[00:45:07] Right - so I'm completely lost. [00:45:34] I'm trying to use the mwclient framework to pull data from a mediawiki. [00:46:13] I've managed to the search function to work, but I can't figure out how to actually pull the information. [00:46:37] My current approach consists of trying to get the wikitext of the article and processing that. [00:47:53] So I'm trying to use mwclient.page.text(). [00:48:08] That just tells me that page has no .text() argument though. [00:50:05] I can't seem to find any real examples of mwclient being used to pull data - all instances of the framework being used only demonstrate article editing. [00:54:14] https://github.com/mwclient/mwclient/blob/master/REFERENCE.md#pages [00:55:52] https://github.com/mwclient/mwclient/wiki/Tutorial:Querying-Wikipedia-with-mwclient [00:57:31] Yeah, see, I'm trying that. [00:57:38] This is my function: http://dpaste.de/9ot2 [00:58:02] site looks undefined? [00:58:09] This is my error: https://i.imgur.com/F4sSlVb.png [00:58:29] Site is defined globally outside of the function: site = mwclient.Site('detectiveconanworld.com', path='/wiki/') [13:37:23] hi [15:12:32] can someone help me with integrating PHP, my apache can't find it if it's 5.6 [15:12:59] I have beaten upon the google, and it has beaten me back. I haz a sad [15:20:38] is anyone able to help w/PHP5.6? [15:22:50] what is the problem? [15:23:35] My apache cannot find or use the PHP5.6 shared object [15:24:07] I'm using RHEL 7. I also run into trouble trying to get mbstring activated, etc. [15:24:31] I just clobbered the system to try again - in order to get the php version specified I have to build it from source, while I can just yum install httpd [15:24:53] if i MUST build httpd from source too, I guess I will. but I'd rather now [15:25:08] not... and I'm behind a corporate firewall, too! Yay no External Yum [15:31:25] why are you building PHP from source? :o [15:31:52] because it's not available from internal spacewalk [15:33:02] and I haven't been able to get the software colelction repo to work [15:33:31] i have no idea what any of these words mean. it sounds like you're having a RHEL problem, not a MediaWiki problem, and i can't help with that. [15:33:34] I did actually get an rpm installed on the last go-round but that also wasn't found by the mediawik [15:34:17] if the PHP 5.5 requirement is the problem, try using the older MediaWiki 1.23, which only requires 5.3. it's still supported [15:34:39] if it were up to me what version I used, yeah sure... [15:34:49] (technically the support ends this month… we just released a bunch of security fixed for it recently) [15:36:31] so has anyone integrated 1.28 with RHEL7 at all? [16:16:57] Hello, is there a way to have Mediawiki use jQuery() instead of $() when printTrail() is called in a skin? [16:17:36] hey, I updated via git but after update my site stopped working.. I got this error: https://pastebin.com/XHj7qs9q [16:17:50] can someone help me please? [16:27:43] ganiman: probably not without patching it. [16:39:26] Is there a way to get each part of the head elements individually rather than using $this->html('headelement');? I only want to get the parts between ..., not the tags themselves, and not or . [16:40:39] or possibly even return $this->html('headelement') as a string rather than printing out the html? [16:41:41] ganiman: you can access it as $this->data['headelement'], i think [16:41:46] or something like that [16:43:22] ganiman: why do you need this, though? if you need to add additional things in , use $this->getOutput->addHeadItem() [16:43:52] I am making a custom skin for mediawiki that will embed it in another php app [16:44:19] the other application handles the and has methods to add to it [16:45:46] I have multiple wikis that share a user table. I would like to do the same for a subset of groups as well, so you if are added to group "DeptA" on the DeptA wiki, you'll also be added to "DeptA" on the DeptB wiki [17:54:16] Hey all, is anyone here running MW in AWS? [18:02:44] justinl: you can save a roundtrip of communication by posting your followup question, I assume. :) [18:06:17] andre__: My question is kinda complicated so I didn't want to jump the gun. :) [18:06:29] !ask [18:06:30] Please feel free to ask your question: if anybody who knows the answer is around, they will surely reply. Don't ask for help or for attention before actually asking your question, that's just a waste of time – both yours and everybody else's. :) [18:06:43] I posted to Reddit over the weekend, but basically I'm hitting a snag regarding the use of EFS for my upload directory. [18:07:30] Using it for uploads as a shared filesystem between EC2 instances works fine. The problem is in "cloning" an existing EFS filesystem to stand up a dev/stage environment. [18:07:59] https://www.reddit.com/r/aws/comments/69iwzo/snapshotting_an_efs_filesystem_to_another_vpc/ [18:09:51] I was just reading through the LocalS3Repo extension page but I'm VERY hesitant to try that route for multiple reasons, one of which is making a basic feature like file uploads incredibly dependent on an extension and very non-standard mechanism. [18:11:51] Additionally, I'm basically looking to "forklift" my environment from physical servers in our datacenter to AWS, adapting things to AWS features where possible (ELBs, autoscaling groups, etc.) but I'm wondering about taking a step back and thinking about whether large MW instances can be approached differently given all of the tools AWS provides. [18:38:48] I've got a weird issue I ran into with VE on 1.27.2 [18:39:02] The template suggestions aren't working, which I traced down to an API call that is returning..... odd results [18:39:54] This: w/api.php?action=query&format=json&prop=info&generator=prefixsearch&gpssearch=Note&gpsnamespace=10 is returning the right list of templates, but with -1, -2, -3, etc... because it thinks they're missing somehow? [18:40:22] Does anybody have any idea what's going on? Is there something I'm missing or should I toss a bug report over on phabricator? [18:41:47] Rosencrantz, try #mediawiki-visualeditor [18:45:05] I asked over there, but isn't that more of an API issue since the API is returning incorrect data? [18:52:11] how to disable Enhanced Recent Changes via url request as non-logined one ? [19:03:39] cronolio: where is it enabled for you being non-logged in? [19:05:35] andre__: i think this is enabled in LocalSettings.php [19:12:51] andre__: https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges [19:26:59] andre__: here only mediawiki site support ? [19:39:23] cronolio: this channel is for MediaWiki (the software) [19:44:02] nice :) [23:01:54] Hi... perhaps someone knows if this works or not: [23:02:25] I have MW 1.28 and LdapAuthentication-REL1.28 up and running well. [23:02:51] New users are automatically created in mediawiki if logged in against LDAP. [23:02:55] That's fine. [23:04:06] Once the user (was created = has logged in once) 'forgot password' works well. A temporary pw is sent to the users mail address. Fine. [23:05:19] BUT: If the user NEVER logged in before, 'forget password' does NOT work. Is this normal behaviour? (I expected it would get user data from LDAP) [23:05:54] Does mediawiki support talking to memcached through unix sockets? [23:23:29] wiki_guest: haven't tested, but should be possible by setting $wgMemCachedServers to something like [ 'unix://path/to/socket:0' ] [23:23:54] (if you have the memcached pecl extension installed, you can omit the unix:// and :0 probably; but they are required if using the PHP client) [23:24:38] is the pecl memcached better (faster, less memory, whatever) than the php client?