[00:59:51] 03(mod) MergeAccount should assign never-been-used accounts to the global account - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14416 +comment (10wantman) [01:06:26] Does anyone have experience with texvc? For some reason it is rejecting the /overleftrightarrow{} AMS code. Even though latex can handle it fine. [01:11:28] hmm, &maxage and &smaxage aren't doing anything in the API.. (on wikimedia anyhow) [01:11:51] > private, s-maxage=0, max-age=0, must-revalidate [01:42:03] what do I edit to change the default colors again? I can't remember, I changed them a long time ago, and want to put it back to default now... [01:53:17] GI_James|WerK: i don't know, there are probably multiple ways. could you have used Mediawiki:Common.css? [01:53:27] that's what I would have done [01:53:32] if it could be done that way [01:56:36] hrmph. I'm drawing some simple lines with arrowheads in Inkscape and am getting nasty remnants in the MW rendering. [01:57:27] I converted to path, which is necessary for the arrowheads. But there's something in the upper left corner of the picture. [01:58:52] no references to external images, no embedded bitmaps? [01:59:04] are you using imagemagick/rsvg/other? [02:00:37] rsvg [02:01:03] I get MW from svn and keep it up to date. So, it's recent. [02:01:22] No bitmaps. It's a line, with arrowheads.. pretty simple. I converted to path. [02:02:21] can you pastebin the svg? (being plain text xml and all) [02:03:01] Yes, but it might take me a sec to figure out how.. [02:04:37] copy to whatever.svg.txt, open in text editor, paste at http://rafb.net/paste/ [02:05:42] http://rafb.net/p/vvWS7V86.html [02:07:15] Can see my rendering at http://rrhs.guynes.net/wiki/index.php/Image:Drawing_of_a_line.svg [02:07:24] See the artifact in upper left corner? [02:08:59] On a different topic, I am VERY interested in alterntives to texvc that can render much more LaTeX. [02:09:41] odd [02:11:15] yes... mediawiki:common.css [02:11:18] thanks. [02:12:11] Splarka: Oddly enough, I can open the SVG with Firefox and the remnant is not there. [02:12:28] ok. Interesting problem. How do I get the wiki to NOT convert a & to & in a specific block of code? [02:13:54] demon: heh, I found that terribly annoying using raw and javascript, I never did figure it out [02:14:18] You man & in a document? [02:14:25] s/man/mean/ [02:14:34] (I just moved the javascript to an included MediaWiki namespace file, in my case) [02:18:47] not sure how that would work [02:19:51] in my case, I am trying to use a flash object with parameters, etc. [02:20:43] I am using extensions to allow php and tags and such, but the whole & thing is screwing them up [02:21:41] ahh, flash [02:21:52] it works just fine other than the &'s, so I know the extension isn't the problem (nonparameterized things work fine) [02:22:09] dcflashgames.com [02:22:34] if you want to see waht I am doing, if that helps fix the problem [02:22:56] Mookie: can't see anything obvious, why don't you try removing one element at a time from the svg (via text editor) and see when/if it goes away? [02:24:19] sparkla: any ideas? [02:25:18] Splarka: okay [02:27:44] does anyone know how to stop & form being converted to & in the source code produced by mediawiki? [02:30:33] sparkla: so how exactly did you fix your problem? it may be applicable to this case [02:30:59] wow. misspelling [02:32:47] does anyone know how to stop & form being converted to & in the source code produced by mediawiki? [02:35:14] Splarka: I deleted the two arrowheads, but still have artifact.. it's not a element that is doing it. [02:40:31] Splarka: It's the marker elements doing it. I have no idea why they are being kept in there. [02:53:30] 03huji * r36518 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesFa.php: Localisation updates: Adding/updating Persian translations [02:53:35] hey, anyone here who can help me understand Article::doEdit() better? [02:54:08] mainly, i want to know "who" calls it when action=submit... and when it returns good, what actually happens? [02:55:20] Mookie: removing it fixed it? [02:55:42] Hey Splarka (it's wiredtape) [02:56:03] demon: I used would fail [03:15:00] 03(mod) Enable GlobalBlocking extension - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8707 (10cometstyles) [03:15:04] hm.. doing some twsts. [03:15:08] tests [03:15:16] to be sure that is my problem [03:16:03] are you using a parser extension tag called , or allowing raw html? [03:16:45] neither. it is coming through the extension [03:16:58] Securephp, the tag is [03:17:47] 03aaron * r36519 10/trunk/phase3/includes/ (Article.php ProtectionForm.php Title.php): [03:17:47] * Revert r36478; I don't see the point in this cryptic code [03:17:47] * Restore r36273 as explain on mailing list [03:17:57] mmm... and your browser doesn't like & in src? [03:18:21] 03(mod) Admins should be asked for confirmation when Antispoof applies - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13426 (10tylerromeo) [03:18:26] ok. the wierd part. it works on 2 computers, but no others. [03:19:05] sounds like a browser problem then... are you sure it is the tag? do those computers work with a manually created in a non-wiki page? [03:19:47] to see what is happening: dcflashgames.com login: t3 password: stuff [03:20:25] got no flash ^_^ [03:21:07] go to a game pager [03:21:15] 03aaron * r36520 10/trunk/phase3/includes/EditPage.php: E_SRICT; callback should have the ampersand [03:21:27] any of them. I am specifically talking about the ratings below the game [03:23:59] ok. nevermind. did some debugs... I am now clueless as to what the problem is [03:24:04] well, what I am simply asking is... do the 2 browsers even work with tags that aren't &-polluted? [03:24:15] yes [03:24:47] (and are they object/param redundant for IE) [03:24:49] wait mnevermind that was stupid. i dont know for sure if this is the problem or not [03:25:15] yes, I'm confusing myself, and they are redundent [03:25:31] did you go to somewhere you can see the ratings block? [03:25:51] I have no flash installed, I quite hate flash [03:27:22] k... i got to go check and see what my debugs did, if anything. [03:41:04] scratch everything.... we have been trying to fix the wrong thing... [03:41:17] bye [03:44:12] *Splarka snickers [03:44:49] 03(mod) Admins should be asked for confirmation when Antispoof applies - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13426 +comment (10tylerromeo) [03:47:37] 03(NEW) enhancement of languageConverter - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14604 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Internationalization; (fdcn64) [03:49:44] !man Hooks [03:49:44] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Hooks [03:50:11] hey hey hey, keep your man hooks to yourself, they're sharp [03:53:06] Splarka, is there any reason why $article->getTitle()->getText() shouldn't get me the plain text version of the articles title? (do you know?) [03:53:17] getPrefixedText [03:53:22] will give it to you with the namespace [03:53:27] perhaps that's what you're really after. [03:53:38] nope, i need it without the namespace.. [03:54:04] though i could change it in both my functions, so that works just as well.. thanks :) [03:56:01] *Splarka shrugs [03:56:37] getText will give it to you without the namespace.. [03:59:08] Werdna, thx, perhaps u can help with this: I have an extension that basically saves a page.. now, I also have a function sitting on the ArticleSaveComplete hook. I need to compare between the extension save and the hook save, to make sure that it is indeed a save that was executed by the extension and not by a "regular process" - how do I get the info from the hook function, into the other function? [03:59:33] I'm tyring to use a global of course, but for some reason it isn't working... [03:59:47] "isn't working"? [04:00:02] i guess i'm just not declaring it in the right place.. :-\ [04:00:21] globals need to be declared just before they are used. [04:01:54] so, supposedly i could declare a glbal inside a function, and that global is now "completely" accessible from any other function? [04:03:20] !man Hooks [04:03:20] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Hooks [04:04:10] ok, ill take a look at that [04:36:10] 03(mod) JavaScript table sort does not observe local language with respect to digit groups , decimals and date formats - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8063 +comment (10mmehdi.g) [05:44:58] http://www.slate.com/id/2194087/ heh [07:02:58] 03river * r36521 10/trunk/tools/ts-specs/ (TSautoconf.spec TSsubversion.spec): [07:02:59] TSsubversion: link with -R/usr/sfw/lib [07:02:59] TSautoconf: new spec [07:36:56] got an error "Error: ERR_ZERO_SIZE_OBJECT, errno [No Error]" when trying to create a login [07:37:02] what does this mean? [07:39:15] segfault! [07:40:09] mmm - just moved away from that server [07:40:30] tried from another page and worked [07:48:02] 03(NEW) Add Database status to general siteinfo - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14605 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: API; (overlordq) [07:49:37] 03(mod) Add Database status to general siteinfo - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14605 (10overlordq) [08:23:24] 03(mod) We would like to have a logo set at http://se.wikimedia.org - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14517 (10mickewiki) [08:44:43] <_wooz> lo [08:51:15] !wg debugdumpsql [08:51:15] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgdebugdumpsql [08:52:01] !wg DebugDumpSql [08:52:01] --mwbot-- http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:%24wgDebugDumpSql [08:52:03] :D [08:52:23] you can /msg it too ya know [08:52:49] why are we so inconsistent with our capitalisation of acronyms? [08:56:51] I disagree with r36519 [08:57:16] You can't just revert code for being too cryptic, really. There is tons of "cryptic" code. [08:57:38] And it's also bad-faith to revert something by someone else unless you are a senior developer or there has been some sort of discussion on the mailing list. [08:58:19] "bad faith"? [08:58:27] what does "bad faith" mean, MinuteElectron? [08:58:30] ok [08:58:36] s/bad faith/mean [08:58:49] Bad choice of wording maybe, [08:59:24] mean is the wrong word too, i don't know [09:00:52] Anyhow "I don't see the point in this cryptic code" is not an reason for reverting it - maybe someone does, that's why we have discussions about stuff like this on the mailing list. [09:02:57] sweet. [09:03:01] AbuseFilter officially rocks. [09:07:44] what is AbuseFilter? can't seem to find it. i still maintain my $wgSpamRegex :D [09:08:21] :D [09:28:55] hey. is there any way to merge two global accounts with different names? [09:29:34] I mean, it's annoying to have to log out from my en.wiki global account and login to my commons account every time I upload something on commons. [09:30:06] (I am an admin on both en.wiki and commons) [09:35:20] if they're on different names then no [09:36:19] hmm... is there any way to keep one username logged in on commons and one on en.wiki (i.e. prior-global account behaviour)? [09:37:18] you could secure.wikimedia for one and decaffinated for the other [09:37:45] which one is your global account on? [09:37:52] en.wiki [09:38:15] well, on en.wiki User:Bogdangiusca and on commons User:Bogdan [09:38:24] are both global accounts? [09:38:30] yup. [09:38:47] yea merging global accounts isn't possible afaik. [09:39:54] https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/wiki/Special:Userlogin [09:40:24] hmm.. yeah, but it's slower that way :/ [09:40:29] you should be able to stay logged in as User:Bogdan from secure, and User:Bogdangiusca from insecure [09:40:39] thanks. [09:40:42] alternatively, you could use two separate browsers ^_^ [09:41:12] or two user instantces in the same browser (depending on your system) [10:19:04] 03shinjiman * r36522 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/ (4 files): Localisation updates Cantonese, Chinese and Old/Late Time Chinese [10:19:07] Warning: escapeshellarg() has been disabled for security reasons in /home/rvpilcom/public_html/Mirc-IL.com/w/includes/GlobalFunctions.php on line 1040 [10:19:26] why do I get that when trying to use [[image:image.png|16px]] [10:19:41] 16 px is smaller then the actual image size [10:22:48] !bug [10:22:48] --mwbot-- https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=`e1 [10:26:56] 03(mod) Ability to use hyperlinks in log summaries - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13205 (10agkwiki) [10:51:16] 03rotem * r36523 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialRecentchanges.php: Removing the recent changes fieldset, per complaints from some users. [10:58:28] *Splarka tries to figure out why maxage and smaxage are failing to do anything, in ApiMain.php; speaks in third person; abuses semicolons [11:00:26] Simetrical, you around ? :) [11:05:00] damn you php [11:05:42] $this->mSquidMaxage = -1 [11:05:44] if($this->mSquidMaxage == -1) [11:05:52] will that ever be true? should it be === ? [11:10:02] why should it not be true? [11:10:25] well, it never seems to be, but I only can read pseudohp [11:11:03] Dues: the problem is, &maxage and &smaxage parameters are either never getting parsed or always getting overwritten, or that is returning false all the time, or setCacheMaxAge() is called even for non-errors [11:11:07] well, if you assign -1, and then compare == -1, it will be true [11:11:24] if you assign "-1", then == will be true but === will be false [11:11:52] k [11:12:49] (or that the header is getting usurped, heh) [11:21:30] okay... the 'Expires: ' is set to time() if maxage or smaxage is used.. and looking at the fuzzy logic, this means... [11:32:27] *Splarka always hates reopening old bugs [11:32:42] 04(REOPENED) Allow noncritical and possibly repetitive API queries to be cached by &maxage URI parameter - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14402 +comment (10herd) [11:34:59] 03rotem * r36524 10/trunk/phase3/includes/specials/SpecialRecentchanges.php: Re-adding a
element for the rc options. [12:14:44] 03(mod) Logo for Modern Skin - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14594 (10danny.b) [12:14:48] 03(mod) CSS (tracking) - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=12788 (10danny.b) [12:38:50] I wanna give links to the first 5 pages in a category [12:38:55] how can I do that (dynamically) [12:39:42] anyone here? [12:41:33] no. [12:41:45] 15:36:35 21/06 I wanna give links to the first 5 pages in a category [12:41:46] 15:36:41 21/06 how can I do that (dynamically) [12:43:09] T_T [12:44:40] !repeat [12:44:40] --mwbot-- Please do not repeat yourself too often. If little conversation has occurred since your last message, then it is likely no one has an answer or someone who does hasn't looked in IRC yet. You risk annoying people if you incessantly repeat yourself. [12:44:44] !dpl [12:44:44] --mwbot-- The DynamicPageList (DPL) extension outputs reports based on criteria given in a special tag. For more information, see and . [12:47:11] Werdna, I don't see anything I need there [12:47:22] there's "list categories of which pages are in" [12:47:25] I need the opposite [12:55:59] Werdna, with dpl, how do I limit the number of articles displayed? [12:56:03] I want only 3 for example [12:56:07] dunno, never used it. [12:57:33] maybe would be better in this case [13:43:18] 03(NEW) Automatic change of settings after SUL merge: No acces to "Recent changes" - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14606 major; normal; Wikimedia: Site requests; (bjarte.w.engesland) [13:48:52] good morning all, i'm trying to make a check that an article was indeed created.. however, i'm running into snags, can anyone help? [13:51:42] Wiredtape, sure [13:51:46] what's the problem? [13:54:02] Dor, ok, so I have an extension, that in order to save a page it "clones" what a normal edit page would look like if it were submitted (this is just how the original extension was designed) [13:54:20] okay [13:54:40] Specifically in this case, i want a popup which is the one that actually does this save, to close after i verify that the article was saved correctly. [13:54:53] I have tried several hooks, but in all i encounter a similar problem [13:55:12] I'm not very good with extensions :( [13:55:39] :) I'm not sure this is an extension problem per se.. see if you might be able to help :) [13:58:19] I think the problem is along these lines: I'm trying to get a variable from the function that is called in order to emulate an edit page submittion. But unfortunately, this var isn't available to me inside my hook functions.. (it's as if there are timing problems with ArticleSaveComplete, ArticleSave and so on..) [13:58:20] Dor^ [13:58:42] hmmm [13:58:58] of course these are global [13:59:01] nope, I still dunno :P [13:59:06] ok, thx :) [13:59:58] ialex, u here? [14:00:02] yes [14:00:11] can u help maybe? [14:01:15] what do you want to do? [14:01:38] i want to close the popup on successfull article creation.. [14:02:08] popup? [14:02:21] wich popup? [14:02:47] ialex , read above? [14:10:26] ialex? (sorry for bothering..) [14:10:42] Wiredtape: i'm reading the code :) [14:12:00] Wiredtape: $wgOut does a redirect to the page, but you want to close the window, right? [14:14:47] ialex: ok :) perhaps it would be helpful to see my code too... http://rafb.net/p/9IzyS883.html -> keep in mind that all those echos are there just for testing.. [14:15:01] ialex: yes.. (re:$wgOut) [14:17:04] ialex: the problem is that $SFCurrentSave is null when I get to sfPOPCheckArticleSave .. [14:18:34] Wiredtape: SF_AddData.php shouldn't be a function? [14:19:11] ialex: it's a special page.. and that excerpt i show in the pastey is a part of the main function for that special page.. [14:20:24] Wiredtape: because the special page isn't called when you save an edit [14:21:29] ialex: but it is called right before you save an edit with it.. so i thought i could have $SFCurrentSave as a global and then pull that from my checking function.. [14:21:54] ialex: how else can i verify that the page that was just saved, was indeed saved by Special:AddData ? [14:22:10] s/saved/created [14:22:31] Wiredtape: the form is posted to title=New_Article&action=submit [14:23:35] ialex: right.. but i thought that since sffPrintRedirectForm is called from SF_AddData.php, that it would work.. :-\ [14:23:51] so, do you have any suggestions on how i could do this verification? [14:24:32] Wiredtape: you can do a internal save, like API does [14:25:01] ialex: can you explain that? you mean use Article::doEdit() right? [14:25:06] yes [14:25:23] so, what parameters would I need in order to do that? [14:25:45] $article = new Article( $title ); [14:26:37] $article->doEdit( $text, $summary, $flags ); [14:27:01] $flags = what? [14:27:03] where $flags is a bitfield [14:27:08] second [14:27:33] ok, so basically it should be set to "my" $edit_time or $start_time ? [14:27:45] see http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/phase3/includes/Article.php?view=markup and search Article::doEdit() and read the doc [14:29:17] ialex: ok, thanks a lot! (one more question though.. after a proper doEdit has occured, would my checker work? or is there an internal article class success check?) [14:30:11] Wiredtape: you want to know if the save was sucessful? [14:30:18] s/save/edit [14:30:41] yes [14:31:14] Wiredtape: $artcile->doEdit() return a bool whether the edit was successful [14:32:06] ialex -> :) thx... if i have questions about doEdit ill ask you.. :) [14:36:37] Very quick question for a Wikimedia OTRS response [14:36:56] Someone wants to change the article background from white in their monoboo [14:37:01] What's the id of the div they need to change? [14:40:11] seanw - it's content iirc [14:40:30] Thanks. [14:40:32] *seanw will test first... [14:40:56] ialex: what about an edit token? does article->doEdit() need one? [14:41:45] Wiredtape, apparently not [14:41:52] hmm [14:42:21] aha bodyContent [14:42:40] Wiredtape: no [14:42:57] seanw , sorry, i work of a changed skin, so i didn't remember.. [14:43:08] hehe np [14:43:23] ialex: then how does mw know if someone else is working on the same article as well? [14:45:14] ialex: and how can i get the watch checkbox to work in this case as well... [14:48:02] Wiredtape: $wgUser->addWatch( $article->mTitle ); [14:49:46] ialex: and regarding the edit token? [14:49:54] ialex: thanks so much for all this help... [14:50:01] Wiredtape: you need to do it yourself [14:50:17] Wiredtape: Article::doEdit() doesn't check this [14:52:42] ialex: how would i check for another edit taking place on a page that might/might-not exist? [15:06:54] 03catrope * r36525 10/trunk/phase3/includes/api/ApiMain.php: Oops, gotta use $exp here [15:08:14] 03(FIXED) Allow noncritical and possibly repetitive API queries to be cached by &maxage URI parameter - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14402 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [15:13:39] 03catrope * r36526 10/trunk/phase3/ (RELEASE-NOTES includes/api/ApiQuerySiteinfo.php): [15:13:39] API: [15:13:39] * (bug 14605) Adding readonly field to meta=siteinfo&siprop=general [15:13:39] * Unifying coding style in ApiQuerySiteinfo [15:15:18] 03catrope * r36527 10/trunk/phase3/RELEASE-NOTES: Oops, removed RELEASE-NOTES entries in r36526 [15:17:39] 03(FIXED) Add Database status to general siteinfo - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14605 +comment (10roan.kattouw) [15:26:19] I'm still hunting for someone who knows texvc pretty well. I'm digging through the code and cannot see why \overleftarrow is accepted as valid LaTeX but \overleftrightarrow is not. [15:31:11] perhaps it's \overrightarrow ? [15:41:51] hi brion [15:42:06] yo [15:48:54] \overrightarrow is accepted also [15:49:39] Ok.. I think I am on the right track. It appears that overleftarrow and overrightarrow are valid without AMS installed [15:57:56] yep, texvc is not appending AMS to temporary .tex document. [16:07:49] quick question, what does the showall=0 on Special:Contributions link do? [16:20:44] hi, if i have an extension that uses article::doEdit() to save a page, is there any way for me to check that there are no conflicts with the save (for instance, someone else edited the page since i had)? [16:21:29] I was thinking that perhaps I could check rev id's and see if anything changed since the edit started? [16:26:58] uberfuzzy: afaik nothing. where do you see one? [16:27:16] Wiredtape: you could do something like that, sure [16:27:58] the edit form checks for conflicts by keeping track of the timestamp of the revision that was current when you started editing. if that no longer matches, then it knows something's amiss [16:28:13] the links that change number of items per page [16:30:13] brion: thank you .. [16:32:35] no sign of 'showall' in SpecialContributions.php ... [16:34:01] uberfuzzy: it'll pass the parameter on into the paging links if you put it on the url to start with [16:34:16] so the question is, where'd you get it from in the first place ;) [16:34:29] you might have some js gadget or somethign that uses it [16:34:36] (or someone else might and they gave you the link) [16:35:23] its at Wikia, so it might be something they added [16:36:41] hi all [16:37:43] possible as well [16:38:06] might be something for showing/hiding cross-wiki edits? [16:41:31] newbie question maybe, but here goes: somebody using my wiki complained that her link to a page does not work anymore. it looked like this: ...../index.php/Ready but the page is actually ..../index.php?title=Ready [16:43:15] peterna, they are one and the same [16:44:53] wiredtape, thanks ok, then what did i do wrong here: http://www.16guidelines.org/wiki/index.php?title=Ready_Set_Happy#Sound_Files [16:45:16] 03(mod) Parser hook output block level corruption - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8997 +comment (10bugzilla.wikimedia.org) [16:45:42] peterna, wrong ? [16:46:50] well, if i change the index.php?title= to just a / then i am returned to the main page [16:48:19] as in http://www.16guidelines.org/wiki/index.php/Ready_Set_Happy#Sound_Files [16:49:37] peterna, i have two questions for you: 1) in localsettings.php - what are $wgScriptPath and $wgArticlePath set as? 2) is /wiki/ the actual directory that holds mediawiki? [16:52:10] wiredtape, (1) $wgScriptPath = "/wiki"; (2) it is on a webhotel so the actual path is /public_html/wiki [16:52:34] peterna and $wgArticlePath ? [16:53:04] wiredtape, that is not set in my config file [16:53:25] peterna add $wgArticlePath = "/wiki/index.php/$1"; [16:54:47] wiredtape, ok i try that now. [16:55:28] 03brion * r36528 10/trunk/tools/planet/shared/ (. www/): add a shared dir for shared styles/icons/bits [16:56:49] peterna: better yet to set it to: $wgArticlePath = "{$wgScript}/$1"; [16:58:22] peterna: anyway, i have to go, home it works out for you... [16:59:09] wiredtape, thanks a lot [17:30:10] 03(NEW)

tags in front of all parser functions - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14607 normal; normal; MediaWiki: Page rendering; (bugzilla.wikimedia.org) [17:35:07] for some reason the logo and favicon of my wiki only appears in edit pages [17:35:10] anyone knows the problem? [17:35:56] $wgLogo is set properly [17:36:01] $wgFavicon as well [17:54:31] Dor: forgot to use absolute paths? [17:56:32] brion-away, I have to use absolute path? [17:56:55] even if the images are on the same directory as LocalSettings.php [17:56:56] ? [17:57:33] yep [17:58:00] browser thinks your path is /index.php/ or /wiki/ or whatever, not / [17:58:08] so you need to give it an absolute path to make sure it works consistently [17:59:11] 03thomasv * r36529 10/trunk/extensions/ProofreadPage/proofread.js: adding space after comment [18:00:45] 03thomasv * r36530 10/trunk/extensions/ProofreadPage/ProofreadPage.php: increasing version number [18:03:04] brion-away, ok [18:40:09] question: if, after installing an extension, it's messages still show up as if they were not loaded, how do you fix that? [18:40:20] what's the best way to recognize if i'm on edit page? [18:40:40] in php source i mean [18:43:29] is the "source" for download.wikipedia.org open somewhere? [18:46:14] i'm making a tool to parse download.wikipedia.org to see if there is a newer dump for a given project. is there an api or a feed or a tool that does something like this already? [18:51:54] http://svn.wikimedia.org/viewvc/mediawiki/trunk/backup/ [18:54:13] hippietrail: there's an rss feed for each individual file [18:55:05] ah i didnt see the feed! just what i need for my wiktionary firefox extension [18:55:50] where do i access the feed if not from http://download.wikipedia.org/backup-index.html [18:56:49] 03river * r36531 10/trunk/tools/ts-specs/ (.pkgtoolrc TSapc.spec TScurl.spec TSphp.spec): [18:56:49] .pkgtoolrc: include base-specs in specdirs [18:56:49] TScurl, TSphp, TSapc: new specs [18:57:06] hippietrail: they're sitting in the latest dirs [18:57:19] ("latest", not the dated ones) [18:59:56] brion-away: pardon my stupidity - i can't find the feed even on http://download.wikipedia.org/enwiktionary/20080613/ [19:03:16] or do i just need to know the url without a link on the page? [19:03:37] http://download.wikipedia.org/enwiktionary/latest/ [19:05:16] thanks MinuteElectron - where is that linked from? [19:11:26] 03ashley * r36532 10/trunk/extensions/SocialProfile/ (9 files in 4 dirs): [19:11:26] SocialProfile: [19:11:26] *don't hardcode values, just use the MediaWiki: message [19:11:26] *remove some php 4-isms [19:11:26] *coding style tweaks [19:13:04] google tells me nothing links to the "latest dump" page: http://www.google.com.mx/search?as_lq=http%3A%2F%2Fdownload.wikipedia.org%2Fenwiktionary%2Flatest%2F&btnG=Search [19:14:27] you're meant to work it out, it's a leetness test [19:14:48] hi [19:15:12] *hippietrail too old now to be leet [19:16:32] i have a problem i want to place a gallery with 6 pictures in a line and took this " " but it doesn't work [19:16:46] can anybody help me? [19:17:38] Kili: have you looked at www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Tables? [19:18:29] it's not a table it's an image gallery with a lot of pictures [19:19:30] http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Gallery#Gallery_of_images like the last example [19:20:57] Kili: oh i see. what told you to use "perrow"? I have never heard of that [19:21:55] i read it in wikipedia, i thought its also possible to use it for mediawiki [19:22:21] is there any other option to make 6 pictures in a row? [19:23:52] if an image is taller than the text of a section, how can I force the next section to render after the end of the image without using lots of
tags? How can I use the css clear tag? (if that will work) [19:25:13] is there anywhere a manual with all possible options fpr mediawiki? [19:26:14] Kili: well you could use a normal table with invisible borders inside a single-celled border=1 table [19:26:29] Kili: all possible options = no [19:26:34] but mediawiki.org has a lot [19:27:28] okay, than i try to use a table [19:27:34] thanks and ciao [19:41:22] hi there [19:41:52] anybody who remembers the problem with the "poisoned" cache and the strange wikilinks? [19:42:52] anyway, this one is poisoned again: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schwefellampe [19:44:01] hello [19:46:00] is there any function or variable to see in which action the page is? [19:57:28] 03(mod) Add Database status to general siteinfo - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14605 (10overlordq) [20:05:14] I'm getting ready to set up a new wiki site -- do we have an estimated rollout date for version 1.13? [20:07:39] Not at all. [20:07:52] It used to be quarterly releases, but that doesn't really happen anymore. [20:09:16] mmmm....ok [20:09:20] thanks :) [20:09:34] If you have easy SVN access, I'd suggest using it. [20:09:43] I do, and I am [20:10:08] You can see what version Wikimedia uses at [[Special:Version]]. I'd suggest using whatever they use, as it's probably the rev with the fewest issues. [20:10:48] 36512 is what they're running. [20:11:05] ok, thanks for the info [20:11:15] No problem. [20:38:42] 03river * r36533 10/trunk/tools/ts-specs/TSscreen.spec: TSscreen: new spec [21:06:05] 03river * r36534 10/trunk/tools/ts-specs/TSsubversion.spec: rpaths need to be in $LIBS, not $LDFLAGS [21:28:54] hi [21:28:58] i have a multi wiki setup [21:29:03] but want to create more [21:29:31] what is the easiest way to do this? [21:29:53] i am copying the same config file over and over (with minor tweaks), so is there a way to just generate blank tables [21:30:54] generating completely blank tables would not be ideal and would more than likely break many things [21:31:25] i don't mean completely blakn [21:31:33] i just mean the starting state [21:31:52] but you can dump and then import the database of a freshly installed wiki with no edits instead of having to re-run the install script numerous times [21:32:11] (dump once, import for all the wikis you want to install) [21:32:35] there's also the Farmer extension that supposedly takes care of "everything"... [21:35:18] Skizzerz: yeah, I tried that, but i lost half the file :S [21:35:25] Duesentrieb: hmmm, ill have a look at that one [21:36:40] bjwebb: uh, you lost files by importing the database? [21:36:44] that's... confusing [21:36:51] what does it mean? [21:37:06] lol [21:37:10] i mean i exported into a sql [21:37:16] tried importing it with changed names [21:37:25] but it turned out a few tables just weren't there [21:49:08] hmm [21:49:20] whats the bar called, that on wikipedia says: From wikipedia..... [21:49:26] bjwebb: sitesub [21:49:38] Hi all. I don't know if I'm in the right place for it, but I was wondering if someone could help me with the AmazonAssociates extension. I know where to put my associateID, but anyone know what the SubscriptionId is? TIA [21:50:50] Hi! I've imported a wikipedia dump into my mediawiki (1.12) installation. My problem is that the dump doesn't seem to be parsed (I get a lot of {{#if:| }} instead of clean content). The server it's running on is vanilla CentOS 5, with apache, php and mysql. [21:51:11] MrPunk: you need to install the ParserFunctions extension [21:51:21] flyingparchment: Thank you. [21:53:28] hello [22:56:20] 03(mod) Allow noncritical and possibly repetitive API queries to be cached by &maxage URI parameter - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14402 (10herd) [23:40:52] 03demon * r36535 10/trunk/phase3/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Add MediaWiki:Print.css back in. Now applies to printable=yes -and- actual printing media. [23:41:47] 03(FIXED) Print stylesheet should be explicitly editable (e.g. MediaWiki: Print.css) - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2889 +comment (10innocentkiller) [23:44:52] ^demon: so how does one differentiate between the various skins in Print.css ? [23:46:04] chick/monobook/myskin/simple use common/commonPrint.css ... classic/cologneblue/nostalgia use common/wikiprintable.css [23:46:12] and modern uses modern/print.css [23:46:42] <^demon> Splarka: It applies to all, like Common.css [23:46:46] right [23:46:55] but how do you, if you *want* to, differentiate between them? [23:47:19] <^demon> Use @media print {} in the individual skin CSS. [23:47:38] <^demon> I figure you _could_ do the same in Common.css as well, but that wouldn't apply to printable=yes [23:48:08] right... so this is for content only, not interface [23:48:12] perhaps it should be Commonprint.css [23:48:38] <^demon> I lied, Common.css is applied to printable=yes. [23:48:40] *Splarka wonders how long until every skin has a printable css interface message, and then all the IEfixes are made into mw messages.. [23:48:49] common.css is applied to printable=yes BUT [23:48:53] printable=yes only does one thing... [23:49:11] it removes media="print" from the to the commonPrint [23:49:15] making it apply all the time [23:49:23] <^demon> Hmmm. [23:49:39] does your load of MediaWiki:Print.css behave the same? [23:49:47] <^demon> Yes. [23:49:50] goodgood [23:50:11] however [23:50:25] hmm...no, gen=css already used by the preferences [23:50:29] no good way to do it, heh [23:50:32] <^demon> If printable != yes, the @import has a 'print' attached. [23:50:42] ew [23:50:43] Splarka: Could JS be used to prevent loading of a page if it is over a certain size in bytes? [23:51:18] ^demon: @media print isn't supported by older browsers IIRC [23:51:20] why not have a: [23:51:32] [23:51:46] and then remove media="print" on printable=yes (same as the other does) [23:51:57] ...or are multiple media="" s not standard html [23:52:07] MZM: ehm... not really [23:52:37] unless it pre-loaded the page first via ajax [23:52:51] (I've tried that before, not really practical) [23:53:08] if there was a JS global in the header indicating size.. then maybe [23:53:20] *^demon really doesn't understand the MW skinning system [23:53:29] Hrm. [23:53:32] then maybe you shouldn't be editing it ^_^ [23:53:46] MZM: what one could do... dirtily... [23:53:54] Oooh, that's tricky [23:54:00] 03(NEW) Logo of sq.wikibooks - 10https://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=14608 15enhancement; normal; Wikimedia: Site requests; (cradel) [23:54:17] MW expands the compressed IPv6 addresses [23:54:24] is for each click, it would fetch the page via ajax, check the size, and then send you there via location.href rewrite after, but that would be terribly annoying [23:54:53] <^demon> Splarka: I'll rename it to Commonprint.css, if you'd like. [23:55:39] Commonprint.css is an ugly name. [23:55:41] ^demon: that doesn't really matter, but I am thinking it should probably be loaded via a duplicate instead of a