[05:05:08] !access | Samus_Aran [05:05:08] Samus_Aran: For information on preventing access to your wiki, please see . [05:05:12] There we go :) [05:06:26] thank you, I will look for that file [05:08:12] is there a reason that the LocalSettings.php is half Unix and half Windows line endings ? [05:08:27] it seems to not be causing any issues, but makes it weird to edit [05:08:40] It shouldn't be .. have you made edits to it? [05:08:53] Samus_Aran: Some devs are on linux, some windows, and some other. [05:09:22] AmiDaniel_away: no [05:09:54] correction: the former tech edited it [05:10:11] their notes are in comments, in Unix line endings. the rest is using Windows line endings [05:10:25] I guess they should have used Vim for editing, so it automatically matches line endings =p [05:10:28] TheFearow: We keep everything on cvs in native though. When you check out you should get the files in your system format [05:10:54] Samus_Aran: Alright, well, you can convert em back pretty easy in vim :) [05:10:59] :%s/^M$// ... that fixed it [05:27:16] !access [05:27:16] For information on preventing access to your wiki, please see . [05:30:45] good morning! [05:31:27] can someone tell me, how can i list with query.php all pages, which a user created? [05:36:59] horray, the brief changes completely all over again and im an idiot for not already having a demo [05:37:09] there's a BBS extension right? [05:38:36] found it [05:40:18] but no chinese support it seems :( [05:41:01] PetarM, I'm not sure you can [05:42:32] unwell ... but listing all pages which a user have on watchlist? [05:42:57] well, time to figure out how these bastards i know linked vbull to wiki ^-^ [05:44:38] PetarM, you can get that for yourself [05:44:49] if not with query.php, then with api.php [05:45:13] not for other users, AFAIK [05:49:23] any clue how to link forum and wiki registrations? [05:49:27] shared database and all that, but more like "register on one, you are registered on both" [05:50:23] 03(mod) Upload Categorization dropdown - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5234 +comment (10eep) [05:59:44] I have a bunch of links, one per line, and they are being displayed all on a single line. is this because there is HTML code in a section above ? [06:02:07] Samus_Aran: Put extra blank lines in between, or end the lines with
[06:02:11] Either one forces a newline. [06:08:56] or
[06:10:20] or ! [06:15:36] 03robchurch * r24609 10/trunk/phase3/ (RELEASE-NOTES img_auth.php): [06:15:37] * Fix img_auth.php image name extraction for whitelist checking [06:15:39] * (bug 10756) img_auth.php will now refuse logged-out requests when there is no whitelist, rather than allowing them through [06:16:43] 03robchurch * r24610 10/trunk/phase3/RELEASE-NOTES: Clarifications [06:16:47] 03(FIXED) img_auth. php Does Not Protect Images if $wgWhitelistRead is Undefined - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10756 +comment (10robchur) [06:19:48] 03(mod) Distinguishing inner links in output - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10714 (10robchur) [06:20:00] TheFearow, TimStarling, x99: thank you. I decided to use proper structure, and stuck the list of links into an ordered list *[[...]] [06:20:41] Samus_Aran: Anytime, but just so you know, * is considered unordered, and # ordered. I have no clue why. [06:21:25] Because * outputs
    which is the tag for an unordered list, and # outputs
      which is the tag for an ordered list. Most browsers thus render these will loose bullets and as a numbered list, respectively. [06:21:25] TheFearow: oops, I did mean unordered [06:21:36] my mistake [06:22:04] (# because it's the number sign, and * because it looks like a textual bullet, if that's what you mean) [06:22:24] Yeah. It always confuses me - neither is ordered, they are in whatever order you put them in :p [06:22:41] I would consider that a sorted list [06:22:44] but it's all pretty vague [06:23:30] No, you're simply misinterpreting it; remember that the output is supposedly semantic markup. The idea of an unordered list is that you can chop and move them about and the order doesn't affect the meaning or utility of the information in any way. [06:23:57] By contrast, an ordered list is provided in a specific order, which itself is significant for whatever information you're representing. [06:24:18] robchurch, can I make another random out-of-process feature request that you can chose to ignore? [06:24:34] I wanted to use an ordered list, as they are chapters by number ... but it starts at chapter 50, so I couldn't use it, heh [06:24:55] If you chop up a list of instructions for a recipe or something and put them into an arbitrary order, then you might get food poisoning by eating a raw egg dipped in flour, followed up by some icky margarine. [06:25:03] zocky: Everyone does that :) Thats the purpose of bugzilla [06:25:10] we're converting a public domain surgery book into a wiki [06:25:10] zocky: You can always ask for things that I can choose to ignore. [06:25:18] robchurch: Ah that makes sense. Im getting it mixed up with sorting. [06:25:24] 2 volumes, so the chapters of volume 2 start at 50 [06:25:25] TheFearow, meh, I prefer bugging rob directly :) [06:25:33] Oh, a quick question. Is there any way to allow HTML to be used in articles? I remember searching about it but couldn't find anything. [06:25:40] By contrast, if you take a list of the things I want for my birthday, the order isn't really important unless it's a list of things *in order of priority* [06:25:50] For the first, one uses an unordered list; for the second, an ordered. [06:26:00] robchurch, I would really really really like a kind of show preview that just returns the rendered text, without the skin around it and the edit form [06:26:10] zocky: What, like the AJAX preview code does? [06:26:10] zocky: Thats why they made the new messages bar an annoying colour. [06:26:22] robchurch, ah, it does? [06:26:25] HTML doesn't provide a method for starting an ordered list at an arbitrary number, does it ? [06:26:28] As far as I know. [06:26:28] why wasn't I told :( [06:26:47] where do I look up documentation for that, mediawiki.org? [06:26:52] IceSage: $wgRawHtml or something similar, then wrap the HTML in . But don't do it. [06:27:09] zocky: *snort* [06:27:27] zocky: Most likely meta or enwiki. [06:27:52] ok, thanks [06:28:07] 03(mod) The default MediaWiki: Sharedupload text does not link to the shared repository (e.g. Commons) - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10677 -crosswiki (10robchur) [06:28:16] I'm not sure if Live Preview is enabled on Wikimedia. [06:28:26] I have a feeling it needs to be updated a bit. [06:30:59] *robchurch examines one of TheFearow's ex-patches [06:31:02] robchurch - Thanks. (It's a restricted wiki. I wouldn't allow random peoples to add html to my server.) [06:31:39] IceSage: We're all cursed such that if we fail to advise against anything dodgy, we automatically snuff it. [06:32:33] =P [07:01:59] wow! since when was this so clean... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Special:Search ? [07:03:17] Search has been poked quite a lot by rainman-sr. [07:03:31] *chat-de-plafond pokes robchurch [07:03:32] I like the way it looks. [07:04:02] 03ivanlanin * r24611 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesId.php: Indonesian (id) localisation updates. [07:04:07] is it like this in 1.10.1, or has it been tweaked a lot for wp [07:04:13] moooorning :) [07:04:18] hello Raymond_ [07:04:43] does this look right "insert into Biodatabaseinterwiki values('wp', 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/$1', '0', '0');" ? [07:04:56] no [07:04:59] you need the column names [07:05:08] *chat-de-plafond thinks... [07:05:10] chat-de-plafond: I do not! [07:05:13] ;-) [07:05:26] *chat-de-plafond hides [07:05:46] *faceface scours [07:07:02] faceface: It's the new Lucene Search extension, so... [07:07:12] We do want to beef up the interface for built-in though. [07:07:25] robchurch: I see [07:07:45] *faceface adds Lucene to the stack [07:08:53] there is a lot of junk in interwiki... but one useful entry now at least [07:09:59] the interwiki table should have a column 'description'. [07:10:13] *faceface goes to log a feature request... [07:10:14] 03robchurch * r24612 10/trunk/phase3/ (5 files in 3 dirs): [07:10:16] * (bug 10655) Show standard tool links for blocked users in block log messages [07:10:18] * Show standard tool links for blocked users in Special:Ipblocklist [07:10:20] The above exclude the block link (where applicable) using the first of the flags to be passed to Linker::userToolLinks(). [07:10:21] half of the entries don't even work [07:10:24] (dead) [07:10:27] 03(FIXED) Link to talk page in block log message - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10655 +comment (10robchur) [07:10:38] faceface: Got a list of those that need pruning? [07:11:00] robchurch: well... if you insist... [07:11:06] where should I post it? [07:11:12] Pastey, per topic? [07:11:46] robchurch: oh... I thought you wanted it somewhere more ... systematic... like mailing list for example. [07:11:54] You could put it there if you wanted. [07:12:05] You could even file a bug report and attach the list to that, if you like. [07:12:44] er... where is the proper bug place? [07:12:54] *robchurch wishes people had a bit more foresight when introducing boolean flags to methods [07:12:56] I can't find it... [07:13:09] faceface: bugzilla dot wikimedia dot org dot evil empire dot us [07:13:47] ty [07:14:41] 03robchurch * r24613 10/trunk/phase3/includes/LogPage.php: Errant escaping of titles [07:17:48] 03(NEW) Automatic categorization - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10811 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Categories; (eep) [07:21:21] 03robchurch * r24614 10/trunk/phase3/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Miscellaneous aesthetic improvements to Special:Ipblocklist [07:21:59] 03robchurch * r24615 10/trunk/phase3/includes/SpecialIpblocklist.php: ...oops, forgot this [07:23:22] 03(mod) Automatic categorization - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10811 (10robchur) [07:29:54] 03(mod) Strip out sections and expand parser functions during substitution - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10111 -parser ; summary (10robchur) [07:32:50] 03(NEW) The interwiki table could use a "description" field - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10812 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Database; (dan.bolser) [07:33:49] 03(mod) The interwiki table could use a "description" field - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10812 +comment (10fearow00) [07:34:32] who is making these comments? [07:34:58] fearow00 ? are you here? [07:35:08] that is the most useless comment I ever read ;-) [07:41:25] 03(mod) Automatic categorization - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10811 (10eep) [07:41:34] does meta keep a list of interwiki links? [07:43:14] 03(mod) Random page in this category feature - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2170 (10hippytrail) [07:46:49] faceface: What was so useless about it? [07:47:12] robchurch: It just struck me that my list may have been edited by someone else... [07:47:29] TheFearow: sorry... I didn't mean to sound so harsh. What does your comment mean? [07:47:36] faceface: Its not worth the trouble of creating another field, as there isnt a way of viewing the interwikis anyway. Its easier to create a page on the wiki with a list of them. I think there is one on meta [07:49:31] TheFearow: I was looking on meta http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Interwiki [07:49:34] its a small list [07:49:54] Those are all there are by default [07:49:57] lets make a page on meta to list them [07:50:20] TheFearow: I have tons more... how can I check the source to find if they came prepackaged? [07:50:43] faceface: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Interwiki_map [07:50:50] TheFearow: I thought that is what you meant by your comment, so I have replied... [07:51:04] faceface: They are already listed on meta, and on mw.org [07:51:36] Also, if they are on the page on mw, then they are prepackaged. If not, they arent. [07:51:37] at that link you mean? [07:51:45] ok [07:52:03] you see that is a beautiful case in point ... "Please do not change the format of this table, as the script depends on the format in order to update the database." [07:52:04] The interwiki map on Meta is not the same as the interwiki links in our distribution tarball. [07:52:08] i.e. the data comes form teh table [07:52:19] robchurch: but the idea is that it should be ? [07:52:25] No [07:52:31] robchurch: why? [07:52:40] Because the map on Meta is for Wikimedia projects. [07:53:07] and mediawiki is for who? it contains extra links? [07:53:19] All wikis are supposed to develop their own interwiki map; the interwiki links which benefit them, which is what Wikimedia wikis have done. [07:53:42] MediaWiki ships with some default links which contain some well-known communities, and some useful links such as Google and so on. [07:54:19] ok, and they are not listed http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Interwiki_map [07:54:42] the default install comes with some interwiki links... where are they listed for discussion? [07:54:48] They probably aren't. [07:55:32] 03(mod) The interwiki table could use a "description" field - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10812 (10dan.bolser) [07:55:38] but they should be ;-) [07:58:51] robchurch: such a list could then be dumped into the distribution .tar.gz [07:58:59] Yes. [07:59:23] where should I make it? [08:00:12] MediaWiki or Meta ? [08:00:23] coffee or cream? [08:01:42] I must have scared him away with my dazzeling interlect. [08:02:51] 03(mod) Provide updated distributions of the custom templates - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=9025 (10greg) [08:08:18] goodnight, thanks for the help [08:12:36] we need a div which surrounds just the dom generated by the wikitext and nothing else. it should specifically not include the toc, siteStub, printFooter, and catlinks [08:18:37] Well, the table of contents can go anywhere in the body, depending upon things like __TOC__, __FORCETOC__, etc. [08:20:21] Is there a quick way to enable the Math (TeX) functionality (for MediaWiki 1.9.2 ?) [08:20:59] Only if you previously had math working, it requires various things to be installed and also a bit of compilation. In OCaml. [08:21:20] Depending upon your operating system, it might be fairly quick, or it might be tedious. [08:22:47] Well, I am using the Windows XP (SP2) here, I have been using the ghostscript and MikTex together with WinEdt before, and could actually get LaTeX files converted to PDFs, but presently do not have any of these installed here. [08:23:14] hmm if the toc was the only exception to watch out for while walking the dom that wouldn't be so bad. at the moment looking for just the article in the dom and then walking it feels very undeterministic [08:24:44] just looking for where the article ends is painful the element which follows is the "Pre-expand include size" comment. if it was all contained in a div you could just walk till nextSibling was null [08:28:58] it's also difficult locating just the bits of the dom generated by headings. each results in a P containing an A followed by an Hn containing possibly the editsection span then a span containing the actual title text. there are also 2 or 3 other H's inside bodyContent which are not generated by the wikitext [08:34:32] what is the short cut for 'todays date' again? [08:37:28] 03raymond * r24616 10/trunk/extensions/Gadgets/Gadgets.php: [08:37:29] Adding missing return value 'true' to loadGadgetsI18n [08:37:31] Whitespaces [08:39:09] i'm going to file a bug report for making the wikitext-generated dom easier to walk/parse [08:39:52] I started a list here http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Interwiki_map [08:43:56] anything special i should note when looking for a programmer who's not going to screw up wiki and actually be able to get down to business? [08:44:10] other than php and MySQL experience [08:44:39] 03(mod) The interwiki table could use a "description" field - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10812 (10dan.bolser) [08:45:27] 03(mod) The interwiki table could use a "description" field - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10812 (10dan.bolser) [08:59:49] Hey I've got a Question. can I search in uploaded files (e.g. doc files) in the text? [09:02:12] no [09:02:46] damned [09:03:12] thx ;) [09:03:59] what does class "interProject" mean? [09:06:03] including robchurch, I made http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Interwiki_map to describe the interwiki links that are packaged along with MW (1.10.0 at least). What is the best policy for people who want to fix dead links in that table? [09:06:23] (you asked me for a list of dead links in the interwiki table, so I am describing them on that page). [09:07:35] oh it's from a template... [09:10:35] or is it from custom javascript? )-: [09:24:46] <_wooz> lo [09:35:08] 03raymond * r24617 10/trunk/phase3/includes/Title.php: typo, use variable '$name', not a constant 'name'. [09:36:30] 03(mod) $wgLoadBalancer has wrongType - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10796 (10at_mediawiki) [09:37:31] Fatal error: Cannot access protected property DatabaseMysql::$mOut in [09:37:31] /usr/local/apache/2.2.4/htdocs/mediawiki/1.10.1/includes/Database.php on line [09:37:31] 499 [09:37:40] Hmm, why does that ring a bell... [09:52:17] 03(NEW) namespace creation request for fr.wikisource - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10813 normal; normal; Wikimedia: General/Unknown; (thomasV1) [09:53:08] 03(mod) namespace creation request for fr.wikisource - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10813 normal->15enhancement; +shell (10raimond.spekking) [10:42:59] Is there an extension for searching just in a few categories? So that i can choose which Category or Categories I would like to search in? [11:03:35] 03(mod) Give internal links a specific class - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10714 summary (10robchur) [11:06:42] People who don't know what the fuck they're on about commenting on our schema? Priceless. [11:07:03] There's some idiocy money can't buy. For everything else, there's Wikipedia. [11:12:14] O_O [11:13:51] odd [11:14:08] mark: you about? got a silly little question [11:15:14] robchurch: where? [11:15:40] i don't want to talk to you, you have a funny name [11:15:44] i want mark :( [11:16:00] you have a silly name, too [11:16:04] religious references? [11:16:05] honestly! [11:16:22] i have a note, i'm excused [11:16:37] who gave you the note? [11:17:24] any javascript experts? [11:17:44] I think 'expert' is a bit of a strong word, but yes [11:18:44] i'm trying to convert my scripts to work in IE, and I'm getting weird behavior [11:18:56] ohs [11:18:58] hehe [11:19:00] i think i just killed apache [11:19:08] how can i update an uploaded file? [11:19:09] murderer! [11:19:46] i'm guessing "inner link" means a link to the same wiki, but it could mean a link within the same article [11:20:14] it's best to just not use j*script on ie (-; [11:20:17] bah, events refuse to fire more than once... [11:20:21] *NotAmused glares at robchurch [11:21:30] anyone know how to update uploaded files? [11:22:22] Upload a new file with the same name. [11:22:35] it says it won't replace it [11:22:48] You can also go to the file description page and click the "upload a new version of this file" link. [11:22:55] It does? Where? What's the exact error text? [11:23:09] Upload warning: A file with this name exists already; please go back and upload this file under a new name. [11:23:14] 03(mod) Give all sections an HTML DIV with CSS CLASS and perhaps ID - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6104 (10hippytrail) [11:23:28] and i don't get the "new version" link :/ [11:23:35] odd [11:24:09] it used to work, but i switched hosts [11:24:17] and changed some permissions to prevent new accounts [11:25:16] there's no "new version" link on wikipedia either, e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Sublogo02.jpg [11:25:38] There is when you're logged in as a user with permission to do so. [11:25:44] hmm [11:25:53] upload = true? [11:25:55] Can you show us all relevant lines from LocalSettings.php (regarding your permissions setup) [11:25:57] i'm an admin, so there should be [11:25:58] yes [11:26:02] (Copy and paste to pastey.net, per topic) [11:26:43] http://pastey.net/71863 [11:27:15] What version of MediaWiki is this? [11:27:47] http://rodpedia.poromenos.org/wiki/Special:Version [11:27:50] 1.8.2 [11:28:11] The chances are, you've neatly blown away your "reupload" permissions by wiping the whole array. [11:28:22] from where? [11:28:52] Try commenting out or removing every line except those numbered 2 and 4 in that pastey. [11:29:04] All the others are defaults, and line 1 is doing you no favours at all. [11:29:14] ah [11:29:46] Out of interest, did you copy and paste any of that from a web site? [11:29:52] i don't think so [11:29:59] it was a while ago [11:30:07] Ah, well. [11:30:15] yes, it works now [11:30:20] *robchurch nods [11:30:22] hmm, why though [11:30:34] is it missing a permission? [11:30:38] Well, if a new permission is introduced, then we add it to includes/DefaultSettings.php [11:30:43] ah [11:30:48] If you then go and destroy $wgGroupPermissions... [11:31:01] 03raymond * r24618 10/trunk/phase3/ (3 files in 2 dirs): (log message trimmed) [11:31:03] * Tweaking Werdnas new functions 'showPermissionsErrorPage' and 'formatPermissionsErrorMessage' a bit: [11:31:05] ** Removing parameter $title from 'showPermissionsErrorPage', seems unused [11:31:07] ** The message 'permissionserrorstext' uses {{PLURAL:}}, so pass the number of errors to the message. [11:31:09] ** Show message 'permissionserrorstext' only once. [11:31:09] so should i remove the first line? [11:31:11] ** Documentation [11:31:13] * First use of 'showPermissionsErrorPage' in SpecialMovepage.php [11:31:18] That would also have fixed it. [11:31:23] But like I said, the others are redundant. [11:31:33] 2 and 4 are the only ones which set non-default settings. [11:31:33] ah [11:31:47] well, i'd rather have the rest in case i change anything [11:31:53] Fair enough. [11:32:04] i think the first line was there from a previous version, though [11:32:12] thank you, Raymond_ :) [11:32:49] NotAmused: :) [11:32:53] it works good, thank you :) [11:32:59] s/good/well [11:36:13] 03robchurch * r24619 10/trunk/phase3/includes/DefaultSettings.php: Warn users not to destroy $wgGroupPermissions [11:52:10] 03(FIXED) Commons: Restricted ability to override files to prevent vandalism - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3214 +shell; +comment (10JSchulz_4587) [12:01:46] 03(mod) Bogus session loss message when editing a non-existent category page with $wgRawHtml enabled - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=8556 summary (10robchur) [12:07:20] Is there an extension for searching just in a few categories? So that i can choose which Category or Categories I would like to search in? [12:23:48] no idea? [12:30:14] hi, can me somebody say how mediwiki works with differentslanguages, use they differnt server likes wikipedia or with speziall lemma's? [12:38:32] would anyone else see the benefit of enabling cross-wiki ajax via the toolserver? we'd need a trivial framework in mediawiki [12:40:27] since ajax cannot query off site we could make an extension that queries toolserver and returns the info to the browser. then we could make tools on toolserver that queried interwikis or any other sites for doing mashups etc [12:43:21] 03(mod) $wgLoadBalancer has wrongType - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10796 (10at_mediawiki) [12:56:58] to change a skin, like Cologne Blue, do you edit CologneBlue.css? [12:57:30] also cologneblue/main.css [12:58:03] thank you [12:59:21] np [13:00:28] *NotAmused invades [13:00:35] rob is gone [13:00:36] damn [13:16:09] Hi. How do I tell MediaWiki what's an Image and what's Media? My wiki lists PDF files as Image:Name but I'd rather have them as Media:Name [13:16:21] it's one or the other. [13:17:06] and to change it to Media, use $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_MEDIA] = 'Media'; $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_MEDIA_TALK] = 'Media talk' [13:18:27] NotAmused: I'll try that [13:18:38] NotAmused: By default everything uploaded is an Image? [13:18:44] well, no [13:18:53] it's just in a namespace named image [13:19:01] alphascorpii: gah! don't do that. [13:19:07] you can change that namespace name with the code I gave you in LocalSettings.php [13:19:20] Hi Duesentrieb [13:19:22] NotAmused: don't mix image and media. the media namespace is special. [13:19:26] hi alphascorpii :) [13:19:34] Duesentrieb: the media namespace /is/ the image namespace, IIRC [13:20:22] Duesentrieb: that how *should* I do it? From what I know theres Image: Name and Media: for all uploads that are not images. Right? [13:20:45] alphascorpii: All media is called "image" by mediawiki, for historical reason, and resides in the Image namespace. Media: is a pseudo-namespace you can use to link to media files directly. i.e. [[Image:foo.jpg]] shows the image, [[:Image:foo.jpg]] links to the image description poage, and [[Media:foo.jpg]] links to the image *file*. the last syntax is specially usefull for pdf, mp3, etc [13:20:50] oh, my mistake [13:21:04] *NotAmused just looked up the doco and finds that he is mistaken [13:21:57] alphascorpii: look at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template:Audio for a way to make handy audio links. [13:23:19] Okay, so I upload a .pdf and link it with [[Media:foo.pdf]] right? [13:23:35] yep [13:23:54] but the page that link points to is still called Image:foo.pdf [13:23:54] though you may want an additional link to [[:Image:foo.pdf]], so people can get to the description page [13:24:10] if that is relevant to you - on wikipedia, this is essential, since the description page has the license info [13:24:27] alphascorpii: no, a Media: link does not point to any page. it points to the file directly. [13:26:08] I just iploaded a test pdf and both :Image and Image look exactly the same [13:26:09] .oO(actually, for some formats, mediawiki can forbid direct links - in that case, Media: also points to the description page. but this is not the case for PDF, i hope) [13:26:36] alphascorpii: yes, :Image: and Image: are the same for pdf (but not for jpg, etc). But Image and Media links should be different [13:27:23] aaah, jep that points to the file [13:28:03] Okay, so I'll just have to get along with the fact that all files are called Image :) [13:28:16] yes [13:28:20] no.... [13:28:24] well, the pages are [13:28:25] you can change the ns name [13:28:32] to File: or something [13:28:34] yes, you can change the ns name [13:28:37] but *not* to media [13:28:49] you can change it to File: if you like [13:29:12] I think I would like that [13:29:17] NotAmused: this time you where faster :) [13:29:56] Reading "Bild:foo.pdf" (I have the German lokalisation) somehow feels a bit wrong :) [13:30:22] alphascorpii: all you have to do is edit the appropriate system message i think [13:30:31] (i never tried that though) [13:31:09] So I am not doing it the way NotAmused pointed out? [13:31:30] do it that way, with some changes [13:31:32] new code is... [13:31:39] $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_MEDIA] = 'Media'; $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_MEDIA_TALK] = 'Media talk' [13:31:44] wait no [13:32:09] Media_talk [13:32:19] Duesentrieb I've got a Question. Again ;) . Can I search for Articels in spezial Categories? so that I select which categories I want to search in? .. or is there a plugin? [13:32:22] also, i'm not sure if $wgExtraNamespaces works for that [13:32:28] $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_IMAGE] = 'File'; $wgExtraNamespaces[NS_IMAGE_TALK] = 'File_talk' [13:32:29] M4rX: no. [13:32:35] that's how t works, Duesentrieb, IIRC [13:32:59] NotAmused: looks good. alphascorpii: try what he said [13:33:13] 03(NEW) Delete and move warning should be displayed for assciated talk pages - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10814 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (meno25bugzilla) [13:33:15] shouldn't there be another semicolon at the end? [13:33:33] ok .. too bad. and there isn't a plugin? [13:33:36] NotAmused: this will however break all existing Bild: links. But Image: still works (canonical namespace names always work) [13:33:36] alphascorpii: yes. [13:33:41] Duesentrieb, you look mighty busy here. ;-) [13:33:57] TimLaqua: feels like it. i should be studying... [13:34:12] Duesentrieb, hey, you added the editSectionLink hooks, right? [13:34:31] TimLaqua: i don't think so... [13:34:35] hmmm... [13:34:35] k [13:35:46] NotAmused: Okay, I added that to LocalSettings. Now what should happen now? [13:36:17] For me, typing in Media: instead of Image: takes me to the same place, the file's description page [13:36:29] alphascorpii: Bild: links should be broken. File: links should now work like before. Media too. [13:36:54] alphascorpii: try going to File:foo.dpf directly by editing the url. [13:36:55] Duesentrieb: no, they aren't [13:37:19] File:foo.pdf opens a new article [13:37:45] alphascorpii: that seems to indicate that NotAmused is wrong and using wgExtraNamespaces for this does not work :/ [13:37:56] i know that there is a way though. but not sure what is is... [13:38:01] It certainly seems so ;) [13:38:15] Duesentrieb: oh well, I'll just have to get along with it [13:39:11] alphascorpii: there'S $wgNamespaceAliases - which you can use to make File: links work like Bild: links. The page would still be called Bild:, though [13:40:31] 03nikerabbit * r24620 10/trunk/phase3/ (RELEASE-NOTES languages/messages/MessagesTn.php): * Setswana (tn) messages [13:41:07] Duesentrieb: I'll just get along with it [13:41:11] It's okay :) [13:44:42] 03(NEW) Display users with contributions only in Special:Listusers - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10815 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (meno25bugzilla) [13:51:57] 03(NEW) New search feature in Special:Listusers - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10816 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (meno25bugzilla) [13:54:01] 03(mod) New search feature in Special:Listusers - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10816 +comment (10kalan.001) [13:55:40] hi [13:56:12] does exist mediawiki for windows? [13:56:55] janval: is platform-independent mediawiki [13:57:51] tnx [13:58:19] i'd like try it into my local pc [13:58:38] well then I would say you use XAMPP [13:58:47] yeah, XAMPP and MW 1.10 [13:58:55] i think there are also special instructions for windows on mediawiki.org [13:58:56] because then you've got PHP 5 MySQL and Apache [13:59:45] *Jack_Phoenix has installed MW 1.10.0 on his Windows PC easily [13:59:49] XAMPP and MW 1.10. [13:59:53] do you understand german? than look here, a german instruction how to install XAMPP adn MW 1.10 [13:59:54] Nothing more needed [13:59:55] http://dassammelsurium.wordpress.com/2007/07/02/tutorial-xampp-installieren-mediawiki-installieren/ [14:00:01] well, except disk space ;) [14:00:02] yes [14:00:03] janval: keep in mind that it's a web application. in order to try it, you basically have to trun your pc into a webserver (even if it only works locally). As others have said, XAMPP is a good option for that [14:00:34] tnx a lot [14:00:37] what's XAMPP stand for anyway? [14:00:48] no idea :p [14:00:51] doh. [14:00:57] and I don't care as long as it works ;) [14:01:03] 03(NEW) Filtering Special:Newpages by page size - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10817 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (meno25bugzilla) [14:01:03] true enough. [14:01:05] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XAMPP [14:01:12] XAMPP's name is an acronym for X (any of four different operating systems), Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. [14:01:16] :D [14:01:16] TimLaqua: X for "wondows or linux or mac", A for apache, M for Mysql, P for PHP, and P for Perl. [14:01:23] ah [14:01:26] bah, too slow [14:01:27] hehe.. too slow [14:01:32] m2 xD [14:01:36] copy-paste rulez ;) [14:01:50] oh, should have made that connection. LAMP/WAMP, so XAMP + that silly Perl trail. [14:02:01] + some ftp server, iirc [14:02:09] very cute. I would have called it *AMPP [14:02:12] ;-) [14:02:32] would avoid confusion with XMPP [14:02:41] aka Jabber [14:02:45] TimLaqua: then it's impossible or annoying to say out loud [14:02:58] your support is great [14:03:01] naaa, it'd be an "amp" architecture [14:03:13] like a "nix" architecture [14:03:19] read "SomeAmp" :) [14:03:37] i'm italian and i've understood everything [14:04:40] Is there an extension for a sidebar which every user can change? .. SidebarEx is just for groups isnt it?! [14:04:53] ummm.... MediaWiki:Sidebar [14:04:56] oh [14:05:00] like user specific? [14:05:18] i go away [14:05:19] hi [14:05:31] yes [14:05:42] don't think there is. would be nice, though [14:06:07] yes would be ;) .. [14:06:38] yeah, like User:Tim_Laqua/sidebar [14:06:57] something like this, with your own links ... [14:07:14] yeah. how about like... a favorites area under the toolbox? [14:07:21] TimLaqua: if such a page already existed, things would become confusing... [14:07:40] Duesentrieb, yeah. they'd learn. ;-) [14:07:55] well, it would be a nono for wikipedia [14:08:14] you'd have to pick something more obscure. Like User:Tim_Laqua/MediaWiki:Sidebar [14:08:32] Well, I was thinking about a Favorites extension, where you'd just have a little wikiFavorites toolbox at the bottom of the navigation block [14:09:02] useful? not useful? [14:09:53] don't all jump at once. ;-) [14:10:05] 03(NEW) Localization of Special:SiteMatrix - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10818 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Special pages; (meno25bugzilla) [14:10:29] Duesentrieb, but that wouldn't mesh with the current userstyles methodology /monobook.css and /monobook.js [14:13:49] 03(mod) Localization of Special:SiteMatrix - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10818 +comment (10cbrown1023) [14:18:35] 03(mod) Localization of Special:SiteMatrix - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10818 (10meno25bugzilla) [14:18:47] 03(mod) Filter Meta userrights log by wiki and user - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10545 (10alex9891) [14:25:24] TimLaqua, i have -using JS- an extra entry on navigation ;) [14:28:29] interesting [14:28:53] so in your userjs, you just append to the navigation node? [14:29:20] http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usuario:Platonides/Caf%C3%A9.js [14:31:09] 03nikerabbit * r24621 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesSk.php: * Updates to slovak (sk) by helix84 [14:35:34] hmm I don't understand this^^.. Can you explain how this works? so that I could use it too? [14:38:42] I'm trying to follow the directions here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Help:External_editors, to configure Firefox 2 to use vim as my external editor for my wiki, but there doesn't seem to be a way to ADD mime types. Has anyone done this? [14:51:04] akahn: this is explained on the same page; do you mean you don't have this menu or mailcap file (on Linux) ? [14:51:41] the manage button brings up a list of mime types, and i can change the behaviors for hte types listed but htere's no button to add a list [14:52:52] umm.. cannot test it, I'm still on FF 1.5 [14:54:06] 03(NEW) New comment box when renaming users using Special: Renameuser - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10819 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki extensions: Renameuser; (meno25bugzilla) [15:12:45] akahn doesn't appear here neither [15:12:59] Platonides: maybe i'll need to go into about:config [15:14:33] doesn't seem [15:14:53] i don't find there application/pdf, which is linked [15:17:24] https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/4498 probably does it [15:39:37] 03(NEW) Update to spanish translation - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10820 minor; normal; MediaWiki: Internationalization; (mgrojo) [15:41:51] I was wondering how to move the searchbox in the sidebar all the way up, above any menu links and directly beneath the logo. Is this possible? [15:54:20] can anyone tell me a way to add an image to the left hand side under the toolbox? [15:55:10] hack the skin [15:56:08] 03raymond * r24622 10/trunk/extensions/SiteMatrix/ (SiteMatrix.i18n.php SiteMatrix_body.php): [15:56:12] * (bug 10273) Remove sep11 wiki (but I assume a shell user has to update $wgLocalDatabases too) [15:56:14] * (bug 10818) Localization of Special:SiteMatrix [15:56:16] ** Adding table headings and a header before the list of other Wikimedia wikis [15:56:59] hm its defined in the skin? interesting. thanks! [15:58:36] 03(FIXED) Localization of Special:SiteMatrix - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10818 +comment (10raimond.spekking) [15:59:39] 03(mod) sep11 wiki still on Special:SiteMatrix - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10273 +comment (10raimond.spekking) [15:59:46] I just installed MediaWiki onto my server, now I need to know about setting up the main page. I had a bit of trouble wading through the instructions of the User Guide, can anyone point me to a guide on creating the portal page (already tried Google)? [16:03:05] Dr_Link: you mean, with pretty colored boxy things? [16:03:15] Heh, maybe. [16:03:22] It'd be nice if I could do the Random Article thing. [16:03:29] <^demon> I must say, I've never heard of the main page being described as pretty colored boxy things. [16:03:36] random article thing? [16:03:40] But I'm not about to dive into the PHP code... I probably could, but it gets annoying. [16:03:42] Anyway... [16:03:58] the Random Article of the Day, on Wikipedia. Have you not seen it? It'd be nice if I could do that on my main portal page. [16:04:08] en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page [16:04:10] there's a *featured* article [16:04:14] which is done manually [16:04:20] by editing a template [16:04:36] So you edit it... every day... to get that to work? [16:04:40] lots of apparently magic stuff on wikipedia is just a lot of people doing a lot of things. [16:04:45] yep- [16:04:48] (Sorry for my noobish speak. New to MediaWiki is all) [16:05:22] Meh. I probably COULD do a Random Article thing. After all, this is just a Wiki about a video game series for my site. My very DEAD site. [16:05:38] <^demon> Well, sorta done manually...the homepage articles are picked (sometimes weeks) in advance...and a bot rotates them into place, iirc. [16:15:43] 03(mod) Enable subpages in template namespace for french wikipedia - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10792 +comment (10STyx) [16:22:45] if i have a template that is an infobox about some stuff and i want it to be on the right side, while still allowing text to be on the left of it, whats a good way so that users of the template dont have to do much formatting like tables etc [16:22:48] ? [16:27:22] 03(NEW) Update for Cantonese language (zh-yue) #51, Update for Old Chinese / Late Time Chinese languages (och/ltc) , Update for Chinese (PRC) and Chinese (Taiwan) localisation (zh-cn/zh-tw) - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10821 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki: Internationalization; (shinjiman) [16:28:46] Are there are working "Delete User" extensions around? The one in MediaWiki:Extensions doesn't work. [16:29:02] Or even a package of common user-related admin tasks. [16:34:39] 03rotem * r24623 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesHe.php: Update and fixes. [16:37:01] 03rotem * r24624 10/trunk/extensions/SiteMatrix/SiteMatrix.i18n.php: Update for he. [16:40:45] 03raymond * r24625 10/trunk/ (4 files in 4 dirs): Updates German [16:49:17] *AGK needs help :| [16:49:26] ? [16:49:35] were can i get mysql [16:49:42] ...>_> [16:49:49] #mysql [16:49:51] http://mysql.org/ [16:49:56] :) [16:50:19] thanks ;) [16:50:25] Dr_Link: have you ever tried to get MySQL trought IRC channel? [16:50:34] Well I was thinking they could tell him. [16:50:35] VasilievVV, lol [16:50:39] . [16:50:50] Heh, I just got 'used' in another joke today. >_> [16:51:54] :( [16:51:56] #mediawiki [16:51:59] was what i was told [16:52:12] i need to access the interwiki table [16:52:18] for my server - how do i find it? [16:52:19] 03raymond * r24626 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesEs.php: [16:52:21] * (bug 10820) Update Spanish translation [16:52:23] Patch by Manuel G. R. [16:52:56] how do i find the interwiki table for my database? [16:54:04] 03(FIXED) Update to spanish translation - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10820 minor->15enhancement; +patch; +comment (10raimond.spekking) [16:57:58] how do i find the interwiki table on my server? [16:58:01] !help ! [16:58:10] kinda spammy [16:58:50] what? [16:59:10] So you want to know about the interwiki table? [16:59:22] The formatting for long links is terrible. Is there anyway to permit them to wrap or otherwise not overshoot? [17:00:16] TimLaqua - yes, i do want to know about the interwiki table [17:00:21] and how do i find it [17:00:29] on my server - where is it? [17:01:32] wikidb.interwiki [17:01:41] ..looking [17:01:44] it's in the wikidb foldere? [17:01:47] *folder [17:01:51] no [17:01:55] it's in the database [17:02:15] what folder but [17:02:49] oh wait, i think i've found it [17:04:06] hi :) [17:04:28] 03(NEW) Underscore is rejected by the incategory search parameter - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10822 15enhancement; normal; MediaWiki extensions: Lucene Search; (folengo) [17:15:58] 03(mod) Store the hash of uploaded files to allow duplicate checking, etc. - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=5763 +comment (10gmaxwell) [17:27:14] 03(NEW) We do not reject mismatched file types on upload for many extensions. Ogg, pdf, mid, sx*, svg, xcf. - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10823 15enhancement; low; Wikimedia: wikibugs; (gmaxwell) [17:30:36] Has the 'digg' style voting system seen on health.wikia.com been given back to the open source project in the form of an extension? [17:37:01] 03wegge * r24627 10/trunk/phase3/languages/messages/MessagesDa.php: Correct grammer for da [17:46:11] 03rainman * r24628 10/trunk/lucene-search-2/ (4 files in 3 dirs): Convert underscores to spaces in category names, per bug 10822. [17:51:51] 03(FIXED) Underscore is rejected by the incategory search parameter - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10822 +comment (10rainman) [18:01:10] question: can images be moved now that the new imaging system is up and running? [18:03:15] not that i'm aware [18:03:17] which new image system? [18:05:20] 03(mod) Basic LIKE searching in Special:Listusers - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10816 summary (10robchur) [18:06:16] 03(mod) Allow users to leave a comment when renaming users - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10819 summary (10robchur) [18:07:17] 03(mod) Export pages should allow to export all pages - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10574 (10dev) [18:07:25] 03(mod) Option to exclude users without edits in Special:Listusers - 10http://bugzilla.wikimedia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10815 summary (10robchur) [18:08:50] Hi, does anyone know of a VMWare machine pre-loaded with Wikipedia pages? [18:10:37] i'm sponsoring computers for schools but their lack of internet means the computers are going to waste. [18:13:20] Why are we using globals to store messages, of all things? [18:14:00] because it's easy? [18:14:06] 03rainman * r24629 10/trunk/lucene-search-2/ (OVERVIEW.txt README.txt RELEASE-NOTES.txt): [18:14:08] * add release notes [18:14:10] * tidy README a bit [18:14:12] * OVERVIEW is obsolete [18:14:26] I'm talking specifically about extensions like SiteMatrix. [18:14:40] *TimLaqua goes to look [18:14:46] Every time you use a global in PHP, God holds a kitten at gunpoint. [18:15:12] good thing he's weak kneed. ;-) [18:15:46] Is SiteMatrix a public extension? [18:16:24] I'm creating the {{stub}} template [18:17:05] in the wiki markup language, what would I use to reference the current article's name? [18:17:21] {{FULLPAGENAME}} or {{PAGENAME}} [18:17:31] *Dr_Link tries [18:19:05] With PAGENAME, it appears as Template:Pagename [18:19:11] robchurch, you're talking about $wgSiteMatrixMessages? [18:19:16] Yes. [18:19:25] Ah. [18:19:27] There we go. [18:21:11] 03robchurch * r24630 10/trunk/phase3/maintenance/tables.sql: Fix syntax error [18:22:37] robchurch, So like instead of $wgSiteMatrixMessages, they should have used $wgMessageCache? [18:22:42] No. [18:22:54] isn't using $wgMessageCache like SoP? [18:23:08] What I'm objecting to is storing the messages in the global in the first place. [18:23:18] This article is a stub. You can help this this wiki by expanding it. <-- I want "expanding it" to be a link to edit the page the template appears on. I'm having a hard time getting this to work after trying every whichway I could think of. How would I accomplish this? [18:23:20] so the entire concept behind $wgMessageCache [18:23:46] Dr_Link: [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} expanding it] [18:24:04] TimLaqua: No, the intermediate storage. [18:24:19] Is there a specific reason that the "reason" box on Special:Movepage in a