[07:09:20] hello [07:10:03] hi abhi_ [07:10:57] as i am new in this field. can u please suggest me what actuall is to be done? [07:11:44] what are you interested in? have you installed mediawiki? [07:11:59] no! [14:29:56] motd [17:21:05] Im continuing to try and create a parser function in my template that displays a template if it exists, otherwise it displays a link to the the FULLURL &action=formedit my example is {{#ifexist: {{{{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations}} | {{{{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations}}| [{{FULLURL:}}&action=formedit|Create This Rule}} [17:21:12] What did i do wrong? [17:22:03] you're using fullurl wrong [17:22:09] the stuff goes *inside* the {{}} [17:22:29] {{fullurl:pagename|param1=value|param2=value|...}} [17:22:50] your external link syntax is also wrong [17:23:23] [[internal link|display text]] vs [external-link display text] [17:23:28] no | in external links [17:24:01] kevindank: You might also want to look at https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Page_Forms/Linking_to_forms#Pointing_red_links_to_a_form [17:25:31] FoxT: I have been using that but cant find an example of the snippet that i need so im struggling a bit. Im essentially trying to display the form results if they exist or display a link to edit the form if not...im using multiple forms with this template so im not sure i can use the default form parameter [17:26:18] here's the full template as you see its pretty complex: https://pastebin.com/iv8YN9Nf [17:27:07] Line 45 is my current attempt but it is displaying the page title if it exists, where as i want that part hidden if it does exist and just show the template [17:27:25] line 47 is the second attempt [17:30:21] eww [17:30:27] you don't need those by the way [17:30:34]

are fully allowed in wikitext as-is [17:31:23] isn't but you can use [[#section|link text]] for section links [17:32:08] oh nice, good to know [17:32:26] That will simplify things a bit [17:33:20] can i use {{#formredlink:target={{{PageNameParameter|}}}|form=FormName}} multiple times within the same template pointing different links to different forms FoxT: [17:33:29] sure [17:35:55] Does this work?: {{#ifexist: {{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations | [[:{{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations]]| {{#formredlink:target={{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations|link text=Create This Rule}}}} [17:37:04] so if i wanted to do something like {{#ifexist: {{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations}} | {{{{FULLPAGENAME}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations}} | {{#formredlink:target={{{{{FULLUR}}_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations|}}}|form=Patent Oaths or Declarations}} [17:37:20] oh nice, exactly what i was thinking [17:37:22] let me try [17:39:39] FoxT_ It does not, its displaying this on the page [[[:Template:FULLURL:]]&action=formedit [17:40:05] oops [17:41:44] after purging, it still looks broken just displaying this on the page: Angola_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations | Angola_Patent_Oaths_or_Declarations| Create This Rule}} [17:42:07] https://www.ipdocketengine.com/index.php?title=Angola is live link and visible if you click the oaths or declartaions tab [17:43:56] kevindank: Sure. Compare your call and mine. The braces are different. [17:52:05] Perfect, works great. Thanks Foxt_ and Skizzerz [17:52:55] Welcome. :) [19:18:34] is there any quick way to get a page id from a wikipedia page we're on? just by adding something to the uri? [19:19:34] codezee: in JavaScript? [19:19:46] I'm not sure exactly what you mean, you could use the API easily [19:19:57] action=query&titles=[...] [19:22:19] legoktm: yeah api is the goto thing but I remember sometime back someone recommending a trick, not sure about that exactly [19:22:35] like appending a keyword to the url or sth [19:23:09] codezee: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taylor_Swift?action=info ? [19:23:12] that has the page id [20:17:56] Nikerabbit: ping? [20:17:57] Does this work? [20:17:58] {{PAGEID: page name }} [20:19:56] Oops, just saw you wanted it in the URL. But {{PAGEID}} should work. [20:22:47] mobrovac: yes? [20:23:33] Nikerabbit: the link you provided on T192107 is broken and i can't find anything in logstash about the job failing [20:23:34] T192107: Unable to mark pages for translation in Meta - https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T192107 [20:24:00] mobrovac: wiki:metawiki AND TranslatablePage [20:24:39] looking [20:25:29] kk thnx Nikerabbit [20:25:46] we'll revert it for now [20:26:00] I had typo in the class name, sorry [20:26:14] for my defense it's midnight here :) [20:26:43] hehe kk [20:26:51] it's 10pm here, so not that far away :P [20:28:54] but I have to get up at 6am latest for my flight :D [20:30:04] ouch [20:30:06] that sucks [20:30:07] :/ [20:33:42] Nikerabbit: should be back to normal now [20:34:28] mobrovac: thanks! Feel free to lower the priority of the task now. I'll take a look at updating Translate when I am back. [20:34:51] yup yup [20:35:02] Nikerabbit: good night and have a safe flight! [20:36:15] thanks! going zZZ now [23:03:08] Evening everyone. I'm working on installing MW 1.30.0 from scratch, and have gotten almost everything set up and ready to go. I'm having issues with the image uploads, however. I'm getting an mw-store error. I am a newbie to some of this. Reading through FAQs and tutorials, it looks like it has to do with the open_basedir... but I'm not sure how to set that up? One site suggests changing it on php.ini, and one site suggests putting [23:03:12] Any one have any hints? [23:05:09] ElmerG: what is the specific error message you get? [23:06:39] One sec, let me see if it'll let me copy/paste it. [23:07:30] [Ws-mkmQk-6bixHfYJqTPxwAAAAs] Exception caught: Could not open lock file for "mwstore://local-backend/local-public/e/e1/Bite.gif". [23:08:30] add $wgShowExceptionDetails = true; in your LocalSettings.php and try again [23:08:39] it'll still break but it'll give more info as to what went wrong [23:09:24] the output will be many lines long; if putting it here please only paste the 1-2 most relevant lines, or use a pastebin service and then paste the link in here instead [23:10:01] One moment. [23:10:15] Check that your webserver user has permissions to write to the images directory [23:10:40] no lock file makes me think it's more of a temp directory issue than an images directory issue [23:11:30] I didn't get any additional lines. I put that line you gave me at the bottom of my LocalSettings.php. [23:11:38] hmm [23:11:52] what operating system is the wiki running on? [23:12:19] Centos 7, PHP 7.1, most updated packages from yum update [23:12:35] check permissions on your images directory, as legoktm said [23:12:47] Un momento. [23:12:52] * Skizzerz needs to head off [23:13:13] Skizzerz: by default it creates lock files in images/lockdir [23:13:56] The core images directory is 755. [23:14:11] For permissions, anyway. Do I need to chown it? [23:14:42] As a note, there's no lockdir in the images folder? [23:14:52] who is it owned by? [23:14:57] it should get created on first use [23:15:52] * ElmerG nods It's owned by my sudo-user. [23:16:01] ok, it should be owned by your webserver user [23:16:26] So chown... [23:16:28] I think it's "apache" on centos [23:16:29] yep [23:16:41] Should the whole mw directory be owned by that user? [23:16:48] no, just images/ [23:16:54] OK. Un momento. [23:17:06] oh and cache/ [23:19:53] Weird. The chown command doesn't seem to be changing the owner. [23:25:59] OK, I got that directory chowned. [23:26:20] Cache gives me 'total 0' when I try to check the ownership of it. [23:27:52] Cache has permissions 755 though. [23:31:11] how are you checking ownership? [23:31:24] looks as if you didn't add -d to ls -l command :P [23:32:01] I used ls -l, yes. [23:32:43] I'm new at this, so bear with me. And okay, both directories are 755 and owned by apache. [23:33:14] ls -l folder will list the contents of the folder [23:33:23] if you add -d it will list the folder itself [23:34:01] * ElmerG nods. Test upload, same error, no exta output after adding that line to localsettings.php [23:35:50] Aha, there we go. [23:36:01] Now to figure out how to make thumbnails work and I'm good. BACK TO THE DOCUMENTATION! [23:39:50] Thanks everyone. I understand a little better now about the writing permissions and what can go where. :D [23:40:35] :) [23:40:39] you are welcome [23:44:41] And thumbnails enabled. This is the first time I've ever set it up from base server.