, it's PCI? http://www.flickr.com/photos/werdnum/3405649701/in/set-72157616249267438/ [05:18:22] yes, that's a PCI card [05:18:33] ok, excellent, thanks :) [05:22:08] > The Blanket Octopus, or Tremoctopus, lives in the waters of Northern Australia, because that is where crazy scary animals come from. Period. Australia has more terror per capita than Elm Street, so if something looks like a nightmarish monster, odds are it's probably a household pet in the land down under. [05:22:27] *Splarka thinks au has a bad stereotype there, even beyond Paul Hogan and boomerangs [05:58:20] Splarka: where's that quote from [05:59:30] http://community.atom.com/Post/The-5-Most-Disturbing-Animals-On-Earth-Vol-IV/03EFBFFFF0182C7B8000800B4D02B [06:07:00] awww [06:07:03] you missed the good part [06:09:22] You know what? All of the horrifying animals native to this country sure go a long way toward explaining their national motto: “Australia: Even though nature vomited monsters all over this barren isle of Lovecraftian horror, we fucking live here anyway, because we just don’t give a shit.” [06:33:04] shit [06:33:10] my flight is delayed [07:09:25] 03(mod) Configure backend web servers to send css/js files gzip-compressed - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15154 (10river) [07:10:28] Nikerabbit: :-( [07:30:21] moin [07:39:15] if someone has experience on wikitables, I have a colspan issue (on hte last row) that isnt making sence [07:40:57] that's normal, colspans don't make sense to anyone except one guy who used to work on Mosaic and is now locked a padded room with extra long sleeves on his shirt [07:41:29] I love colspans and rowspans! [07:41:43] nm, I just found the issue, a rowspam with a -1 error [07:41:54] hey, I love Aqua Teen Hunger Force, but it doesn't make sense to me [07:44:28] how can i make a page have this little + on top next to Edit so i can just add a section? [07:44:35] make it a talk page [07:44:38] personal wiki, full admin right [07:44:51] how? [07:45:02] call it [[Talk:Something]] [07:45:21] or [[Template talk:Something]], or some other talk page [07:45:23] There's no way to force the little + link, as far as I'm aware. You can only suppress it. Use a talk namespace. [07:45:40] or add __NEWSECTIONLINK__ [07:45:43] There's a bug about that. Maybe they finally fixed it. [07:45:49] ialex: 1.15+ right? [07:45:59] 1.7+ [07:46:09] __NONEWSECTIONLINK__ is 1.15+ [07:46:23] hey, conflicting advice, fun [07:46:34] RichiH: the actual solution is to get a sharpie and draw a + on your monitor [07:46:35] it should be 1.10 [07:46:53] ialex is right. :-) [07:47:01] __NEWSECTIONLINK__ Adds a link ("+" by default) beside the "edit" tab for adding a new section on a non-talk page (see Adding a section to the end). 1.7+ [07:47:08] noob [07:47:09] __NONEWSECTIONLINK__ Removes the link beside the "edit" tab on pages in talk namespaces. 1.15+ [07:47:13] __NEWSECTIONLINK__ does nothing, here [07:47:19] maybe a good reason to upgrade [07:47:37] wait, 1.7 you say [07:48:02] 1.10 > 1.7 [07:48:05] it should work in 1.10 [07:48:07] ii mediawiki1.10 1.10.2-1 website engine for collaborative work [07:48:15] yah, that's what i thought [07:48:30] unless you have installed a "h"ackage [07:48:39] ? [07:48:46] oh [07:48:47] it works now [07:49:01] translation: "It works after I tried it" [07:49:05] *Splarka hides [07:49:07] ah, it worked beforee and i was blind [07:49:21] ialex: thanks! [07:49:23] mediawiki does have some basic support for accessability [07:49:34] RichiH: no problem :) [07:49:35] (not enough though) [08:39:43] 03(NEW) Autopatrolled permission - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18307 enhancement; Normal; Wikimedia: Site requests; (bookofjude) [09:01:00] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:LanguageSelector - This Makes the Default Language changes to En.. [09:01:24] Even after changing the paramter to content language [09:13:07] 03rotem * r49135 10/trunk/extensions/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Localization update for he. [09:28:09] 04(REOPENED) RevisionDeleted fails on latest revision - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17543 +comment (10public) [09:30:30] Splarka: Any thoughts? ^ [09:35:53] *Splarka twitches [09:37:28] no opinion [09:38:15] K. [09:46:55] Hi [09:47:07] hello [09:47:58] Hi Laaknor [09:48:03] Where I can find, in my mediawiki SQL database, the publishing date of my pages? [09:48:16] Does it exists? [09:54:04] Norsys: first edit or last edit? [09:55:21] first edit can be found via things like: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Foobar&dir=prev&action=history http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?action=query&prop=revisions&rvlimit=2&rvdir=newer&titles=Foobar [09:55:46] Splarka, the first edit... the date of creation! [09:56:55] SELECT page_namespace, page_title, rev_timestamp FROM revision JOIN page ON rev_page = page_id WHERE rev_timestamp = (SELECT MIN(rev_timestamp) FROM revision WHERE rev_page = page_id); or something. [09:57:35] Yeah, that's right. [10:00:45] god, most boring language ever [10:02:26] Marybelle, ok.. I'm trying [10:02:42] Splarka: Boring? :O It's quite exciting. [10:05:50] Marybelle, ok, I've used: [10:05:52] SELECT page_namespace, page_title, rev_timestamp FROM wkrevision JOIN wkpage ON rev_page = page_id WHERE rev_timestamp = (SELECT MIN(rev_timestamp) FROM wkrevision WHERE rev_page = page_id) [10:06:20] That should work. [10:06:25] Assuming your tables are named thusly. [10:06:57] (SHOW TABLES; can tell you the table names.) [10:07:04] yes yes [10:07:26] Infact I've substituted the names of tables [10:07:39] but... returns many and many pages [10:07:57] Well, it'll return every page in the wiki. [10:08:19] Ok... as the images... etc [10:08:27] Hm? [10:08:37] yep! [10:08:52] or like this: [10:08:53] 8 Accesskey-diff 20061205165244 [10:08:53] 8 Accesskey-minoredit 20061205165244 [10:08:53] 8 Accesskey-preview 20061205165244 [10:08:53] 8 Accesskey-save 20061205165244 [10:08:53] 8 Accesskey-search 20061205165244 [10:08:55] 8 Accesskey-watch 20061205165244 [10:08:57] 8 Accmailtext 20061205165244 [10:08:59] 8 Accmailtitle 20061205165244 [10:11:49] ...instead I would like to know only the date of true pages (articles, howto, etc) [10:11:51] :| [10:12:14] So fix the query. [10:12:39] SELECT page_namespace, page_title, rev_timestamp FROM wkrevision JOIN wkpage ON rev_page = page_id WHERE rev_timestamp = (SELECT MIN(rev_timestamp) FROM wkrevision WHERE rev_page = page_id) AND page_namespace IN (0,100) [10:12:55] Just put the appropriate integers in the ( ). [10:13:21] "wah it is showing redirects" -> "so filte them" [10:13:24] +r [10:13:40] Yes, you can do that too if you'd like. AND page_is_redirect = 0 [10:13:43] *Splarka tries not to yawn [10:14:01] It gets far more exciting when you're dealing with large tables. [10:14:10] 'cause you have to write smarter queries if you want it to finish quickly. [10:14:32] That query would probably take days on enwiki_p [10:14:49] oh, yah, that sounds /more/ exciting (sarcasm) [10:14:57] run a query and then wait days [10:15:01] Heh. [10:15:12] But I can get all sorts of fun data to search! [10:15:26] Like finding all user names that contain "is a fag". [10:15:38] Marybelle, wow, thank you! True... the articles has '0' as page_namespace! Thank you!!! [10:15:48] Splarka, thank you too [10:17:09] (60 of them on en.wiki.) [10:20:24] well, if that is your idea of exciting... [10:20:49] http://paste.pocoo.org/show/108361/ <-- Woo! [10:23:05] I wonder if the username/oversighted slander in Wikimedia will someday become a viable personal information database [10:25:18] 03(mod) inherent article classification - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18254 (10roan.kattouw) [10:31:14] 03(mod) rebuildrecentchanges scrambles size differences - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18304 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [10:35:21] 04(REOPENED) $wgMinimalPasswordLength's default should be 1 - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18222 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [10:36:44] That really should be a separate bug... [10:37:57] 03catrope * r49136 10/trunk/phase3/maintenance/rebuildrecentchanges.inc: (bug 18291) Also include newuserlog entries when rebuilding RC [10:38:26] 03(mod) rebuildrecentchanges zaps all deletions due to looking in wrong table - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18291 (10roan.kattouw) [10:49:07] Splarka: Can you provide the code for Cascading &lang=en in the URL ? [10:51:03] http://www.wikia.com/index.php?action=raw&ctype=text/css&title=User:Splarka/cascadeskinlang.js that? [10:51:14] Splarka: prod [10:51:54] narf [10:54:35] forgot why.... [10:55:19] Splarka: Yeah Thanks. [10:55:23] *Splarka checks the timestamps on that [10:55:30] How should I activate it ? [10:55:55] you could probably just drop that into your MediaWiki:Common.js [10:56:34] it doesn't have much dependency except the addOnloadHook bit which has been in MediaWiki forever [10:57:20] I have been trying this: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:LanguageSelector : But the default language becomes English, even if I specify the Paramaters correctly :( [10:57:55] Splarka: when do you sleep [10:58:08] werdna: short term memory lapse is a symptom of vitamin B deficiency [10:58:10] eat your vegemite [10:58:27] werdna: I've had chronic fatigue and insomnia for about a year now [10:58:30] so, random times [10:58:53] heh [10:59:02] It's to do with flights and such [10:59:09] but I don't remember why you [10:59:50] I thought you were staying home for Berlin? second-hand jet lag? [11:00:16] Splarka: Great, it works :) . Does it cause any side effects ? [11:00:23] flights in may [11:01:00] Vinodh: yah, it loses the language when you submit an edit or such, I suppose cookies could work around that [11:01:21] *saper won't make it for Berlin, although it's only 5 hours by train [11:01:34] I dont allow Anons to edit. Hence it wont be a big issue [11:01:49] ahh, heh, there ya go then [11:01:56] If you want to change the Language, then Register !!! :) [11:01:58] you could restrict it to anon editors only if ya wanted to [11:02:07] how to do that ? [11:02:09] (but maybe reg users would use it too) [11:02:27] hmmm [11:02:29] check wgUserName [11:02:37] *Splarka forgets what it is when anon, checks [11:02:58] null [11:03:09] hmm [11:03:57] if((queryString('uselang'))||(queryString('useskin')) && wgUserName == null) addOnloadHook(cascadeSkinLang) [11:04:10] instead of the other one [11:04:44] werdna: oh, okay, the flights are in reference to the question and not the memory lapse, though the memory lapse erased the question? [11:04:54] (or something) [11:04:56] Thanks Splarka [11:12:14] 04(REOPENED) add {{revisiontime:}}/{{lastrevision:}} colon/parser function or {{REVISIONtimeformat|}} functionality to current magic words - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6092 +comment (10bugreporter) [11:12:54] 333 [11:14:01] Splarka: Sorry for disturbing again :( . How to allow the users to change the Language Parameters ? [11:14:12] say ta instead en and vice versa [11:16:30] well, you can link to pages in the other langs, like: [11:16:53] view page in: [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|uselang=en}} English] [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|uselang=fr}} Francais] [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|uselang=de}} Deutch] [11:17:02] you could make that a template and stick it on all the pages with different versions [11:17:11] or you could add tabs like.. [11:18:28] hmm [11:18:42] if(wgUserName == null) addOnloadHook(function() { [11:18:51] addPortletLink('p-cactions',wgScript + '?title=' encodeURIComponent(wgPageName) + '&uselang=en','English'); [11:18:51] }) [11:18:56] or such [11:21:32] I tried that. But when applied on the same page multiple times: The Parameters accumulate like this: wiki/index.php?title=User:Vinodh&uselang=ta&uselang=en [11:21:55] Is it possible to clear the existing parameters and then add anew ? [11:22:30] [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|uselang=en}} English] and wgScript + '?title=' encodeURIComponent(wgPageName) + '&uselang=en' both should not accumulate them [11:22:39] although my other JS will [11:22:53] hmm [11:23:07] sec [11:23:51] 03catrope * r49137 10/trunk/phase3/ (RELEASE-NOTES maintenance/rebuildrecentchanges.inc): (bug 18304) rebuildrecentchanges.php calculates size changes wrongly when multiple revisions to the same page happen right after each other [11:24:00] 03(FIXED) rebuildrecentchanges scrambles size differences - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18304 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [11:27:07] hmm [11:28:47] Vinodh: http://p.defau.lt/?Hsg_AhSjHYbWYEXFEcp6hQ [11:34:34] Splarka: The Code is Malfunctioning: It is appending tot he existing URL instead of replacing it : http://noolaham.net/wiki/&uselang=enhttp://noolaham.net/wiki/index.php?title=%E0%AE%AA%E0%AE%AF%E0%AE%A9%E0%AE%B0%E0%AF%8D:Vinodh&uselang=ta [11:35:33] *sigh [11:35:40] I haven't used this code in like 3 years [11:35:42] *Splarka looks at it again [11:35:47] ack [11:35:56] edited the wrong bit, heh [11:36:08] Sorry, if I buggin you too much. Its a bit Urgent. [11:36:29] An NGO has accepted for supporting my project, if an English Interface is provided [11:36:58] okay, try this: http://p.defau.lt/?NswDaJYYsRa6vE_3SW85MQ [11:37:06] but I'm gonna have to actually test this now [11:37:13] *Splarka digs up an appropriate test page [11:38:01] Bingo !!! [11:43:57] Splarka: Can you try this out: http://noolaham.net/ [11:44:03] I have button called English at the Top [11:45:28] *Splarka looks [11:46:48] yah, that bit works [11:47:50] Must add switch cases other templates too. and Thats it :) [11:47:53] *cases to [11:48:16] yah, you can check var wgUserLanguage too [11:48:30] if(wgUserLanguage != 'en') addPortletLink('p-cactions',wgScript + '?title=' encodeURIComponent(wgPageName) + '&uselang=en','English'); [11:48:40] if(wgUserLanguage != 'fr') addPortletLink('p-cactions',wgScript + '?title=' encodeURIComponent(wgPageName) + '&uselang=fr','French'); [11:48:42] etc [11:48:48] Ok. [11:49:15] Thanks :) [11:59:02] *Splarka wonders why Vinodh quits after every help session, knowing they'll be back immediately [12:14:44] Hello, I have a problem with custom namespaces... I have used the database query explaned here http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Using_custom_namespaces#Use_a_database_query but now, discussions pages are... fucked-up. [12:15:31] I mean for example page: http://it.ekopedia.org/Portale:Creare has now it's discussion page named http://it.ekopedia.org/index.php?title=:Creare [12:16:17] I's ok... I found it I think [12:16:30] I had to configure discussion page namespace. [12:19:08] 03(mod) Restore revision numbers in Special:Version - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18242 (10bugzilla.wikimedia) [12:57:45] Splarka: Does the code only work in FF ? [12:57:55] Cascading doesn't seem to work in IE or Chrome :( [12:58:59] *Splarka looks at the code [12:59:45] dunno, I don't have IE (well, I got 5, but MediaWiki js doesn't work in that) or Chrome [12:59:49] hmm [13:01:12] *Splarka looks at yer code [13:01:43] hmm [13:01:47] could be the .href [13:01:52] hang on, will try .getAttribute [13:02:55] Hey!! Sorry. The Problem seems to be with Cache.. [13:03:03] I cleared the Cache. and now it works :) [13:05:05] *Splarka glares [13:05:11] stop sending me on wild goose chases ^_^ [13:05:56] Sorry :( [13:06:01] *Reedy points over yonder [13:06:05] Splarka, goose! [13:09:16] 03yaron * r49138 10/trunk/extensions/ExternalData/ED_ParserFunctions.php: Changed array resetting to only happen when page name changes [13:10:44] hmm [13:17:22] 03yaron * r49139 10/trunk/extensions/ExternalData/ED_Utils.php: Added handling for JSON table data [13:17:48] 03yaron * r49140 10/trunk/extensions/ExternalData/ (ED_Settings.php README): New version: 0.6 [13:24:25] *[]- just notice strange thing with images after migrating to 1.14 there is no any small images generating now [13:26:52] <[]-> as well as a number of warings in error.log [02-Apr-2009 16:24:36] PHP Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in F:\htdocs\includes\GlobalFunctions.php on line 1943 [13:33:13] 03(NEW) Date in occitan - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18308 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: General/Unknown; (cvalmary) [13:35:48] Wow, AppArmor is way better than SELinux. I found a bug in the permissions setup that was incorrectly denying access, and actually managed to track down why it was happening and fix it in about 10 minutes! [13:35:49] :) [13:36:30] it's not better, it's a completely different thing [13:36:40] They have fairly similar goals. [13:36:54] really? apparmor's goal is to provide a complete MAC security framework? [13:37:30] Dunno, maybe it's more limited. But it certainly provides *a* MAC security framework. [13:38:21] i don't actually like selinux, it's too flexible [13:38:48] it provides the same as trusted solaris did... sun realised that customers don't need all that, it's just confusing and complicated to configure. so modern solaris has a more specific version that's actually useful [13:39:03] People tend to say SELinux is unreasonably hard to configure too. [13:39:08] AppArmor is incredibly simple to configure. [13:39:35] (actually, solaris' trusted jds is pretty cool.. it prevents you to copy+paste from a high-security to a low-security app, for example) [13:40:00] Heh. [13:40:38] Any really high-security site is going to have six inches of air between high-security and low-security apps anyway. [13:40:58] "Dramatically reducing attack surface for hackers" is good enough for almost everyone. [13:41:21] Red Hat released an analysis of critical vulnerabilities in RHEL4 since its release recently. [13:41:33] well, that's what i mean [13:41:42] It was pretty interesting. Mozilla accounted for an incredibly high percentage of arbitrary code execution. [13:41:46] apparmour increases security for your existing security framework, selinux is a completely new security framework [13:42:33] http://magazine.redhat.com/2009/03/10/risk-report-four-years-of-red-hat-enterprise-linux-4/ [13:42:48] Simetrical: that's because browsers are among the most complicated applications, and simultaneously in contact with the most potentially hostile data [13:42:55] it's a recipe for hacks. [13:43:06] last time i saw a report on browser vulnerabilities, firefox was worse than IE [13:43:13] far more remote code execution vulnerabilities, for instance [13:43:16] werdna, which is why they should use better security models. [13:43:20] Like Chromium. [13:43:41] Which was the only browser of the four desktop browsers tested that wasn't hacked at Pwn2Own this year. [13:43:55] One of the winners said he had a hack for it but couldn't do anything with it because of the sandbox. [13:44:09] *Simetrical waits for the Linux release. [13:44:26] i tried chrome and stopped using it, but i forget why now [13:44:34] flyingparchment: no extensions [13:44:38] that was why i stopped using it [13:44:39] i don't use any extensions [13:44:46] Anyway, we're talking about 102 critical vulnerabilities for Mozilla, 28 for all other software on the system combined. [13:44:51] I can't live without firebug [13:44:52] flyingparchment, you use Opera, right? [13:44:58] werdna, it has a Firebug workalike built-in. [13:45:06] Simetrical: yes [13:45:07] *werdna shrugs [13:45:12] maybe it was something else I missed [13:45:23] in either case I'm on OS X now, so I can't really use it [13:45:47] 03(NEW) Collapse tables on occitan wikipedia - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18309 enhancement; Normal; MediaWiki: General/Unknown; (cvalmary) [13:45:48] Simetrical: i liked some of the features in chrome, but i think there was one thing i really need that it couldn't do. don't remember what now [13:45:51] *flyingparchment goes to download it again [13:46:24] I'll probably give chrome another go once it comes out for OS X with extensions [13:46:44] There's a semi-working alpha for OS X. [13:46:51] Like, no plugins and it crashes all the time, that kind of thing. [13:47:41] not really interested in that case [13:47:44] why don't more software download pages use https? [13:47:54] that seems like an obvious attack vector [13:47:55] FF3.1 works fine for me [13:48:00] Why don't more sites use HTTPS overall? [13:48:06] Because it's a pain. [13:48:25] You have to get a certificate, and make sure that it's actually provided for the right domain, and whatever. [13:48:36] i'm pretty sure google (for example) could manage that [13:48:41] or sourceforge [13:48:45] Because SSL certs are annoying, half of the people probably don't even know how to set it up, it takes CPU and you can't do subdomains without an expensive wildcard cert [13:48:46] or c|net [13:49:03] werdna: yeah, $179.. how can anyone afford that! [13:49:27] flyingparchment, https://google.com gave a cert error for a really long time. [13:49:31] well, it explains why the smaller sites don't do it :)) [13:49:32] Although they seem to have fixed it now. [13:49:49] Simetrical: was it a supported and advertised service that they linked to and told people to use? [13:49:54] I'm waiting for DNSSEC, so we don't have to buy certificates. [13:50:04] hi there [13:50:05] i think you're overestimating what dnssec does [13:50:08] flyingparchment, don't be silly, do you think I was making a useful point? [13:50:26] DNSSEC means you can put the certificate in a DNS record, right? There's some record reserved for that, I thought. [13:50:37] chrome has no import from opera :( [13:50:49] So if browsers all supported that, we could use it instead of a CA. [13:51:00] We'd effectively be certified by our DNS registrar, which is what makes the most sense anyway. [13:51:22] If I can access my DNS registrar's control panel for my domain, I could set the domain to point to evil.com anyway. [13:51:25] you think registrars won't charge for dnssec? :) [13:53:13] It's in DNS [13:53:20] worst case you run your own dns server [13:53:23] What's the point of DNSSEC if not everyone in a given TLD uses it? If I'm a MITM, I could spoof DNS and claim that paypal.com has decided not to use DNSSEC. [13:53:25] Couldn't I? [13:53:49] werdna, you need the NS records to be secured too . . . [13:54:00] mmm [13:54:37] *werdna shrugs [13:54:45] security is not something to think about at 1am [13:54:59] You should just become nocturnal. [13:55:05] It would be much more convenient for everyone else. [13:55:16] Anyway, if you write software at 1 AM, I sure hope you think about security at 1 AM. [13:55:33] werdna needs to slowly adjust to live on GMT like mark =] [13:56:26] PDT would be more useful. [13:56:41] Nah, then he never talks to tim [13:56:41] yay @ r49134 [13:56:51] best standardize everyone on GMT [13:56:58] except me, i dont wanna do it. [13:57:18] avoiding XSS and CSRF and DoS and so on while coding is less arduous than hypothetical architectural ideas. [13:57:46] Simetrical: after all that, a 3-line patch [14:04:36] what is up? [14:04:45] a direction [14:04:49] Up is a direction, oppo . . . damn, beat. [14:05:01] I think it was because you said "what is up" instead of "what's up". [14:05:09] Made it sound non-idiomatic. [14:07:17] *Splarka puts up the "Rhetorical questions answered here." sign [14:08:54] Splarka: now why would you do that? [14:09:02] I saw sparkas today [14:09:33] and there is Duesentrieb_ [14:10:08] ohai Duesentrieb_ [14:10:19] hey Nikerabbit! where are ya? [14:10:58] werdna, we will be thinking of you :) [14:11:12] Duesentrieb_: :) [14:11:31] Duesentrieb_: at the hostel [14:12:04] Argh, I'm still seeing April Fool's jokes and now I'm unprepared. [14:12:08] *Simetrical re-prepares himself [14:12:13] Nikerabbit: got a warm welcome? [14:12:20] Duesentrieb_: yes! [14:12:33] good! we are at the c-base now. come on over if you are bored. [14:12:38] there was a nice guy waiting at the airport, and then I spent some time with LA2 [14:12:49] hmm [14:13:08] yeah, are you going to stay the whole evening there? [14:13:13] yes [14:13:29] you want to go to the museum? [14:13:44] at the c-base? [14:13:55] or do you mean the technical? I was there already [14:13:55] 03(mod) Enable RevisionDelete on WMF wikis - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=15644 (10techman224) [14:13:57] <[]-> anybody can answer what function wfMkdirParents from /includes/GlobalFunctions.php is doing ? [14:14:07] []-, doesn't it have a comment? [14:14:12] Nikerabbit: ah, ok! yea thats what i meant. [14:14:23] "Make directory, and make all parent directories if they don't exist" [14:14:33] []-, speak in the chat, please. [14:14:40] It's basically mkdir -p, I think. [14:14:59] Duesentrieb_: I'll probably do little work stuff and then I need to buy some water and come over there [14:15:11] <[]-> Ok, I put a part of code [14:15:24] <[]-> function wfMkdirParents( $dir, $mode = null ) { [14:15:31] <[]-> ... [14:15:43] <[]-> if ( is_null( $mode ) ) [14:15:45] <[]-> $mode = $wgDirectoryMode; [14:15:55] <[]-> { [14:15:57] <[]-> $fp = fopen("i:\\apache2\\logs\\er1.log", "a"); [14:16:06] <[]-> fprintf($fp, "dir=%s mode=%s\n",$dir, $mode); [14:16:08] <[]-> fclose($fp); [14:16:09] <[]-> } [14:16:29] <[]-> and I see at er1.log [14:16:51] <[]-> things like dir=F:\htdocs/images/thumb/0/0b/╨Ы╨░╨╖╨╡╤А╨╜╤Л╨╡_╨┐╤Г╤З╨║╨╕_Image011.gif mode=511 [14:17:19] []-: dont flood [14:17:27] Duesentrieb_: are there lots of people there already? [14:17:29] What does that have to do with wfMkdirParents()? [14:18:08] If you're appending gibberish to er1.log, why is that relevant to wfMkdirParents? [14:19:05] <[]-> Simetrical, I look at my php error.log and find a lot of warnings [14:19:35] <[]-> PHP Warning: mkdir() [function.mkdir]: No such file or directory in F:\htdocs\includes\GlobalFunctions.php on line 1943 [14:20:58] []-: wfMkDirParents, I assume,a cts like mkdir -p [14:20:59] <[]-> Simetrical, now I see that for some reason mkdir is attempt to create something that look like filename [14:27:50] hmm [14:34:05] Hi. Is it possible to use Javascript to replace Text in Wiki pages after loading ? [14:34:06] Nikerabbit: no, nearly no one. me and henriette, a few c-base guys. two of the citchen crrew later on. [14:34:22] Nikerabbit: i'll have to run out for an hour or so in a bit. [14:34:31] :( [14:34:36] Vinodh: yes [14:35:25] Any links explaining how to do it ? [14:35:34] Nikerabbit: i guess i'll tell people to come over in a while. we are still working out the setup [14:35:43] @search javascript [14:35:43] --mwbot-- Results: [charinsert, javascript, js, refresh, sorttable] [14:35:51] !js Vinodh [14:35:51] --mwbot-- To set up custom javascript on a wiki, edit the page called [[MediaWiki:Common.js]] (NOT a file, a page on your wiki, which is included via