[00:00:12] I had a look at the Widgets extension, but since not all browsers can handle mp4 or ogv, you have to put up both. Did not see any good way for that widget to do so. I might be wrong. [00:02:25] Bloub: does TimedMediaHandler also play vids? [00:05:51] as far as I recall it needs MWEmbed which provides a video player so I would say yes [00:09:02] interesting.. [02:59:04] !defaultsettings [02:59:04] https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/gitweb?p=mediawiki/core.git;a=blob;f=includes/DefaultSettings.php;hb=HEAD [04:11:02] I'm having trouble when uploading moderately big .jpg files: I get Error creating thumbnail: Invalid thumbnail parameters. I've set $wgMaxShellMemory really high (1/2 gigabyte). [04:12:47] I've set $wgDebugLogFile = "/tmp/mediawiki.log"; to see what's going on in /var/www/mediawiki119/includes/media/Bitmap.php but I don't see anything interesting in the log (stuff does appear, but not relevant stuff from Bitmap.php) [04:13:37] convert's version is 6.5.4-7, surely late enough [04:14:40] How can I see what flags are being given to convert (assuming that's what's tasked with making the thumbnail)? [04:22:10] I replace /usr/bin/convert with a version that logs calls. None are being made! [04:25:41] $wgMaxImageArea might be the problem. [04:30:51] but $wgMaxImageArea isn't supposed to apply with imagemagick applied to jpegs. How is it that I'm not using imagemagick? [04:34:12] Ahh. I have to set $wgUseImageMagick and $wgImageMagickConvertCommand [06:16:48] I added an entry to the FAQ [06:29:44] Uh? http://wiki.dreamhost.com/MediaWiki#New_extensions_2014 [06:30:30] Funny, they recommend to use 500 MB memory. http://wiki.dreamhost.com/MediaWiki#Not_enough_memory [07:17:43] :o SMW now runs hhvm-nightly (#349) which passes most tests except those who require the MW Importer (#351). [07:59:58] hi, i'm trying to write a table template with an audio player extension used in it, but it always parses incorrectly [08:00:29] e.g File:{{{6}}}, always parses {{{6}}} instead of the File:Audio.mp3 text that it should get [08:01:02] any one know whats up with that? [08:04:42] probably that html5media tag does something weird to wikitext inside it [08:05:56] Jango: try {{#tag:html5media|File:{{{6}}}}} [08:06:17] xml-style tag extensions by default eat parameters, since the parser doesn’t know fi there’s wikitext etc [08:06:32] the #tag parserfunction lets you call them with contents intact, usually [08:06:57] nice, that works perfectly, thanks a lot! [08:07:01] woohoo [08:25:26] Hi. About WikiData: I wanted to add a new language to "Bubonic Plague", Q217519, that is, dewiki and "Beulenpest". There was an error, that this is already used by Q133780, "Plague". In dewiki, "Beulenpest" redirects to "Pest", which I think might be the reason. Is there something I can do to still add the correct dewiki link to "Bubonic plague"? [08:35:21] Boldewyn: remove the link from the other entity [08:38:25] The problem is, that the other entity's link is correct, too. enwiki/Plague == dewiki/Pest. But dewiki/Beulenpest redirects to dewiki/Pest. [08:41:53] That seems to hinder me to link enwiki/Bubonic Plague to dewiki/Beulenpest... [09:29:18] Hello! Reedy Did you have a look at the code that I sent? I tried a lot to overcome the problem I stated yesterday. :( I don't wish to bother you but I just want a wayout. I have also asked this on the mailing list. [09:31:27] Also I am unable to find a simple example of such extension which resembles my query. I referred to doc.wikimedia.org/ to study the linker class as you advised but due to the absence of examples I was unable to understand. [12:59:55] I have installed a new wiki with version 1.23.0. Shouldn't I get the new typography now? The boidy font is bigger now, but I'm not getting serif headlines. Am I missing some configuration? [13:04:23] No [13:04:25] That's an extension [13:04:32] !e VectorBeta [13:04:33] https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:VectorBeta [13:04:36] Oh [13:04:41] good to know [13:06:08] hm the download page seems broken [13:06:27] Zaister: Reedy: no [13:06:54] Zaister: serif headlines were canceled for 1.23, as they make the text unreadable in a number of languages [13:06:55] ok? [13:07:07] I see [13:07:22] i'm not sure what's going to happen about this in 1.24. [13:09:44] So maybe the "Typography refresh" should be adapted, as it is linked to in the 1.23 release notes [13:09:48] +page [13:20:34] I don't see any mediawiki version in this download page http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Special:ExtensionDistributor/UniversalLanguageSelector [13:20:42] is there any other way to get this extension? [13:21:23] Git? :) [13:21:47] Quite a few look broken.. [13:21:53] alright [13:23:03] If you do it via github, you can download a zip/tarball anyway [13:23:16] https://github.com/wikimedia/mediawiki-extensions-UniversalLanguageSelector/releases [13:23:43] which one is compatible with 1.19? [13:24:49] I'm not sure if it is [13:24:53] There isn't a REL1_19 branch at all [13:25:57] Reedy: can I risk installing a more recent branch? [13:27:10] Yeah [13:27:16] It might work, but not guaranteed [13:27:30] I was going to say you should really upgrade from 1.19... But apparently we still support it [13:51:59] Argh [13:52:00] Job Queue [13:52:40] Is it normal to see this in the debug log after a POST request to the job queue: [runJobs] Failed to start cron API: received 'HTTP/1.1 302 Found [13:53:06] well. Start Request POST to the job queue… bunch of stuff happens, then at the end, the 302 [15:01:14] what's a safe and secure alternative to the Include extension [15:01:51] Don't do it? [15:04:26] Reedy: lol okay [15:41:24] Hi! Does anybody know how I could possibly get access to the user's ID from a skin? I'd like to display dynamic information based on the user in question. [16:02:01] Hey! [16:02:34] I'm having trouble with one of my groups on bulbapedia. [16:03:05] It won't let me post. [16:03:45] hello?! [16:04:38] Hi! I want to ask, is there posibility to use some "BoilerPlate" plugin with VisualEditor? [16:05:06] bkralik: Hey. What do you mean by "BoilerPlate"? [16:07:18] James_F: Something like this - http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Preloader - I need to have text inserted to editor, when creating new page... [16:09:55] bkralik: So… Yes, a system could be easily built that does that, but it would need to be VE-specific (or an existing system could be used as long as the wikitext balances, which is commonly not true). [16:13:16] James_F: So actual hooks, which could do it (like http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:Hooks/EditPage::showEditForm:initial ) work only at classic editor? Regarding this fact, is there any documentation of VisualEditor and its hooks, which could be used to do it? [16:13:44] bkralik: Yes, PHP hooks for server-side action definitely don't work for JS client-side code. [16:14:03] bkralik: https://doc.wikimedia.org/VisualEditor/master/ has quite a lot. [16:14:19] bkralik: But there are no "hooks"; VE is an event-driven system. [16:16:34] I was secretly hoping that creators of VE implemented some callbacks to execute these old php hooks. Thanks for link to documentation, I will have a look... [16:27:18] hi. how to turn personal tools into a drop down menu? [16:28:17] gleki: There's a beta feature on WMF sites called "Compact personal bar" that will do that. [16:28:31] I suspect it's a VectorBeta thing, but I could be wrong [16:28:57] marktraceur: you mean VectorBeta? unfortunately it doesnt want to work for me altough im running master mediawiki. [16:28:57] gleki: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:VectorBeta [16:29:19] may be script/extension already exists? [16:29:36] Hrm [16:29:59] i think both master MW and master VectorBeta not always like each other [16:36:27] gleki: Probably not, bother jdlrobson about that maybe :) [16:42:56] How cool https://encrypted.google.com/search?q=%22internal_api_error%22+inurl%3Aapi.php [16:56:26] marktraceur: is he in charge of VectorBeta? [16:57:30] gleki: Yeah, to a point [16:58:19] because i finally installed this VectorBeta but this dropdown menu hid all my links from the personal tools except the default ones [18:31:52] Hey, if I'm trying to figure out what's the list of MediaWiki extensions that we now bundle with the tarball, where do I look? have been bumbling around includes/ & https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Suggestions_for_extensions_to_be_integrated [18:46:07] * sumanah goes to lunch [19:27:06] hello, is it possible to exclude a heading from being included on the TOC? [19:27:19] help is much appreciated! [19:30:56] fuck you then. [19:33:54] heh ^ [19:37:57] lol [19:38:11] Well at least he would have appreciated it if we gave him help [19:39:27] That's reassuring indeed [20:41:11] bawolff: Hi [20:41:19] Hi [20:42:36] The page language selector patch is ready, got two +1s, waiting for a final approval from Aaron for performance for it to be merged :) [20:46:11] Good to hear [21:45:56] Third day in a row I've asked this without answers: How can I access the current user's ID and a variable from a skin? I've written a tiny app that requires additional input from each user, so I'd like to alert each user that hasn't entered this information yet by checking their ID. [21:47:57] Cookeh: Depends where in the "skin", but probably $this->getSkin()->getUser() [21:48:14] Vector, and that hasn't been working. [21:48:21] Where in Vector [21:49:04] Right before it executes article content - "content" [21:49:12] (I've tried other locations too) [21:51:09] You mean in the execute method of VectorTemplate class? [21:51:39] Maybe it would be easier if you put a diff for your code in a pastebin [21:53:03] [16:51] Maybe it would be easier if you put a diff for your code in a pastebin -- Dif? [21:53:53] If you run the command diff -u , it will give an output describing what lines you changed [21:54:17] Don't worry about that though, just pastebin what you currently have [21:55:33] Nothing in the layout's changed, other than tests to print the user's ID. [21:56:19] * bawolff can't really tell you what you need to do differently without seeing what you're actually doing [21:58:59] bawolff: I have nothing to show as of now - My only need is to get a hold of the user's ID from within a skin file (Eg, Vector.skin.php) [21:59:27] I know what to do from there, so all I need is the ID. [22:00:23] The skin file itself needs to load the user's ID. [22:01:40] Umm, we don't even use Vector.skin.php as a naming convention anymore [22:02:24] That's the way it is in my configuration. [22:03:54] This is the error I get when I try to call the user's ID: https://dpaste.de/CT7Y [22:04:34] I should note that I'm using a modified vector, but only as far as it's name goes (Vector == default) [22:04:43] you sure you're calling $this->getSkin()->getUser() and not $this->getUser() [22:05:09] Or i should say, you're calling $this->getSkin()->getUser()->getId(); [22:07:15] Anyways, I can't read minds. If you want me to tell you why whatever you're doing isn't working, you're going to have to actually show me what you're doing [22:07:54] That appears to have been the issue, but not in the way we thought it was. It seems I accidentally defined a variable for the user's ID twice, the first one "$this->getSkin()->getUser()->getId();", and the second "$this->getUser()->getId();". The second was overriding the first, and oversight on my part. [22:08:44] I wasn't aware the second one was still there, it appears to be operating now.