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wumboI wumbo, you wumbo, he/she/we wumbo, wumboing, wumbology, they study of wumbo...come on $1, this is first grade!
replicate!replicate $1$1
wm-botcan't be broken much more
nosewm-bot steals $1's nose and hands it to ChanServ for safekeeping
4pfastest 4 player I've been in 0:18:50 <lykos> Game lasted 00:32. 00:11 was day. 00:21 was night.
4p-2fastest 4 player I've been in 18:46:27 <lykos> Game lasted 00:27. 00:15 was day. 00:11 was night.
7pfastest 7 player I've been in 21:38:05 <lykos> Game lasted 01:16. 00:55 was day. 00:21 was night.
4p-3[Sep-13 14:32:18] <@lykos> Game lasted 00:24. 00:09 was day. 00:14 was night.
villagers[Sep-13 14:34:21] <rika> http://spamme.ru/werewolf.png
monster23:12:04 <sling00> swiggity swooty im pillaging chelsies monster booty.
opsIf there's a problem with this channel, then don't stay in it. If you want me to see it, pm the person with the name most similar to the channel name, or if I MUST see it /msg MemoServ myusername your message here
fmoarx=-1+i(sqrt(3)), x=-1-i(sqrt(3)) more, please
L235<L235> can't you test wmbot on your own channel?


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