[02:22:59] So I'm uploading a draw.io diagram (exported as .svg) to a mediawiki instance (1.26.2, https://www.i3detroit.org/wiki/Special:Version ) and getting the error "This SVG file contains an illegal namespace "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"." [02:23:47] And I can't fathom why mediawiki cares, nor can I seem to eliminate the error by unchecking any of the various checkboxes in the draw.io export dialog [02:25:52] Hi myself [02:26:36] MediaWiki cares, because if the svg contains html, it could potentially contain javascript, which could be used to do malicious things (like take over other people's accounts) [02:27:10] MediaWiki does block all html in svg, which might be a bit on the overkill side, but that's how it is [02:28:14] myself: There was appearently some discussion about this at https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T138783 which came to nothing [02:34:34] Oh, interesting, okay. I'm accustomed to *lots* of graphics on wikis being SVGs, so there must be a way to create SVGs that don't contain HTML; I've probably done this myself at some point, just not using draw.io [02:35:41] draw.io embeds in html to do some sort of line wrapping stuff [02:36:08] I'm assuming I could do something like open the file in Inkscape and export it again as 'plain svg" and it might strip that? but it might clobber the text, too... [02:36:18] Its probably possible to remove the embedded html just with a text editor fairly easily [02:36:20] For the moment I've got it working as a PNG upload and that's probably adequate [02:36:29] I have no idea what inkscape would do [02:36:42] Hmm. If it breaks I get to keep both pieces... time to find out! [02:37:31] From a text editor perspective, you'd have to look for something like xmlns:html="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml" and remove that, then look for anything and remove that, and [02:38:14] or maybe MediaWiki should just be changed to accept draw.io style svgs [02:45:50] Welp, for anyone else following along at home, inkscape renders the boxes just fine but the text is indeed all blown out and stupid. I'm sticking with PNG for now. [08:37:28] How do you guys manage your mediawiki instances? Settings files specifically [08:37:43] And extensions [08:38:09] What I did was download the mediawiki package and install it, which might have been a mistake at this point [08:38:28] I was thinking of initiating a git repository for the settings files in the mediawiki folder [08:39:18] I guess the mediawiki package doesn't come with the settings files, so is it safe to do this so that they won't get overwritten? (I can probably just revert changes with git though if they do come) [08:40:05] Another question I have is managing extensions, I began using Git for getting them, since pulling from git is much faster for upgrading than manually downloading [08:40:15] How do you manage multiple extensions like that? [09:01:18] harmaahylje: yep, cloning with git is fine, both for core and extensions [09:01:49] harmaahylje: and there's no super easy way to manage them all as a lot [09:01:58] or rather there are multiple ways; depends on what you want [10:09:19] samwilson: well my "problem" is that I manuall installed it, wondering if it is a bad idea to init a git repo just for the settings files [10:09:46] Has anyone here used ConfirmEdit/ReCaptchaNoCaptcha? [10:09:58] harmaahylje: do you mean LocalSettings.php ? [10:10:28] the core repo doesn't contain any file that will overwrite anything you should modify [10:10:46] I can't get it to work, I get the error "CAPTCHA verification failed due to internal error: recaptcha-api", but that doesn't really indicate anything [10:11:12] samwilson: great, thanks. LocalSettings.php yes, and other LocalSettings files (multiple sites) [10:11:50] oh cool, yeah. if you're following some LocalSetting_* prefix or something, you should be fine [10:12:07] yep :) [10:12:43] samwilson: thank you, that's great to hear. Now it will be easier to manage the settings for someone else that comes after me, as they can see the commit history [10:13:42] oh right, so you're sort of forking the main repo and only modifying non-core files? [10:14:04] should be fine with that prefix [10:14:13] I haven't forked the main repo, I manually installed it from a package [10:14:20] which I regret now [10:14:32] hm. upgrades could be tricky [10:14:34] would be way easier to pull the upgrades instead of downloading [10:14:38] yep [10:15:03] yeah. that's a common setup. git clone core and all extensions, checkout REL1_29 branches on all. [10:15:20] you could put your config files in another repo, in a subdir, and just have the main LocalSettings.php include them? [10:15:37] sure I could do that [10:16:05] Maybe I will just rehaul this.. and clone the core, then replace settings files. That shouldn't be a problem right, as I am using the same database? [10:16:23] I mean, does the upgrade process write into files, or only into database? [10:17:55] running update.php doesn't change any core files, no [10:18:04] so yeah you should be able to rejig it [10:18:33] i'm not convinced that there won't be some bother with keeping core and your settings in the same repo though :) [10:18:45] how would you update? [10:24:08] fine point [10:28:12] I guess I would constantly need to commit the settings files into the branch I am currently using, right? [10:29:11] yeah i guess you could keep a 'settings' branch, and then merge it into whatever other branch your running [10:29:23] *you're [10:34:43] if that's the case, it might be as easy to just download a new package and put it in [10:34:47] and have git repo only for the settings files [10:35:13] (and extensions) [11:12:50] holy moly. It is so fun to solve some problem, and then realize that the problem was defining wrongly named variable [11:13:03] (would be cool to get some debug info for that >:|) [11:13:18] went looking into ConfirmEdit source code, where I realized which variables it checks [11:13:21] aargh. [11:30:29] How would you guys merge images directories? I have a multiwiki setup, and two sites were originally configured for /images, and most of them were configured for /images/public, I'd like to move the files and folders in /images to /images/public so that all the sites would follow the same practise [11:33:57] then change the wgUploadDirectory, wgUploadPath etc. Would the database need something? [11:52:16] There is also a pool wiki configured, but I just noticed that it has not been used. Can there be clashes with filenames if multiples wikis upload into the same directory? [12:33:15] Does the Wikipedia/Mediawiki API allow any grogging of Vital Articles (e.g. get a list of all Level 2 Vital Articles)? [12:39:23] Would you guys use this editor extension? [12:39:24] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:WYSIWYG [12:55:48] WikiBrazil: all interest is in the visual editor now [12:56:18] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:VisualEditor [12:56:32] Niker, i've been using MediaWiki for 10 years now. It's been a pleasure for us. Quite easy to use and upgrade. [12:56:48] But VisualEditor with parsoid is a pain. [12:56:49] :-) [12:57:10] I want to run away from it. [12:58:35] It's not me saying that.So, I just want a good editor without this parsoid thing. Maybe I'll keep the core. [12:59:07] WikiBrazil: sadly, such a thing does not exist. ask again in 3 years or so. [13:05:37] or make it! [13:09:54] WikiBrazil: Same here, and I do agree with you. Only one of my wikis have parsoid and VisualEditor so far, but that is changing soon. [13:22:50] and I just migrated to WikiEditor :D [13:33:23] WikiBrazil: nice to hear. :) What wiki is it? [13:33:44] It's always useful to have some testimonials who are happy about MediaWiki! [13:45:14] wikirio.com.br [13:46:21] Nemo, nice to know there are users here [13:51:01] How do shareduploads work? My wikis have previously configured a 'pool', but not much seems to be in it, only a few images. I have removed the pool from the webserver, but in order for some images to show on other wikis, I need to have shareduploads set, and wgSharedUpload path to the pool (that doesn't exist on the web server). Why does it work even if the site is down!? [13:51:59] It would seem that in reality the pool wiki site doesn't even have to be running, as long as it has a database? [13:56:56] Seems like I can just set: $wgSharedUploadPath = "{$wgScriptPath}/images"; instead of the pool site [14:12:38] It is quite bizarre to me, that you would "need" to configure a separate site for this, evne though it seems to work without it? [14:12:48] Well I guess uploading files to a shared repository doesn't work with the site? [14:12:55] without the site* [14:13:24] Speaking of configuration that has all the sites on the same server [15:56:34] Whuzzuuup my mediawiki peepls [15:58:05] I just thought of something, maybe it's already been done. I am looking for an extension that will encrypt a page with AES and in order to see unencrypted text a user would need to know the password to decypher the page [15:58:45] anything like that exist? [15:59:55] like these guys are doing it: https://encipher.it/ [16:00:32] what's the usecase? [16:01:10] MediaWiki allows setting up user groups and permissions who can see what already. [17:13:55] Hello folks! I'm trying to run a mediawiki docker image with an additional plugin (SimpleMathJax). [17:14:31] The page https://docs.docker.com/samples/library/mediawiki/#adding-additional-libraries--extensions does not help so much and exports the volume extensions at /var/www/html/extensions or /usr/src/mediawiki/extensions does not work [17:14:48] Someone can help-me to get a docker installation that works with mathjax? [17:30:49] andre__: it's not supported, there may be a way to bypass it. There is always warning. I think encrypting with a key known to only people who have priv. to decrypt is better [17:34:30] DaemonD: Having a shared key circulated among people who might save that key in unencrypted ways sounds like an easy way to bypass it, indeed. [17:34:45] I don't understand "There is always warning". [17:35:18] so I don't see an argument yet why your idea would be much safer. [17:42:20] andre__: because only certain key people will know the secret key to decypher a message [17:43:53] andre__: there is a warning from mediawiki saying they do not support the user restriction as it can by easily bypassed. Problem is I don't want to create mediawiki for different departments i want to have 1 central mediawiki and if there is something sensitive i want to share within a department, there will be a known secrt key only known to that department [17:46:30] openpgp is fairly secure as long as people who have secret can be trusted [17:47:18] though if a person is let go they still may have the key which will be a problem ... hmm [17:47:41] but our wiki is closed and authentication is via active directory so they shouldn't have access to the encrypted content [17:50:13] Ah, I see [19:41:30] !hss [19:41:30] https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/mediawiki/6/69/Hesaidsemanticga2.jpg [19:42:18] * guillom hugs wm-bot. [20:15:56] guillom: what? :D [20:52:20] Anyone find a solution where the visualeditor create <- arrow and then places lines below to the same line above [20:54:42] i write cisco documentation lots of times and we use exclamation point as comment char !!!!!comment!!!!! [20:59:13] Don't use VE? :P [21:25:57] hmm, that's the only workaround? [21:28:24] I didn't understand your request :/ [21:42:15] If I use visualeditor and i start a lign with exclamation point and save.. first time it works ok [21:42:29] if i go edit, then it turns into an arrow <- and goes to previous line [21:42:58] interesting [21:43:10] browser? [21:44:00] chrome [21:45:12] have you tried any other browser (just curious, I have zero knowledge about visualeditor) [21:45:19] no not yet [21:53:19] DaemonD: you could test it at http://test.wikipedia.org/wiki/WP:SAND, see if the issue reproduces. [21:54:50] hmm [21:56:25] interesting it's doing the one line thing in edit but when i save it still seperates the lines. [21:56:34] I think i've seen this behavior too. [21:58:41] Sveta: where did visualeditor go? [22:00:04] nvm [22:01:19] interesting, it's working okay on wikipedia test site. [22:01:21] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/maniphest/task/edit/form/1/?tags=visualeditor [22:01:37] what mediawiki version are you using? [22:01:42] what visualeditor version are you using? [22:02:16] does it reproduce for you on a small page that has only 2-3 simple lines on your wiki? [22:02:31] i copy pasted the entire soirce [22:05:53] Sveta: it does not reproduce on small page [22:06:10] I am using VisualEditor: REL1_29 [22:06:42] Mediawiki version 1.29 [22:08:06] make your large page smaller and smaller, until you find which part is causing the problem [22:08:28] you can remove a half. if the problem is still there then remove a half of what's left [22:12:12] I will try but it's working on official wiki test server. I copied and pasted the whole page [22:13:04] yes you can make a copy of the page [22:15:28] so apparently i can do it with 3 lines and 4th line it dies [22:15:33] in my enviornment [22:17:00] it just broke in wikipedia test [22:17:15] i just tested putting a bunch of !test on each line and edited and it did the same thign [22:18:18] weird, now it's working again... [22:20:26] i guess i will see if i can upgrade [22:26:19] also my media wiki seems to be end of life i gotta upgrade to 1.30 anyways